A List Of The Best Purina Beneful Products On The Market Today

With so many different brands of dog food and treats on the market it can be hard for individuals to find the right one for their dog. Individuals should look for low priced food that is high quality. Purina Beneful is a great choice when looking for quality dog food and treats. Here are some products that they make and some information about each product.

One product that Purina makes is Baked Delights Hugs. These are great snacks for dogs. They have a crispy outside and a soft inside. The inside of this treat is filled with beef and cheese. These snacks come in an 8.5 ounce bag. This food is made with real protein such as beef, egg, and chicken. It even has real cheese added. It has rice, wheat, and grain added as well.

Another great product that Purina Beneful makes is Healthy Smile Dental Twists. These treats are great at removing plaque and tarter from dog’s teeth. They also freshen their breath. This treat comes in a peanut butter flavor that dogs will love.

Individuals looking for a great dog food for their pet should buy Purina Beneful Healthy Radiance dog food. This dog food comes in a seven pound bag and comes in a wide variety of flavors. This food has both hard and soft pieces of kibble. It has a lot of healthy omega fatty acids. Salmon is added to this food to make it high in a protein. This food helps keeps dog’s skin and coat looking healthy and shiny. This food has real vegetables added to the food. These include green beans, carrots, and sweet potatoes. It has several different vitamins and minerals. These include Vitamin D, B-12, Vitamin A, Folic Acid, and many others.

Another great dog food that Purina Beneful makes is their original dog food. This comes in many different flavors including chicken, salmon, and beef. This food has over twenty three different vitamins and minerals added to the food. It has vitamin B, vitamin A, Folic Acid, Zinc, and many others. It has real vegetables such as spinach, peas, and carrots.

There are so many great dog food products on the market today. However, the Purina Beneful brand is one of the best dog food brands people can buy. It is packed with nutrients dogs need. Individuals looking for great dog food and treats should buy this wonderful brand.


Brian Bonar’s Professional Approaches and Techniques

He is a high-energy person who combines his technical skills both as an architect and as an engineer. He has wide scope of experience in contract management and administration, building design, procurement, and land approvals. He applies his knowledge in the above-mentioned skills to guide and advise project managers through any intricate procedure. He is an acquisition and merger specialist and has deep passion for artwork. In all the corporations Bonar worked for, he fostered great rapport with his subordinates and clients.

Educational Background of Bonar

He went to James Watt Technical College, where he graduated with a degree in technical engineering. He went on to Stafford University, where he receive a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. A greater part of his success in his businesses is accredited to his technical background and his mastery in building functional business structures.

Career Profile and Achievements

Brian Bonar became the chairperson of Dalrada Financial firm’s board of directors in 1999, having worked as the company’s director since 1995. He also served as the Chief Technology Officer for the Firm from 1992 to 1994. He was later promoted to the position of deputy president for sales and marketing affairs towards the beginning of 1995. In September 1995, Mr.Bonar was named the executive vice president for the company and the chief operations officer.

In 1998, Mr. Bonar was appointed the Chief Executive Officer for the Dalrada Company, a position he has maintained to date. Between 1984 and 1988, he was employed as the chief executive and director for the engineering department at QMS Corporation. QMS is a tech-based manufacturer and developer of high-speed monochrome and color printing solutions in Alabama. At QMS, Bonar managed a team of 100 hardware and software engineers and ensured smooth running of all operations.

Bonar has also worked for Bezier systems Inc., where he held the position of vice chairperson for global sales and marketing department. Bezier is a California, San Jose- based marketer and manufacturer of laser printers, which was founded by Bonar himself. Using his broad knowledge in technical engineering, he launched the first –ever SCSI printer in the world. He has also managed sales and marketing for Adaptec Inc., which manufactures similar products as Bezier Company. He was responsible for mandating and establishing stable business relationships with major Korean and Japanese laser printer manufacturers and distributors. Besides, he has also worked as the chief executive sales and marketing manager for Rastek Company, a laser printer controller manufacturer based in Huntsville, Alabama. Prior to all these positions, Mr. Bonar worked as the procurement officer for IBM Company for more than 15 years. He ensured transparent outsourcing of motherboards for all IBM’s personal computers.

Chicago Business Leaders Steer Growth

Chicago business and marketing leaders are well organized and have attained much
know-how in the business world.

Chicagoans eager to top their game and advance challenges take in distinguished
business moguls Peter McGuiness, Nick Paldrmic, John Weaver and Majeed Ekbal.

Majeed Ekbal, with more than 15 years of experience developing global marketing campaigns and guiding new business projects, features prominently in the Chicago business arena. He has gained a striking standing in Chicago and across the country as an entrepreneur and marketing executive.

His major contributions include working in partnership with project teams to build up social media campaigns for customers in consumer brands and the health care industries.

Ekbal currently functions as president of Expresso, a company that deals in groceries, purchasing them and delivering them to customers.

While in many cities the business and marketing sector is for the most part occupied by male figures, Chicago reported several women triumphed over obstacles to
become top business leaders.

Cynthia McCafferty has been named president of one of the cities most important public relations firms, the Hawthorne Strategy Group. She will co-lead the company alongside chief executive and founder Gene Reineke.

Another Chicagoan leader is Trina Gordon, president and chief executive, Boyden World Corporation. And Mellody Hobson is a vice president of a Chicago-based management firm, Ariel Investments LLC.

Chicago’s progress in business and marketing has been climbing and the trend seems to be unyielding and unstoppable.

Nearly one in four Illinois innovation executives who took part in the Silicon Valley Bank’s Annual Innovation Economy Outlook Survey, look forward to an enhanced
business environment in 2015 over previous years.

Roughly 100 responses of the more than 1,100 worldwide responses to the study came from the Midwest, with the majority coming from Chicago executives.

Twenty percent responded revenue in 2015 will go beyond goals while three-quarters
will increase employment this year, with 55 percent expecting to grow its workforce
by more than 20 percent.
Highlighting its optimism, one in four Illinois executives said they plan to depend
on home grown expansion to subsidize development and have no call to boost capital from outside sources in 2015.

Chicago, known as the Windy City, prides itself among the top seven cities with no difficulty in doing business, according to the Global Cities Index.

Redefining Leadership: Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a well-known name in the field of finance. He is mostly known as the leader of Trucept. This successful finance executive has a broad leadership background by being the leader of different corporations such as Dalrada Financial Corporation, Smart-tek Automated Services, and Allegient Professional Business Services among others.

Background information
Brian is a professional engineer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical engineering from James Watt College. He later studied for his Master’s degree in mechanical Engineering at Stafford University. He also studied architectural design. Brian started his career in the business field by working as a procurement manager for IBM. He then joined QMS as director of engineering. After gaining experience in the industry, he started a company called Bezier Systems.

Brian Bonar continued working for other companies until he joined Dalrada Financial Services where his leadership skill was demonstrated by the immense success and growth of the company. He was Dalrada’s director from 1995 until he was promoted to the Chairperson of the Board in 1999. His area of specialty enabled him to combine the technical expertise of an engineer with the creative ability of an architect.

Leader of Trucept
Brian Bonar is the President, CEO, and Secretary of Trucept. This Company is a Professional Employer Organization that provides products and services to medium and large companies. The services include payroll management, which involves tax reporting, and payment of employees. The HR services involve maintenance of records, training, and employee education. The Company also offers Risk management services as a strategy to counteract future threats. Employee benefits involve worker recruitment. Trucept enables companies to focus on the aspect of the business while they handle the rest.

Over the years, Brian has developed his admirable reputation by achieving greatness as a leader. He inspires his clients, team members, and other partners through his keen attention to accomplishing set goals.

Lime Crime Creator Adds Sparkle

Beauty doesn’t always allow room for intelligence, ambition, or guts. Sometimes beauty blocks other attributes from taking shape in one’s life. We all know a pretty woman who hasn’t got anything resembling sense in her silly head. However, occasionally, beauty (or the desire for it) simply encourages these other traits and gives them a bit of kick start. Such is the case with beauty entrepreneur Doe Deere, creator of the make-up company Lime Crime. A savvy business woman, a gutsy entrepreneur, Doe Deere is not just another pretty face.

Doe was born in Russia and when her family moved to the US they, like many immigrants, faced hard times and poverty. The family lived into a homeless shelter for a portion of time before getting on their feet. Doe now calls the west coast her home and lives with her husband and several cats. Blessed with unquestionable good looks, which she says she didn’t “come into” until her 20’s, Doe is a striking figure often sporting brilliantly colored hair and sparkles. She has a lively and infectious zest for the unusual even stating that she hopes to someday live in a house with a polka dot roof and turrets.

The beauty industry is highly competitive and often brutal yet Lime Crime has emerged as a trendsetter with its unique and fashion forward offerings and inspiration. There is an element of fun and whimsy in all of Lime Crime’s products. Doe Deere says that the products in Lime Crime’s lines are “statement makeup”. Lime Crime is all about hues that pack a punch or add a little fun to your self-expression. Lipstick in colors referred to as witchberry purple and glowstick orange are just a sampling of the vibrancy that this makeup line exhibits. One would expect no less from a line created by a woman who refers to herself as “the self-proclaimed queen of the unicorns”.

There is a significant shortage of people willing to be uniquely themselves in our world today. Anytime someone is strong enough, brave enough, or maybe just perfectly crazy enough to step into the limelight and show the world their unique dreams I think we should applaud them and help to lift them up. We are not meant to be clones of one another but are here to shine our own special light into an often dark world. Here’s to you, Doe Deere! To use words spoken by Doe herself, “Don’t quit your daydream”.

Good Dog Health Includes Purina Beneful

Dogs are truly man’s best friend because although they may not always do what you want them to do, they are faithful. Dogs tend to be socially friendly when they are happy. What our dogs consume plays an important role in introducing our dogs to people, places and things. Healthy bodies and brain activity helps dogs cope better. Improper care pet care can cause it to exhibit negative behavior. When we treat them with care, insuring they are in the best spirits, good health, and have their own clean, warm place to live. A well-balanced diet with real meat and vegetables can keep our dogs alive and healthy for a long time. The biggest mistake we make is not reading the labels attached to dog foods. Our dogs may show sensitivity to some dog foods. Adverse reactions such as vomiting, diarrhea and ugly skin conditions can arise when we are not careful what we feed our dogs.

Personally, my dog simply loves Purina Beneful brands dog foods and snacks. She gobbles down the mix I buy that guarantees rich 100% real meat and veggies. It’s hard to resist doing so, however, Beneful is best for our dog’s health if we don’t feed them the food we eat. Why? Because many of us do not eat nutritiously. Furthermore, even we who eat nutritiously cannot allow our dogs to eat nuts, onions, garlic, chives and foods that contain the ingredient xylitol. Many foods we eat are high in fats unlike Beneful. Feeding our canines foods high in fats puts them at high risk of obesity. Obesity raises their risk of getting cancer, heart disease, bone diseases and our pets may even acquire bladder problems. By the way, we should also see to it that our dogs have plenty of exercise, healthy low calorie treats, and keep their water fresh and clean. Caring about our dogs health also require regular grooming.

Grooming our dogs regularly on wikipedia.org reveals less noticeable skin infections. A veterinarian should address any flea, tick or strange rash problems. Grooming starts from the head and ends at their paws. Maintaining your dog’s health by feeding them with Beneful also includes inspecting your dog’s ears. Flip over your dog’s ear, and inspect for parasites or other skin issues. Concerning our dog’s paws, long nails can surely be a health hazard. They can easily get tangled up in blankets, outside vines can hinder their walking. However, if you’re inexperienced at cutting your doggies nails, get a veterinarian to demonstrate how it’s done or just allow the veterinarian to clip them for you.

Additionally, we should brush our dog’s teeth. Caution: do not use the fluoride toothpaste we use because it is poisonous to dogs and can cause fatal health problems. Reputable brand dog food manufacturers carry just about everything needed to maintain the good health of your pet. We should do all we can to keep our best friend healthy and happy. I mean, why not? Typically, loved and well cared for dogs will most likely keep us healthy and happy.

QNet Rises to the Challenge

In an international economy dominated by unscrupulous practices and unethical motivations, a beacon of inspiration to think global but act local is the philosophy of the 16-year old Asian e-commerce company QNet in India. This direct selling company has expanded from its beginning in South East Asia to more than eight dozen countries in the surrounding regions of the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia, and most recently has made forays into markets in Europe and Russia. QNet has been doing business for more than thirteen years in India and the future projections for its expected growth are quite impressive as the company moves into a larger share of the direct selling demand. In order to meet this expanding demand, QNet is involved in ongoing investing in manufacturing facilities and new product development. Their refined approach to focus on ‘life enhancement’ has led to a new development of the Indian market as an international starting point.

Not all products are available in India, but the goal for QNet is to expand their reach to the entire global marketplace currently embracing the smaller upstart encroaching on the previously established large retail conglomerates controlling the e-commerce trade. In an effort to reinforce ethical ideals, the company has taken a position that promotes vegetarianism as a healthy lifestyle choice. As a matter of policy, the company is against animal testing and does not allow any non-vegetarian ingredients in their consumable products, either. Further effort is currently underway to slow the growing rates of degenerative diseases, such as obesity and diabetes, by insisting the harmful additives used commonly today by so many others do not go into their products. Their business model and affinity for healthy living make the increasing demand for safe and beneficial products a potentially massive growing market niche for QNet.

QNet has created a very successful position to be in and has done the hard work to secure their place in the expanding e-commerce division of sales and marketing in the modern virtual infrastructure. Manchester City Football Club has recognized the value of QNet as an affiliate and chosen to enter into a contract with them as their official direct selling partner. QNet will undoubtedly take advantage of unique opportunities provided by this new teaming, which they can use as incentives or rewards for loyal customers and exemplary employees. QNET is also heavily vested in philanthropic work internationally in addition to their specialization in products and services focusing on nutrition, personal care, education, health, and home care. The outlook for the future at QNet is a broad stroke that seeks to bring the majority of their manufacturing bases to India from all over the world in the next coming years.

Beneful Launches An Innovative Advertisement

Originally reported on PRNewswire, Purina launched a revolutionized campaign that proudly featured their associates who regularly feed their dogs Beneful brand food. The “I Stand Behind Beneful” advertisement was successfully broadcast on television commercials and digital/print channels like The New York Times. The national campaign, which was filmed at Purina’s manufacturing facility in Atlanta, Georgia, highlights the company’s wellness philosophy that involves the creation of nutritious products with safe and beneficial ingredients like corn, fruits, yogurt, beef, and vegetables. Also during the commercial, Purina employees describe the benefits of Beneful wet/dry meals as the healthy products fuels their pets taste for play. Tom, an operations performance manager, strongly believes that Beneful is the best dog food on the planet. Brandon, an ingredient specialist, describes Purina’s manufacturing processes as the strictest in the pet care industry. Cliff, a materials accounting coordinator, matches his coworkers’ enthusiasm by affirming the nutritious benefits of the products. According to Juli Plassmeyer, Purina’s vice president of dog food marketing, the development of the “I Stand Behind Beneful” campaign was supported by both retailers and pet lovers worldwide. A recent study revealed that roughly 9.5 million households consistently purchase the Beneful brand, which has resulted in over 15 million healthy and happy canines. About Beneful Brand Dog Food Founded in 2001, Beneful is a subsidiary company of Nestle’ Purina PetCare focusing on nutrition. Since their inception, the line has presented a collection of wet/dry dog meals that satisfies virtually any pet’s taste buds. Research indicates that Beneful was the fourth most purchased brand in 2012. Today, the wellness products are sold worldwide after their distribution from one of the eight Purina manufacturing facilities. Contact Keith Schopp, a Purina PetCare representative, to receive more information about their acclaimed products. http://www.multivu.com/players/English/7544251-purina-pride-ad-campaign/

One’s Love of Art Can Fill a Home

When someone has a great love of art that individual might choose to bring that love of art into their home. When someone does that, their home can become a place that is filled with artwork. Adam Sender is someone who has chosen to collect art, and his love for art has filled his home. This man chooses to collect pieces that he appreciates, and he displays those pieces in his home. When someone cares deeply about art, they will choose to bring that art into their home and to display it with pride. When someone chooses to display art in their home, they fill that home with it and it completely changes up the feel of the place.

Adam Sender is someone who has changed up the feel of his home through the help of artwork that he has collected. This man wants to have a home that is filled with art, and he has just that. This man collects the art that he loves, the art that calls to him, and he brings it home to display. Those that visit the home that Adam Sender calls his own have the opportunity to check out all of the artwork that he has collected through the years, and they have the opportunity to hear what he thinks of each piece.

Adam Sender is someone who is always happy to show off the artwork that he has collected and to allow his guests to check it out. He loves having the opportunity to let others see all that he has collected. He enjoys sharing his pieces with others, and allowing them to see the beauty that lies in the pieces. Adam Sender is someone who has chosen to be an art collector, and he is happy to let those he cares about join in on what he is doing.

Who is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho? Brazilian lawyer

Ricardo Tosto is accomplice and one of the originators of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. He extraordinarily hones in the regions of Credit Recovery, Banking Contracts, Bankruptcy, Reorganization, Acquisition Review, Business Restructuring, Administrative Law, Election Law, Power Concessions, Civil and Commercial. Mr Tosto is a standout amongst the most noticeable pioneers and strategists in Brazilian legitimate practice. He began in a little law office and went ahead to the most experienced corporate suit law office in the range. At that point, he built up his own firm and it soon got to be one of the biggest in Brazil.

Mr. Ricardo Tosto has beforehand acted as guide of the HR and Legal Management of Brazilian organization Grupo Rede, chief of Brazilian organization Fundação Rede de Previdência Privada, and lawful and regulatory administrator of Brazilian organization Grupo Alusa. He safeguarded numerous open identities and organizations in broadly known cases, and gave lawful administrations to expansive and imperative Brazilian companies and multinationals, legislators of diverse ideological perspectives, and the legislature. He is a previous president of the Judicial Modernization and Judicial Reform Committees at OAB/SP.

Ricardo Tosto was a developer in the selection of a few legitimate components, which turned into the usually utilized devices all through the Brazilian lawful group. He guided the majority of his present accomplices, who began as assistants in the firm. He nearly directs the company’s most critical continuous cases, offers creative procedures and, when there are exceptional issues, gives important particular authority.

Mr. Tosto is an individual from the International Bar Association, an individual from the Board of Directors of the Study Center for Lawyer Societies, an individual from the Steering Committee of the IMD Alumni Association in Brazil, an individual from the Consulting Council of Brazilian distributed house Revista dos Tribunais, and an establishing individual from IBEDEP. Tosto is a lawful and political noted essayist, gives addresses, has a few articles distributed in particular daily papers and magazines, and is co-writer of the Brazilian book called O Processo de Tiradentes.

Tosto gaining practical experience in prosecution, his noticeable quality as a legal counselor has become throughout the years, his demographic in the case has surpassed desires. In Brazil, it is to a great degree hard to discover quality legitimate representation that meets Tosto’s measures. Brazil expects to see Ricardo Tosto increase significantly more acknowledgment in the years to come.