George R.R. Martin Doesn’t Like HBO’s Vision

George R.R. Martin is the creator of a ‘Game of Thrones.’ He has written several books, but his ‘Song of Fire and Ice’ series has garnered the most amount of praise and attention. The HBO network decided to buy the rights to ‘Game of Thrones,’ and the network ended up creating one of the most popular shows of all time. However, HBO’s hit show has ran into a lot controversy. The most recent episode of a’ Game of Thrones’ has angered many people, and it’s not without reason.

A ‘Game of Thrones’ is very graphic and brutal show, but many people feel that the show has crossed the line. All I will say is that Ramsay Bolton and Sansa Stark had a very intense scene together. Fans of the show are outraged, and some have promised to never watch the series again.

Fans like Sam Tabar know that George R.R. Martin was asked about the latest episode, and he says that HBO has changed many things around from his books. He feels that the HBO network is not being true to the books, but nonetheless, George R.R. Martin realizes that HBO may have gone too far. features a full length interview with George R.R. Martin, and the article offers more information about the controversial episode of the series.

Anti-Gay Lutheran Pastor Caught Exchanging Messages On A Gay Hook-up Site

Our religious teachings knock us off our unsuspecting youthful feet, and we believe we are in the hands of people that practice what they preach. Recent reports of inappropriate behavior by priests and other members of the clergy has changed our belief structure a little. We are no longer surprised when a pastor is outed for doing the acts that he vehemently opposes at a weekly Sunday service.

When anti-gay associate Lutheran pastor Matthew Makela was caught exchanging X-rated messages on the mobile app, Grindr, some members of the church were shocked. Others shook their heads, and said the hypocrisy in religion continues to show the world that things are not what they appear to be. There is always a back story that creates the hatred we feel toward others.

Pastor Makela has been serving the people of Midland, Michigan for five years, and he has been very vocal about the negativity that surrounds hooking up with people of the same sex. But behind the scenes, Makela was living another life.  TheDailyBeast wrote that he was living the life of a bi-sexual man that wanted to experience the thrill of doing what he told others not to do.

Makela has resigned, and he is not commenting on his Grindr posts.

Sofia Vergera Wants More Kids

Sofia Vergera is an extremely talented and funny female actress. Many people know Sofia for her role on ‘Modern Family.’ In the show, Sofia Vergera acts alongside sitcom star Ed O’Neil. ‘Modern Family’ quickly became a hit show after its premiere, and Sofia Vergera soon became a household name.

Aside from her role on ‘Modern Family,’ Sofia Vergera has appeared in several films throughout her career. However, her latest role alongside Reese Witherspoon has garnered much attention. Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara star in the new hilarious film ‘Hot Pursuit,’ and critics have already raved about the movie.

Sofia Vergara is so beautiful that people may actually forget how old she is. Sofia is 42, but she does not look a day over 25 according to STX Entertainment. Nonetheless, Sofia Vergera has realized that she wants to have another child. Sofia and her fiance Joe Manganiello have been trying to have kids for the last few months, but there has been no luck. However, Sofia Vergara did freeze her embryos a few months back, and the couple may end up using them in order to have a kid now.

Joe Manganiello has always dreamed of having children, and he’s hoping that his perfect fiance can make that happen.Yahoo! can shed more light on the subject. Fans of Sofia Vergara wish her the best of luck.

Woody Allen Has Regrets About Agreeing to Amazon Series

The latest entrant into the war for viewers that is ongoing between the many different streaming services in the world took an unexpected turn when Woody Allen agreed to complete a six part series for the Amazon Prime option. CNNreports that the famed director is now unhappy with the agreement and hopes to finally complete the untitled series by his deadline of the end of 2016. As increasing numbers of well known writers and directors work on shows for streaming services the battle to woo Allen became a major part of the work of those heading up many of the top streaming services in the world.

The Manhattan director eventually agreed to a series of six half hour shows for Amazon after executives from the service courted the director for around 18 months and gave him complete creative control over the project. Fans like Keith Mann (prnewswire) know that, in a recent interview at the Cannes Film Festival Allen stated he had decided to create the three hours as a form of movie produced in six parts, but now understood this was not possible. He also stated he had been unhappy for every second he had worked on the project and had only agreed because of the large paycheck he had received.

Kit Harington Nails the Role of Jon Snow.

Kit Harington is probably one of the most under appreciated working actors on television, and that means something seeing as he is easily one of the most popular characters on ‘Game of Thrones’. Harington has grown into his role as he-who-knows-nothing over the past four or five years, turning from a stone faced heart throb to an actor with true nuance and someone book and television fans can admire. While Harington has mostly struggled in the realm of silver screen cinema he has done wonders with his work in serial.

So why is Harington doing such a good job as everyone’s favorite Brother of the Watch? To explain it properly we will have to delve into what his character means in the books written by George R.R. Martin. In the fantasy series ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’, Jon Snow is one of the primary characters. He’s described as being sullen, dour, and moody yet still committed to doing the right thing. In the world of Westeros, that Martin has crafted, very few men are interested in being truly noble. But that nobility can’t shine through like a White Knight, it has to bleed through every action and tic.

So with a dour character Harington has to give off both nobility and reluctance, capability and confidence. Fans like Sam Tabar know that Jon Snow is never abrasive in his ability to do good, but he is always doing it despite the world around him.

Al Sharpton’s Daughter Suing NYC for a Sprained Ankle

Dominique Sharpton, The Rev. Al Sharpton’s daughter, is suing New York City for $5 million because of a crack in the city’s sidewalk on Broome Street, which she claims, caused her to fall and sprain her ankle.

Ms. Sharpton also claims she still endures debilitating pain, but a recent post on Twitter may derail her lawsuit.

On May 16, she tweeted about hiking up a mountain in Bali, as well as bragging about how challenging the climb had been. “#Balidays we made it, WHEW.”

Apparently, she forgot that her mountaineering adventure, and subsequent social media bravado could sabotage her lawsuit.

After the purported accident, Ms. Sharpton was seen around town in a modest walking boot, but a few months later, she was being photographed wearing high heels.

Her lawyers disclosed that she did suffer tears to the tendons and ligaments, and despite the hiking, she has not fully rebounded to her “pre-accident form.”

Christian Broda ( has learned that legal experts agree that Ms. Sharpton’s bad judgement is proving good for NYC, and adding up to no case.

According to Edward Scheine, a disability lawyer, Dominique Sharpton could still prove a disability for weeks after the accident, which warrants compensation, perhaps not worth $5 million, but still valued at some figure.

The City of New York is reviewing the lawsuit.

Nick Takes Up For Mariah In Public

Nick Cannon recently had to come to the defense of Mariah Carey. Mariah Carey, who is now Nick Cannon’s ex, was the topic of a comment from Andy Cohen recently. Nick Cannon was on stage with Andy Cohen, and Andy made a joke that he’d rather work for Nick Cannon than Mariah Carey. Nick Cannon stood up for Mariah, and he said that she’s a great mother and everyone knows it. Ironically the prnewswire and Sam Tabar could point out that Nick is standing up for his ex publicly, but going after her privately.

It’s said that Nick is asking Mariah for 30 million dollars, or he’ll release a tell-all book. It makes very little sense that Nick will defend Mariah against others in public, but he’s willing to shame her in public, if it means he gets what he wants. Nick and Mariah have been separated for well over a year, and speculations are that Nick cheated on Mariah. Even Mariah said in past interviews that she didn’t always trust her husband.

Neither party will speak about each other, especially since Nick is under a gag order. The gag order states that Nick can be fined hundreds of thousands of dollars if he talks about Mariah Carey’s private life. Although Nick is now defending his ex, he has made comments about her mental state in public, leading many to believe that this recent comment were just off the top of his head and not genuine.

Future of Arrow?

With the season finale of “Arrow” last night, Wednesday, May 13, a lot of fans tried with some difficulty to figure out where the show is heading next year.

As it stands…

Oliver has retired his green hood to drive off into the sunset with Felicity leaving Diggle, Thea and Laurel to guard over Starling City with Thea becoming the red-hooded Speedy. Ray Palmer appeared to die, but the character will be starring in “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” next January. Barry Allen had a brief cameo saving Team Arrow, but his fate on “The Flash” won’t be known until next week. Lastly, Malcolm took over the League of Assassins after Olive killed Ra al Ghul. McGalla thought all of these appearances were solid.

What do these changes mean for “Arrow” as a series?

Marc Guggenheim has suggested that this is not the last time fans will see Oliver Queen. It’s pretty obvious that Oliver Queen will be returning in Season 4 given that 34-year-old Stephen Amell who plays the title role is signed for that season.

Guggenheim has also stated outright that “Arrow” is an origin story and that there is a good reason that none of the characters, or the shows creatives for that matter, have referred to the character as the Green Arrow. This implies that Oliver’s “retirement” as the hooded vigilante will be short-lived. Olicity fans only hope that his relationship with Felicity is carried over into Season 4.

Mad Max and the Feminism Controversy

Mad Max: Fury Road has been met with a lot of rave reviews. As a matter of fact, the praise for this film is unprecedented. Fans of the franchise are comparing it to The Road Warrior, even saying that it surpasses the earlier installment. However, there is a group of people that are spreading word that this film is actually a feminist movie.

As a matter of fact, one of the consultants, Eve Ensler, has stated that this film is a feminist action film. Eve Ensler is known for The Vagina Monologues.

One of the main criticisms is that Mad Max is merely a supporting character in his own film. He plays second fiddle to Furiosa, who is played by Charlize Theron. Genoso can see that being an issue, but it isn’t a big deal for him personally.

A loud minority are screaming as loud as they can about feminism in order to turn people off of the film. However, feminist or not, this doesn’t take away that the stunts and the fire works are amazing and that the film relies greatly on practical effects and keeps the CGI to a minimum unlike many of the other big blockbuster films in recent times.

Take a Walk to Save Your Life

With the every growing age of technology more and more of the job fields are associated around computers. Most these jobs are office jobs that require long periods of sitting stationary in front of a computer system. This can lead to a lack of exercise which has an extensive list of adverse effects. So the question is how can we combat this on a daily basis to remain healthy in these positions? Is it enough to simply stand and work at points throughout the day or do I need to be hitting the gym on my lunch hour for an extensive workout? Well the answer is neither actually!

New studies have shown that just a few short minutes of activity an hour can combat the consequences of sitting for long hours day after day! The circulation and benefits that your body can receive in just a short period of activity is incredible. Studies have shown in the past that this short amount of periodic activity throughout the day can significantly reduce the risk of diabetes, heart conditions and obesity. The newest study however is also proving this with CKD patients.
This doesn’t just apply to office jobs either according to Bruce Levenson on Forbes; this applies to anyone and everyone who is remaining still and not moving around often throughout the day. So get up, get out there and get to walking today!