Bumping Bass Blasts Extinguish Fires Fast

Two engineering students from Fairfax, Virginia have created a unique system for extinguishing flames. They’ve created a hand held fire extinguisher that uses sound waves to put out fires.

Their project was basically a final exam in an engineering course during their senior year. It was a bit risky, considering the fact that they were inventing an entirely new system for extinguishing fires.

At first, the engineering team believed that high pitched tones would do the trick. After experimenting they soon discovered that it was actually the ultra low bass tones that worked best for knocking down the flames.

From a scientific point of view, this makes perfect sense. Sound waves are a bit like blowing on the air. Using bass tones you are essentially blowing the fire out with sound.

Brad Reifler has learned that the biggest advantage is the fact that this system puts out fire without water or additional chemicals. That means there’s no mess to clean up and putting out the fire doesn’t cause any additional damage.

Similar technology has been researched by DARPA. However, they were never able to create a portable hand held unit that could rival traditional extinguishers.

This new technology could be very important for the space program. Sound waves are able to travel without any gravity present. The school is currently helping the young engineers patent their invention.

The Shocking Return of Craig T. Nelson’s Coach

In one of the stranger decisions NBC ever made, the network is reviving the old “Coach” sitcom with Craig T. Nelson. 13 episodes have been ordered and, for those who remember the old series, the new episodes are going to be welcomed. The question is “How many people really remember the series?”

Bruce Karatz is a fan who knows that Coach was a great series about the trials and tribulations of coaching football. The series ran for about 9 years to great critical acclaim. Coach was a wonderfully funny show and the perfect vehicle for the humorous Craig T. Nelson. Nelson hardly went into retirement after ABC’s Coach was cancelled. He ended up spending six years on the show Parenthood for NBC.

Coach was cancelled in 1997 and that might as well be 100 years ago as far as television entertainment goes. A huge chunk of modern audiences never watched Coach when it first aired. Relying on the old memories of fans from generations past is a risk.

The risk is, of course, diffused thanks to the success of Nelson on Parenthood. While Parenthood is going off the air, there are fans that surely would enjoy seeing Nelson in a new project. Old fans of the Coach series might have their curiosity piqued by a new program revealing what the legendary TV coach is up to.

A 13 episode order could be considered a mini-series of sorts. Maybe NBC thinks the novelty value of a new Coach series will wear off shortly. If the 13 episodes are a hit, well, we might see another 200 episode run.

Former FBI Agent Pleads Guilty to Federal Drug Charges While Traffickers He Busted Are Being Released from Prison

As many as 28 federal drug related cases in the D.C. and Maryland area are being dismissed due to an FBI agent’s painkiller and subsequent heroin addictions. Former agent, 33-year old Matthew Lowry, became a full-fledged agent at the top of his class in 2009, after having worked with the FBI as a civilian since 2003. Assigned to the Cross Border Task Force, Lowry and his unit pursued violent drug suppliers who would conduct trade between Maryland and Washington D.C.

After becoming dependent on strong narcotic painkillers prescribed to him for a painful and debilitating ulcerative colitis condition, Lowry found himself needing to self-medicate once his prescribing doctor left his practice and disappeared. Lowry succumbed to the easy lure of stealing from and tampering with evidence from the drug cases he worked. Consequently, each case in which he corrupted the drug evidence was dismissed, even in those cases where the defendants were currently serving time in jail on 10-year sentences. Lowery is cooperating with the agency to go through each case he tampered with to help determine the impact of his criminal conduct.

Facing up to seven years of time in a federal prison, Lowry plans to plead guilty to the 64 criminal charges brought against him. The Pennsylvania U.S. attorney’s office is handling his case and has charged Lowry with 20 counts of obstructing justice, 18 counts of record falsification, 13 counts of property conversion and 13 counts of heroin possession. Lowry’s attorney Robert C. Bonsib stated that “Mr. Lowry recognized the need to continue to attend counseling and drug treatment in order to avoid a relapse.” Matthew Lowry’s is just one of many sad stories that have and will continue to emanate as a result of the abusive overprescribing of extremely addictive pain killers.

John Hargrove Embittered Orca Trainer Speaks Out Against Sea World

Killer whales, also known as Orcas perform at Sea World theme parks and are featured in their top shows. It has been charged by activists for years how harmful this captivity is to the animals. In 2010 when Dawn Brancheau was killed by one of the whales as she was dragged under water, their case intensified.

A Sea World trainer, John Hargrove who works with the whales has no doubt this act against Dawn was one of aggression. He stated the whole reason these magnificent animals get aggressive is because they are not meant to be kept captive. Hargrove worked as a trainer for 14 years, where most that time was spent with Sea World. He has become embittered with Sea World’s treatment of the orcas and has left the company.

As Hargrove became a high-ranked trainer he saw more and more devastating effects the orcas suffered from being held in captivity said Dr Jennifer Walden. He stated in an interview with, Fresh Air’s that at first when seeing these incidents you tell yourself you can change things, or make them better. As time went on however, he realized he could do neither.

Witnessing the separation of mother’s from their calves, of trainers being killed and then the trainer being blamed for their own death was to much for Hargrove. His ‘final straw’ was when Sea World openly testified that they did not have knowledge that trainers had a dangerous job.

The Return of The X-Files

Those who enjoyed seeing Mulder and Scully track down alien forms will be happy to know that FOX is bringing The X-Files back to television. The same people who played the roles will be cast again, and it looks like the show will pick up where it left off. There will only be six episodes in the reprisal, but if things go well and people want to see more, then there could be other episodes in store. The X-Files was one of the longest running shows that dealt with science fiction. Fans like Brad Reifler have learned that the shows are to air in the summer of 2015. No one knows of any details as to what will take place when the show picks up, but who cares as long as Mulder and Scully are on the case? They are a team who knows how to get answers, but they also leave you wondering if there really is anything to be afraid of on Earth or in space.

T.I. Clears the Blurred Lines

It has only been a couple of weeks since a jury ruled that Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams were in to pay back more than $7 million (each) for their copyright infringement violations. The Marvin Gaye family has not stopped there though. Now the lawyers for the Gaye family are coming after
T.I. for more money.

There are actually 2 versions of “Blurred Lines.” The most well-known version features T.I., but there is also a version without his rap. It has been revealed that T.I. earned less than a million for his part in the song. Thicke and Williams, by contrast, have earned much more. That is why they had such a huge judgement against them. Now the Gaye family is saying that this is far from finished.

Most fans, including Zeca Oliveira, have agreed that there were definitely some similarities between the musical portion of the song. Thicke and Williams are responsible for that. Rapper T.I. may have profited from the song, but he had nothing to do with the rhythm arrangement. That is the main reason that he should not be subjected to the same troubles that Thicke has faced. T.I. presented original rap for the track; he was simply rapping over the beat to a song produced by Thicke and Williams.

Now Marvin Gaye’s family, spearheaded by daughter Nona Gay, is out for more. She even wants to halt future sales of the song.

Gambit to Make Appearance in X-Men: Apocalypse

Super hero movies are a pretty hot commodity in Hollywood these days. The massive marketing strategies that studios undertake to promote the films via toys, posters, and more means that any type of exposure that a character can get the better that specific character will be. So when news starts to circulate more than a year in advance of cameos and appearances of solo characters alongside some big tentpole projects, fans tend to perk up and take notice.

According to Ray Lane, fans will not have to wait for Channing Tatum to make his debut as Gambit in a stand alone movie, because the actor will be making an appearance in “X-Men: Apocalypse.” Lane goes on to add that the popular character due to release a solo film later in 2016, the move is no doubt going to draw a few eyeballs. Whether or not any additional surprise characters pop up in the film remain to be seen, but getting some exposure for future films might not be a bad idea.

Delivering on fan expectations is one thing, but managing to put together a movie on the scale that Apocalypse is turning out to be is going to be a huge undertaking. A lot of characters are being added to the project, and the studio is no doubt feeling the heat from the slew of other super hero movies on the schedule as well. However, adding in cameos could be the ticket that makes one film special.


Facebook’s Head of Engineering Headed To Washington

It looks like the head of Engineering at Faceboook is headed to Washington. David Recordon, the director of engineering for the social network, will be named the Director of Information technology at the White House today. Recordon, who has been at Facebook since 2005 is one of several new hires the White House has made from Silicon Valley.

His position is fairly simple and straightforward.he is expected to look into the types of technology being used in the White House and then make sure that it’s secure as well as the most efficient solution that they could be using. The White House also wants Recordon to make sure that the administration is selecting solutions that are going to be effective in the long term on what they’re trying to accomplish.

Essentially the most important IT guy in the world, Recordon will work to make sure the government is using the most up-to-date versions of software and will make sure the government is as informed about the latest technological trends as the general public, and utilizes new technology whenever it can. Sounds like a pretty cool job, also a very stressful one. The folks at Imaging Advantage wish him all the luck in the world!

Wonder Woman Might Fly in Upcoming Movie


Wonder Woman Might Fly in Upcoming Movie

Taking on the role of a superhero in any movie can prove to be quite a daunting task according to Fersen Lambranho’s comment to terra.com.  A task that actress Gal Gadot is and has been undergoing ever since she was cast as Wonder Woman.

When she was first given the role, Gadot started off as a “thin” actor, and thus went through a lot of heavy workouts and meal plans before film production started, in order to fully fill out the role. Though her casting raised some question marks with fans, mainly concerning the physique and powers of the character in the comics, the actress has gotten suited to the role.

The movie Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice doesn’t hit theaters for another year and it’s not currently known what the final superpower count will be by then. Live-action adaptations of comic book heroes are not always perfectly consistent with the comics, but one producer confirmed Wonder Woman will be the daughter of Zeus in this one. In addition to this, Gadot has also stated that she is physically very strong and fans can even expert here to practically fly also.

Others have confirmed that Wonder Woman won’t be flying in this movie, but between the vast knowledge of martial arts styles and high jumping ability better suited to deal with Batman and not Superman, nothing is left completely out of the question.

Karrueche Tran Gets Upset During Oprah Network Interview

Karrueche Tran is no stranger to the media scrutinizing her relationship with Chris Brown, for what seemed like the entire holiday season, Karrueche and Brown shared the ups and downs of their relationship during a very public Instagram breakup. These days no one is ever really sure if the couple is actually together or not. Recently, Karrueche decided to accept the opportunity to finally clear the air about her relationship with Brown, when she agreed to an interview with Iyanla Vanzant, however things took a turn for the worst during the sit down.

Apparently, Karrueche was contacted by the OWN network with an offer to appear on Iyanla Vanzant’s hit show, Iyanla Exclusive. Much to everyone’s surprise, Tran decided to go along with the show, after being assured that it would be a positive experience. During the interview, Tran was asked personal questions regarding her relationship with Chris, including if she began sleeping with Chris immediately after meeting him and if continued the toxic relationship because of his fame.

Fans at Anastasia Date (Askmen.com) know that the interviewer pressed on, asking why Karrueche continued to date Chris after he cheated on her multiple times and even why she pursued the relationship to begin with following the beating of Rihanna. Karrueche grew frustrated with the questions being tossed her way and asked Vanzant to leave her home.

After a few hours to cool down, Tran finally decided to continue her interview and invited Vanzant back to finish the sit down. The episode is scheduled to air later this month and everyone is waiting to see what Tran had to say.