A Look Into Ski Resorts Surviving The Drought

Recently, I began venturing into uncharted territories. By uncharted territories, I mean venturing off to places I have never been. I have never seen snow, so I have been thinking of going on an adventure during this upcoming winter. I first began to look at places where it snows and I looked even more closely at winter sports. I ran across a California Ski Resort called Squaw Valley Resort, located in Olympic Valley, near Lake Tahoe. At that moment, my interests were peaked. So, naturally, I researched this particular ski resort further. During my research, I stumbled upon the California radio station KCRW. I caught the program “Press Play with Madeleine Brand”. This radio talk show program stood out to me because Madeline Brand was interviewing the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and the President of Alpine Meadows of Tahoe, Inc. Andy Wirth. The interview was mainly about the ski resort business surviving the drought. I was unaware of such a drought seeing as I have never been around snow. I listened very intently, wanting to know more about this drought and how the ski resort business was surviving with less snow. To my ignorance, I learned that South Florida wasn’t the only place that is experiencing weird, erratic and hotter than normal weather.

What I gathered from the show is that the drought is not just “snow to NOT look forward to”. It has caused major concerns about the weather pattern changes in the future, such as El Niño and future storms, as well as the upcoming winter. Although the weather has been pretty bad, the ski resort continued to make a profit and stay open for business. Due to the sound business structure of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and Alpine Meadows of Tahoe, Inc, the ski resort is able to survive the drought with no worry. The company did take a 20% loss, however, they still made a profit. They have also ventured into and have succeeded at scientifically creating snow. They have also became successful at managing the snow with snow cat operators. Although only 400,000 acres of the 600,00 acres were open, there was still much fun to be had with the decrease in snow.

Something else that was mentioned on the show, is the extensive education that Andy Wirth has acquired, which he uses now to support both businesses. He has a major in Business and a minor in Meteorology. He uses this education and extensive experience dealing with weather and nature to help drive his business. Andy Wirth acquired his education from both Colorado State University and Edinburgh University, which is located in Scotland.

Both resorts are predicted to open one week prior to Thanksgiving.

Fundamentals of Investment Banking

Investment banking involves obtaining investment funds for clients, either corporate bodies or individuals. Investment banks are the only financial institutions mandated to offer investment banking services. Besides the issuance of government/company securities, they also provide portfolio management, consulting, and underwriting services, among many others.

Major banks such Bank of America, JPMorgan, and Deutsche Bank are commonly thought of as the major players in the investment banking segment. There are also small boutique banks and firms that also offer these investment banking services with satisfactory care to ensure that clients are well-advised regarding investment matters. In most cases, the small banks are started off by bankers that have extensive experience of working with established banks but chose to branch out on their own.

Some reputable and fast growing banks and firms, however, have been started by people who only have a deep desire to offer quality investment banking services and are prepared to pursue their vision aggressively. Ken Griffin, who is an American hedge fund manager, is the CEO of Citadel, which is a global investment firm that he founded in 1990 with less than two years after graduating from Harvard University with a degree in Economics.

Ken Griffin was inspired by a Forbes magazine article during his freshman year at Harvard University and started investing immediately. He consequently started a hedge fund focused on convertible bond arbitrage during his second year at Harvard and installed a satellite link to his dormitory to receive real-time market data. Griffins’ early success expedited him to launch other funds and eventually to found Citadel. He started it from a concept. But today Citadel has emerged as one of the world’s largest alternative investment management firms.

One of the major services that investment banks offer is merger and acquisition advice. With an appropriate investment bank backing companies up, they would also be able to leverage from merger and acquisition services that these banks offer. Some other services related to merger and acquisition that one can expect from investment banks are restructuring of companies, leveraged buyouts, mergers, and acquisitions, and similar services.

Investment banks also offer consulting services. They act as financial partners that would be able to guide clients to manage both businesses and assets. With sufficient strategic planning advice, these essential services can help a company to grow and develop with the most appropriate investment options. Investment bankers have also proven to be excellent liaisons and relationship managers, especially in scenarios where a person or company needs a loan.

Anyone looking to start a career in investment banking would naturally need to a degree in finance, accounting, or investment banking. Well trained and qualified candidates would start off as analysts and can use the opportunity as a stepping stone to work their way up to become senior analysts, investment managers, and ultimately investment banking heads of investment. The top people who deal with investment banking are usually vice presidents, and a majority of people in the industry would have the ambition of becoming vice presidents of investments. Compensation in this high-demand career is lucrative.

The Making of Lime Crime

Makeup is extremely important for many women. Many women go to great lengths to get the look they want with makeup. There are so many makeup brands on the market that it can difficult to find the one that is the best. Some people buy a select set of makeup products from multiple brands. They have beauty gurus out there that will buy and test makeup brands, sharing their opinions with the public. Not every makeup brand is alike. There are some makeup brands that are subdued, only selling muted colors and products and then there are other brands that completely stand out. Those makeup brands that stand out, make products that include bright colors and deep pigments.

Lime Crime is a unique makeup brand that completely stands out from the rest. This brand sells products that have deep pigments that last hours. Lime Crime is one of the only makeup brands that includes extremely bright colors and mixtures of different hues.

Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime. She created Lime Crime because she was looking for a makeup brand that had the items she was looking for. Other brands were lacking in what she desired, so she created it herself. Doe Deere started Lime Crime as an ebay shop. She had great success on that site but she wanted to venture on her own. In 2005, she started doing makeup tutorials, sharing them with women who wanted to achieve certain looks. Since then her company Lime Crime has been picked up by different retailers and is sold all over the world. Lime Crime is sold at Urban Outfitters, a hugely popular retailer. Doe Deere and Lime Crime pride itself in its customer service and does everything it takes to ensure that customers are heard. On its website, Lime Crime has a communications page that features news and updates from the brand.

Lime Crime Cosmetics include lipstick, lipgloss, mascara, eyeliner and eye glitter. Lime Crime also sells nail polish in interesting colors. Lime Crime is the perfect makeup brand for women looking to make a statement and be unique. Shoppers can find lipstick and eyeliner in blue, pink, green, orange and other bright colors. Their website features a look book that shows the makeup on models, giving shoppers an idea on how to use the products. Lime Crime has created a brand that appeals to the nontraditional consumer. With the wild products, their target consumers are usually teenagers and young women.

CCMP Capital Continues To Follow Stephen Murray Blueprint

In many ways, private equity firms are the unsung heroes of the financial markets. They’re often the reason that a one-location subway shop can one day go national. Most companies don’t suddenly spring up ready to trade on Wall Street while conducting international growth. For most, it’s a matter of sewing their seeds before they can reap the rewards. Private equity is the stage where middle market companies find the investment dollars they need to expand their operations. These investments are significant. They also offer a whole lot of nurturing of the business model so that the company can prove its worth in a large market to more consumers. Crunchbase‘s Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is a shining example of a private equity firm that follows a cohesive investment strategy that has proved itself over time.

An example of the work Stephen Murray CCMP Capital does is Ollie’s Bargain Outlet. CCMP Capital initially invested in Ollie’s in 2012. The late Morton Bernstein founded the chain in 1982 and it has now grown to over 160 stores. Ollie’s Bargain Outlet offers brand names for less, which is a major growth segment in U.S. retailing. CCMP Capital helped Ollie’s go public this year. The company, which now trades under the symbol OLLI, raised $142.8 million in the IPO and CCMP Capital owns 60.6% of the company. The money raised in the IPO will be used to pay down debt that was accrued growing out the company. Ollie’s, which is considered to be an emerging growth company, promises to be a remarkable investment for CCMP Capital.

Ollie’s Bargain Outlet was one of the deals made when Stephen Murray was still CEO of CCMP Capital. The Ollie’s Bargain Outlet investment follows a blueprint that Murray laid down. The company would invest in opportunities where a strong management team could benefit from an infusion of capital along with operational advice. Murray spent most of his career in private equity. For many years, he was with JP Morgan Partners, which decided to spin out CCMP Capital with Murray at the helm. Murray used his blueprint to help grow JP Morgan Partners when he joined in 1989. He then used this same blueprint to build CCMP Capital. The plan is still working today as a number of investments that were initiated during his reign are paying off now. Ollie’s Bargain Outlet is a notable example, but hardly the only excellent company that’s now in CCMP’s portfolio. The company has invested over $16 billion since their inception. They focus on four major segments only when choosing to invest. Those are the medical, manufacturing, energy and consumer retail segments. When they find a deal like Ollie’s, which allows existing, experience management to stay in place, they jump at the opportunity.

Dondero cautious but still bullish on the market at times

James Dondero is co founder and president of Highland Capital Management. He has more than 30 years of experience in the financial investment field. He helped start this company, which blazed the trail for the Collateralized Loan Obligation market, and in creating credit oriented solutions for institutions and retail investors.
Highland Capital specializes in credit investments, and Dondero is the one who spearheads that effort. It uses long and short equity strategies and invests in different sectors of the market, including high yield credit and distressed or special situation type loans. His investments also include health care, oil and real estate. Hedge Funds are also a part of the portfolio.
They must be doing something right, as Highland Capital is managing more than $21 Billion, and their public equity portfolio is valued at $4.8 Billion.
Under Dondero’s direction, Highland Capital has shown itself willing to be bullish on the market when it feels the time is right.
The company recently increased its holdings of Nextpoint Credit Strategies by 2.87 million shares. This investment was already on their top 10 list, and they now hold closer to 7.3 million shares. According to market estimates, this investment became 11.4 percent of the company’s outstanding stock. Other companies it has been bullish with include Microsoft, Anadarko Petroleum and NRG Energy.
Even though the company is bullish at times, Dondero has expressed caution in recent blogs he has written.
Early in August he noted stocks moved higher, but still felt there was a small range for investing. He said “market internals continue to flash a yellow light based on continued erosion in leadership.”
He said high yield corporate bonds are also moving lower, reflecting concern in the market.
He said yields are struggling even though it is believed short term interest rates will be raised in September. Longer term investments are the greater concern because the market is anticipating more inflation, he wrote.
While the market seems cautious at present, Dondero believes prices will get a little more stable in 2016.
His company invests worldwide and he keeps an eye on what his happening with Chinese markets. In July he noted Chinese markets were driving markets around the world He said U.S. Treasury 10-year bonds may benefit as the U.S. tries to stabilize the market in response to Chinese market influence.
Concerns about deflation may affect world markets, and Dondero is also concerned about this as he considers investments. He said the U.S. Dollar seems to be on an uptrend. As far as overseas markets, he sees India as a bright spot, and Brazil and Russia being more on a downward trend.
Before beginning his professional career, he graduated from the University of Virginia, Betta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, which is the highest honor available. At Virginia he graduated the McIntire School of Commerce with majors in accounting and finance.

Love on apps

Dating and social networking has without doubt taken a new high-tech shot in addition it is drifting from the desktop to our smartphones. Someone told me it’s for the sake of convenience. Am still wondering if to say, ‘yeah sure’ or swim on the other side of a NO!
App developers have been so fast in creating new apps that take a good advantage of the smartphones sophisticated features. The features on the smart phones are good catalysts to online dating and socializing.
For instance by a snap and send of a picture via a smartphone, one can easily tell your location, date the picture was taken and they can easily track you to your doorstep. Thanks to the software that allows you to have a better experience than that of formal meeting someone for the first time and you have no idea what to say first.
Gone are the days when we would hear about people meeting in a social place for the first time, the details of a bad experience when meeting first. I mean that drama was awesome. However, the drama has taken a whole new turn more exciting. I mean going for a blind date with someone you are not sure about their height, their look,complexion, and profession is a very big risk. Av heard stories countless times of people going for a first date and they totally back out from the lovey-dovey stuff. I guess disappointments are real, or it’s just freaking out?!
Dating sites are not free I mean most of them. So you need to pay to meet the love of your life I told you its more interesting. The dating apps are developed to those people who fancy quick fling or are shy into talking someone to love them one –on-one. If you need a life partner or meeting a new friend the apps are so many. You only need to buy them at the google play store. Not from the mall, but from your smartphone. I call that smart-life.
Skout is one such app developed for people looking for love. The good thing about skout is that, there are ages for each app. There is a teenage section and adultsection. The app is developed in such away its able to filter the location of person for security purposes, some people are just too malicious you know. The social site is currently the fastest growing app hosting a lot of people. Actually most people attribute their dates and friends to the site. So actually the dating and social sites are working.
Allow me to share with you my worry, is online dating becoming more of a game and keeping us from the real dating experience or is the right channel to find a perfect match for a life partner?

How Home Cleaning services can change your life.

Is there anyone who doesn’t love living in a clean place? Apparently not. People have many responsibilities; free time should be used for family activities. It is vital to ensure that you hire a professional cleaner in order to get the best service available in the market.
Below are some guidelines for choosing a good home cleaning company.
1. Ensure you conduct a background check and get testimonials. This way you can be assured getting good services.
2. Availability of the cleaners. You do not want to hire a cleaner who will not be there to do his job as planned.
3. The integrity of the workers is important since you will be welcoming strangers in your home. You do not what cases of losing items or your home appliances being mishandled. Some companies maintain the same stuff for your home unless they are a sick or off duty.
4. You should be charged a reasonable amount for the cleaning depending on how long it takes to finish.
5. Have a service guarantee from your cleaner so that in case you are not satisfied with their service you can request them to re-clean.
6. The cleaning company should be fully bonded and insured.
As the cleaning industry grows, companies like Handy have come up with apps to ensure their customers do their bookings online increasing their reliability, unlike other cleaning agencies. Handy makes over a million dollars in a week from bookings while offering a better model for their customers. While handy provides other services like plumbing, cleaning is still their primary revenue generating service. Their popularity has increased due to their affordable prices, 24/7 friendly customer care service, a money-back guarantee which is 100% and their verified professionals who leave your home sparkling clean. They are currently operating in 25 cities in the US, in London and also in Canada.
Since keeping a home, clean is a never ending chore it is important we discuss the benefits of hiring a home cleaning service.
• Your home will always be clean, and you will not need to worry about cleaning at all.
• You will have time to focus on other important issues in your schedule.
• Professionals use cleaning methods and industrial grade equipment’s which clean thoroughly. They also use cleaning products which are environmentally friendly hence leaving your home better than they found it.
• A customer can request a customized cleaning plan as per their need and preferences. This means your cleaner has to know your expectations before starting the cleaning job. This is an easy way to ensure customer satisfaction.
• They provide the best expertise available in the cleaning industry hence giving you high cleaning standards that you couldn’t achieve on your own.
• If you want your cleaners to visit regularly your home, you can sign a contract with your service provider. This means you will not book for the services since they already know when they are supposed to do their job.
Home cleaning services can change your life completely by making your life at home bearable and healthy for you and your family. Ensure you consider hiring one in order to enjoy all these benefits and more.

Newarks New Housing Development Projects Spearheaded By Boraie Development

Newark NJ has recently become a hub of construction for some new housing develpment units springing up in the city’s core. According to NJ Biz, a recent panel gathering at the CRE Summit, the projects were discussed at length about the new opportunity they provided both residents and investors in Newark. Wasseem Boraie of Boraie Development LLC stressed that what consumers needed in Newark was more housing choices and more options for investors to subsidize. In years past, the initial thought was that one major unit would hit the market in Newark that would lead to a fluctuation of residents into that unit, but now it seems the leaders are now taking a more diversified approach. Among the projects already set for construction is Richard Tucker’s Springfield Avenue Marketplace which will hold 152 apartments and will have retail space in the building as well.

Boraie Development is one of Newark’s chief development company’s and it has been in operation since the early 1970s. It started with Omar Boraie who had originally intended to get his PhD and return to Egypt, but while here in the states he started getting into real estate ventures and that is how Boraie Development LLC was born. It has stayed in the family and Omar’s son Wasseem is Vice President of operations, and second son Sam and daughter Hia Boraie also manage things. Under the Boraie’s watch, the cities of Newark, New Brunswick, Atlantic City and Jersey City have seen over 100 million square feet of property become high quality real estate development.

The Boraie Development’s first project was their own office space that started in New Brunswick, at a time when the city was practically on life support. As Boraie Development continued buying properties, gradually the city started coming back to life as high rise commercial properties and eventually residencies started filling up the once abandoned units, including a One Spring Street Condominium building that was completed in 2007. Currently, the firm has a small partnership with former NBA star Shaquile O’Neal and right now they are working on a $60 million housing project that will have 169 units and is near the recently renovated New Brunswick movie theater.

High Home Sales in Houston Real Estate Market Offer Commercial Opportunities

As outlined via CultureMap on July 15, Houston has one of the hottest national home markets even though experts originally predicted that realtors would see few sales this year because of a range of local problems that they thought would negatively impact area jobs. Instead, there were more than 35,600 sales from January through June and the Houston Association of Realtors estimated that almost 8,000 homes were sold in June alone.

Realtors across the region agree that it is a seller’s market given the high interest from buyers who live in the area and nationwide. In fact, BizJournals writes that sales are doing so well right now that realtors find themselves dealing with greater interest from multiple buyers and fewer houses to show. Additionally, location does not appear to be a factor when it comes to interest: Buyers are competing for homes in different areas and they are willing to pay top dollar for a new or older Houston home. The Houston Association of Realtors also found that most homes typically sold for more than $300,000 per home.

These high home sales have also had an incredible impact on commercial property sales, property leases and jobs. Commercial real estate, especially retail properties, represents a fantastic investment given that new home sales often bring more consumers to the area. Families, couples and individuals need new products, including restoration and repair tools, furniture, home decor, clothing and food, and those making high level home purchases often look for high-end goods.

Haidar Barbouti’s Highland Village is a great example of a commercial retail property that appeals to these buyers. Although the property has existed since the 40’s, over the last 25 years Barbouti has turned it into a one-stop-spot for regional buyers to find everything they might need across more than fifty shops.

Joseph Bismark: Man with a Spiritual Mind


Looking at the WordPress blog named “We Don’t Love These Hogues”, I have found this blog that asks the questions as to whether Joseph Bismark is a businessman with a spiritual mind, or a spiritual man with a business mind. I personally believe that he may not actually have a business mind. He may also not be a businessman. His mind is spiritual first and foremost. He then takes his spirituality and puts it to work for his business. This results in a success that is deeper than financial and material. This success carries over into the well being of others.

However, if Joseph was to be asked this question, he would probably answer that there is no difference. He would then place the emphasis on balance. He is very adamant about balance bringing peace and harmony to life. As a result, one can experience success in both the spiritual journey and his business. This article describe him as being more than just a guide. He is a leader of every aspect of life. This makes him an example that I find worth following. He draws a lot of his lessons from the training he has received at age nine through seventeen as a monk. 

These teachings that he has been given have inspired him to take on business in a style that is more of a consultant than that of a dictator. He believes that consulting is more powerful than dictating people. In his career he has laid down the foundation that has enabled the company to grow incredibly. This has also enabled him to bring about personal responsibility in his relation to society as a leader in the corporate world. He also understands the power of example when it comes to leading people. This is a large factor to his success in many different aspects of life.