Kylie Jenner Obsessed With Enhancements

According to Kevin Seawright, Kylie Jenner is quickly becoming the most talked about and admired Jenner sister, and that is all without any real help from her Kardashian family name. While for almost 9 years Kylie was simply baby in the house on the hit reality series, not Kylie is making a name for herself. Her relationship with Tyga may have been on huge part of her relevance over the past year, but Kylie has lots of people focused on her beauty and fashion sense. At the moment Kylie is fresh off her social media rush after admitting enhancing her lips with temporary fillers, now it’s being said that her family things she is too obsessed with her looks and changing her appearance.

A recent report claims,that Kylie’s family and friends are worried that she is obsessed with changing her looks and enhancing her body. Kylie has been noticeably curvier and while it could just be womanhood catching up to her, it could also be Kylie using other means to enhance her still developing body.

Right everyone just wants Kylie to pull back on the enhancements and allow her body to mature naturally, but Kylie is determined to keep the attention on her and that means she is willing to do whatever she can to make herself look good. During an interview, Kylie admitted that her lips are an insecurity that she has always dealt with, but now it looks like her insecurities are a little deeper than her pout.

Season 5 Spoilers Revealed in Teen Wolf Premiere

On Monday, June 29, MTV’s Teen Wolf’s new season began with the start of a new school year. This year is of course senior year and the teens are planning for their futures while waiting for the “regression toward the mean” to shift either to something good or something bad. By the end of the episode, after Scott is attacked by a rogue werewolf, they get their first indication that things are shifting toward the bad — not that fans were surprised. Teen Wolf is not an upbeat show.

Spoilers, or at least potential ones, involved the new format of the story: The episode was book-ended with scenes of Lydia stuck at Eichen House. Initially, it appeared she spent her summer there. Eventually, viewers learned though that her scenes are the “present” while the senior year scenes are the “past.”

Lydia is questioned by a man with an accent about what happened to the pack. When she refused to tell him, the episode ended with him threatening to use a trepanning device on her.

Yet, viewers were given some insight says Marcio Alaor BMG in this article. As Lydia tried to remember, she saw memories of what happened:

Liam and Scott fought, Stiles’ jeep overturned, Melissa slapped the Sheriff, Kira left with her parents, Malia found her mother only to be terrified by something and Jordan appeared to finally either gain or lose control of his powers.

“Terminator Genisys” May Have Been Ruined by Its Trailer

Movie trailers are a tricky bit of marketing. When they are done well, they should entice people to come to the movie, but they should not give away too much of the film because that can ruin it for people. With all the experience Hollywood has in marketing films through trailers, you would think they’d have the expertise to get trailers right every time. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Just as there are bad movies, there are poorly done trailers.

There have been standout examples of bad trailers for some movies. One example is that for “The Sum of All Fears,” the Tom Clancy book turned into a movie from 2002. The big dramatic build up as Sam Tabar sees it, in the movie is whether the nuke actually goes off or does the hero Jack Ryan stop it in time. Actually, that would have been great for dramatic build up except that if you saw the trailer, it already gave away that the nuke went off. It is a curious thing that 2009’s “Terminator Salvation” is on many lists of awful film trailers that give away too much because many people believe that about the “Terminator: Genisys” trailer, and the movie still hasn’t released yet. By showing who the bad guy is, they give away a huge spoiler. It is hard to imagine how the spoiler won’t ruin the movie. It’s incredible how studios go to all this expense to make a movie and then shoot themselves in the foot when marketing it.

Mexico Refuses To Send Representatives To The Miss Universe Pageant

Donald Trump Created A Fire Storm When He Insulted Mexico And Mexicans

If Mexico or any other country thinks that Donald Trump will apologize for insulting Mexicans or Mexico, they should think again. Trump doesn’t care if Mexico doesn’t send a representative to the Miss Universe pageant. He doesn’t care that the entire country of Mexico thinks he’s a Filho Da Puta. Donald will always be Donald, and besides, he’s getting the publicity he thinks he needs and deserves by making those comments.

Trump has a bad taste in his mouth, and it started when two Mexican businessmen cheated Trump out of a few million dollars. That incident made Trump suspicious of all Mexicans, even though he says he likes Mexico and the people of Mexico. But Trump has a way of twisting words and phrases, so they mean something else. He might like Mexico and Mexicans, but he doesn’t like what they do or say, and that’s a problem for him.

Sam Tabar(yahoofinance) knows that Trump will lose a lot of money because he said what he thinks about Mexico, but his political campaign got a positive boost. But the Miss Universe Pageant is getting a boost out the door by NBC and other supporters, and that means trouble for Trump.

Is the ‘Suicide Squad’ Movie Harming Its Actors?

In method acting, an actor works to bring themselves completely into the emotional part of a role. Great actors like Dustin Hoffman and the later Marlon Brando mastered the techniques of method acting to tremendous movie screen success.

Filming for the movie version of the comic book Suicide Squad is taking place. The Suicide Squad series is based on a group of supervillains teaming together to take on various threats. With actors Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, and Will Smith emulating murderous costumed criminals, director David Ayer decided the super-squad needed a sidekick.

Ayer didn’t turn to another powered person in a costume for that sidekick role. The director opted to bring a “life coach” to the set in order to give the cast someone to help them handle the unique stresses associated with portraying such antisocial characters.

The stresses may have as much to do with the director as Mann sees it and with the roles the actors portray. It’s been reported that Ayer wants his actors to torment themselves just as their characters endure similar internal conflicts in their comic book world.

Gotham Season 2 News

Over the weekend, fans of Gotham, received cast updates about Season 2 of the returning hit series that made many cheer.

Actress Jessica Lucas will be playing villain and enforcer Tabitha Galavan/Tigress. The 29-year-old actress was well-received recently in Gracepoint and The Cult. She’s being joined by 47-year-old James Frain who will play Tabitha’s brother Theo. Frain has a huge acting filmography, but he is best remembered by many for his work as the crazy vampire Franklin Mott on HBO’s True Blood and, more recently, as the fetish-obsessed Topside employee Ferdinand on BBC America’s Orphan Black.

Fans like Brad Reifler have learned that Tabitha and Theo will make a heroic appearance in Gotham designed to trick the public into believing that they are among the “good guys” when they are actually planning to create more villains and cause chaos. Their actions will help the show’s writers introduce the origin stories of many villains from Batman and other DC comics.

According to Screen Rant, Tigress will use a bullwhip as her primary weapon. Little is known about Theo other than, as reported by Deadline, he will be cold, sexy and heroic. He will also be entirely devoted to Tabitha.

Although the fate of Fish Mooney is still unknown, Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin has decided to take over the criminal underworld and Tabitha and Theo could prove to be his downfall.

Will Bad Reviews Terminate the Terminator?

Kyle Reese may wish to do a bit more than travel back in time to save Sarah Connor. He should travel to the point in which the first draft of the Terminator: Genisys screenplay was written and provide some rewrite notes. To the dismay of many fans, the first Terminator: Genisys reviews are coming in and they are a bit lackluster. Jurassic World suffered a similar fate, but overall reviews ended up being positive and the film was a major hit. So, no one should pronounce the Terminator franchise finished just yet.

What is it the critics find so troublesome?

The main complaints about the film is the features comes of as silly, confusing, and somewhat tedious. Calling the film tedious is probably the worst criticism to level at the feature. Silliness and a confusing plot can both be forgiven as long as the film delivers on the expected action stated Amen Clinics. A dull Terminator film, well, that is something fans are going to find appalling. If this new film disappoints, that would be the third Terminator movie in a row to get a “thumbs down”.

The buzz for Terminator: Genisys is somewhat odd. People want to see the new film, but the marketing campaign really threw a lot of cold water on that enthusiasm. How can you be extremely enthused over a film with a spoiler filled series of trailers that present a mishmash of redone scenes from the first two films?

Reviews are not going to matter much in the end. As long as fans turn out all over the world, the film will be deemed a success. We have to wait until opening weekend to see if that ends up being the case.

The Beauty and Innovation of Visual Search

Visual Search is an innovative type of technology that has recently hit the market. It creates a real-time scan of whatever environment it’s placed in to access the area and find a specific object. It has been developed to be used in a wide variety of applications.

Use in Various Environments

The beauty of the technology is that it can work even within the most complicated settings, a feature that has been a major challenge to scientific research for decades. The applications of the technology know few bounds; it can used to find a specific person in a crowd, a single item on a busy shelf, or even a small insect in a dense shrub.

Memory Data Bank

This technology can even be useful when the subjects are not known to the users ahead of time. Image Search can access the memory of its database through its image matching system and can send a report if there is an object in its environment that is a foreign image within its data bank. In order to match an image to an object in its presence, Visual Search will use an asymmetric processing algorithm that allows it to search its databanks at the same time as it scans, proving very efficient and accurate results.

Face Recognition Technology

Face Recognition has been a central focus for developers, and the Visual Search accurately recognizes faces because of its serial processing form unlike the efficient parallel forms seen in similar technologies. When the Visual Search recognizes a face facing upright and in a relatively sparse environment, it can quickly search a databank and produce a short list of possible identities. People that suffer from what is known as developmental prosopagnosia, also known as face blindness, can detect faces with little effort. This means that Visual Search operates outside of the typical Fusiform Face Area program and functions by other means.

Slyce: A Leading Visual Search Company

Slyce is a company that has invested in the technology independently and finds success using a series of recognition stages that narrows down the visual search within a remarkably short time frame. Slyce is especially proud of the technology’s unique strategy to identity faces. It produces the real-time results expected from the technology and has made it accessible and user friendly within an existing phone app. The company is actively looking into a wide variety of daily and personal applications for the technology that can be attractive to consumers.

Bernardo Chua Has Many Awards

Bernardo Chua developed Organo Gold in 2008. He grew the company in Vancouver, Canada. Organo Gold sells teas and coffees that contain an organic ingredient called Ganoderma, which is a mushroom extract. This particular extract is found in the Philippines.

Bernardo Chua’s company also uses the extract to make medical products. Ganoderma is quite valuable because Chinese doctors make medicines from the extract.

Thanks to Bernardo Chua’s hard work, his company received the Dangal ng Bayan Award. The industry honored Chua and his business partners in the Philippines at the People’s Choice Awards. Bernardo Chua also got an award for processing the best gourmet coffee in the world and an award for building the best network marketing company in Manila.

These are big honors for the company because the industry only gives the awards to the most successful individuals. Chua received the Dangal ng Award because his company manufactures quality coffees and teas in the Philippines. The industry also gave him the award because he motivates this employees.

Because Bernardo Chua successfully ran his business as a Chief Executive Officer, he was given the Outstanding Global Entrepreneur award too. Chua is very wise because he developed the most successful marketing company in the world in a short amount of time.

Although Bernardo Chua received numerous awards at the ceremony, he handed out several awards as well. He also recognized other achievers who attended the event.

Overall, Chua grew his company into an established business because they studied Chinese medicine at a young age. Then, he used the information when he developed his coffee company. Today, Organo Gold processes orders in over 35 nations. As a result, Bernardo Chua has nearly one million distributors and millions of dollars in revenues. The company will continue to gather new clients because Chua recently built a branch in Turkey.

Tom Holland Lands Coveted Spider-Man Role.

The search for Spider-Man is over and we finally have our guy. Tom Holland (In the Heart of the Sea) apparently pulled to the forefront when young Asa Butterfield fell too behind in the pack. Holland is a young face and a fresh name and he just landed a career defining role — lucky guy. Holland will be joining the MCU in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ in 2016 before spinning off to begin his own string of franchise defining films in 2017 says Sergio Cortes in this article.

Holland will be directed by Jon Watts, the man behind ‘Cop Car’ (starring Kevin Bacon) and the film is due sometime in 2017. With the first solo entry still on the horizon we have a lot of time to roll over Holland’s casting decision in our minds. No matter how we cut it, we really like the casting choice with Holland.

What we always wanted out of Marvel was for them to take a superb young talent and to give them a career. Too often movie studios cast the ‘safe choice’ in order to maximize earning while minimizing risk. Marvel has bucked that trend by hiring guys like Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Hemsworth (almost a complete unknown when ‘Thor’ came around). So hopefully we get to see Holland follow that same trajectory en route to becoming one of the most satisfying renditions of Peter Park/Spidey that we have gotten.

Here’s to hoping, anyway.