Colin Wirth Evolved into the Vital Community Services Innovator of Today

Powder magazine recently published an interview with Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley, in which detailed schematics and topography of a gondola being built to unite the two mountain peaks of Alpine Valley and Squaw Valley’s famous Sierra ski slopes.

The most exciting and sport changing innovation in half a century will cut a maximum time cost for sportsmen as well as increasing the slope participation as skiers can ride the gondola from one mountain to the other to double their action and double their fun. Read more: Interview with Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth | Tahoetopia

Locals and Visitors Rejoice

The planned gondola will originate at the bottom of Squaw Valley, run past the ridge between the two mountains and finish the ride at Alpine MeadowsWirth base. Wirth, the grandson of former U.S. National Parks Service Director Conrad Wirth, has nearly 3 decades of expertise acquired through his many benevolent and community contributions to the entire Lake Tahoe area and skiing industry.  Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Andy Wirth is aware that locals have dreamed of such a gondola transporting skiers from one mountain to the other instead of the tedious driving required. This is an improvement in relations, since innovations customarily have met with local reluctance and suspicion regarding new construction in the valleys and you can read more: Andy Wirth – Squaw Valley CEO and Philanthropist.

The Valley uniting Wirth gondola will border the Western edge of Troy Caldwell’s White Wolf land near the Granite Chief Wilderness Area and also travel through U.S. Forest Service territory. The effect of uniting the two largest and most popular mountain peaks areas in the Sierra ski industry has been a vision of the future for generations, and now Andy Wirth has evolved to the right place at the most perfect time to make it happen.

Andy Wirth’s Accidental Evolvement

CEO Anndy Wirth was enjoying his life as a businessman, sportsman and innovator, with the financial bottom line being his main inspiration, when a nearly fatal 2013 skydiving accident violently tore his arm from the socket and introduced him painfully to another side to adventure and athletic prowess. He returned to work following 23 reattachment surgeries for his right arm.

Andy Wirth has received multiple community service honors and professional awards. In 2012, the Chairman’s Outstanding Service Award was awarded to Wirth by Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority and in 2009 he was awarded a listing on HSMAI Top 25 Minds in Hospitality and Travel Sales and Marketing. He remains active in American Olympic team preparations. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Special Warfare, Wounded Warriors

In 2014, he was recognized as Citizen of the Year by Disabled Sports USA and received the Community Five Award. His highest honor cherished in his philanthropy has been his active fundraising and personal relationships with the Special Warfare of the Wounded Warriors division of the Navy Seals.

Socialism as Explained by Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen has some cautionary words before diving head first into adopting socialist policies across the board. As a scholar and human rights activist in his current role as head of the Human Rights Foundation, Halvorssen had some strong words of warning about the potential outcome of adopting democratic socialist policies when he was interviewed by Fox Business News. Halvorssen was asked to explain what some of the potential pitfalls could be with the policies being touted by U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders in his current bid for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination. Although Halvorssen is actually an avid supporter of Sanders’ campaign and actually donated the maximum amount he was allowed to by law to support the candidate, he was happy to oblique in critiquing the dangers of socialism.

First of all, Halvorssen says that it is important to keep in mind that some countries have successfully adopted socialist policies without abusing the human rights of their people or completely destroying private property rights with authoritarian policies. However, according to Halvorssen, you only need to look to the catastrophe currently underway in Venezuela, which is a country that has been very focal in its adoption of socialist policies, which have been followed up with an authoritarian regime. In fact, in Venezuela, the current state of the economy is in such turmoil, that it is experiencing a complete humanitarian crisis.

Halvorssen says that the biggest issue with socialism is that it means that the national government starts controlling land and resources, rather than the people retaining control over them. If the government is not properly monitored and is not held accountable to the people who put it in place, then there is the potential that private property rights will be trampled and that the government will essentially be involved in looting. This means that the people will not have access to the goods and resources they need and will not have the means to get them distributed as originally intended. Thor Halvorssen thinks this is a very dangerous situation in terms of protecting human rights and thinks that we should be cautious of it.

More information for Thor Halvorssen:

Kyle Bass: Financial Guru or Con Artist?

Businessman and Heyman Capital Management CEO Kyle Bass says that a brief recession coming to the U.S. is a real possibility. Bass famously predicted the sub prime crisis of 2008 that nearly brought the banking industry to its knees. During a recent Fox Business News appearance, Bass explained that Asia’s credit troubles could spell the same, albeit brief, for the U.S. In all likelihood, it will happen in 2017, according to Bass.

Bass has predicted many financial disasters over the years. In fact, he made a bundle betting against the subprime mortgages in 08. Bass has also pointed out countries with potentially shaky financial platforms including Japan. The Bank of Japan’s negative interest rates could spell trouble in the near future.

Interestingly enough, Bass’s former employer, Bear Stearn, went belly up in 2006 after some very vigorous warnings from Bass. By 2005, Bass had left to form his own company. The information supplied to Bear Stearns fell on deaf ears. They were just the first of many dominoes to fall due to leveraging the bottom line against bad mortgages.

Bass blames the collapse of 2008 on similar behavior at many hedge fund companies and banks. “The did it to themselves.” By the time many of the banks caught on, it was too late. The Wall Street Journal recently did a story on role Bass played in predicting the sub mortgage crisis.

Although Bass has been good at predicting crisis, many of his critics say he has not done much else. Not only has his luck run out on making accurate predictions, he is aligning himself with some pretty odious people. In fact, several critics complain that will do and say anything to turn a buck. For example, went on national television blaming victims of the GM bag deployment by accusing them of being drunk or not wearing seat belts.

His unholy alliance with Coalition for Affordable Drugs founder Erich Spangenberg is by far the worst. Many believe the entire set up is a scam to line the pockets of Spangenberg and Bass. At the end of the day, Bass is not making many friends. Many people believe his luck will soon run out and he will get his comeuppance.  In fact, UsefulStooges wrote an article to that effect:

How to Embrace the Athleisure Trend

Bustle recently featured an article for girls looking to jump aboard the athleisure fashion train, but are a little unsure how to embrace the casually cool style. From the author’s perspective on Facebook, she detailed her own sense of fashion evolution and how it has been a bit of a transition to opt for comfortable shoes and loose clothing for evenings out on the town instead of reaching for those four inch high heels and little black dress that requires some serious Spanx to squeeze into for the night. The author on included pictures of how the athleisure trend has made its way into evening wear, including for nicer restaurants and just being out on the town in general. Gone are the days, it seems, where women are forced to spend hours squeezing into the perfect outfits to show themselves off for a few hours and then seek refuge behind their homes’ closed doors to throw on sweat pants and a hoodie. Instead, women are rocking elements of athleisure fashion in their casual, professional and social lives as part of the sweeping trend of mixing fitness with fashion.

Fabletics is one of the major fitness fashion retailers to truly embody this trend and help women feel amazing while still looking on point. It offers a range of new outfits to its online customers each month, which combine a variety of fabrics, colors and prints and can be worn on way more occasions that just traveling to the gym to squeeze in a workout. In fact, Kate Hudson, the A list celebrity actress and co-founder of the brand, is frequently spotted sporting her own designs all over town as a party of her busy lifestyle. The Fabletics brand is perfectly suited to the lives of busy women everywhere, whether they are working mothers or young professionals, and helps women feel good about wearing comfortable clothes.

Fabletics outfits are also available through a monthly membership option on, which costs only $25 for the first outfit. Women can snag monthly outfits for the very low price of $49.95 after that, which includes free shipping, returns and exchanges. 

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Oil Producing Venezuela Turns Lights Off On Its Citizens

Venezuelan government officials issued a national warning that they would enact rolling blackouts nationwide, beginning next week. The rolling blackouts will span 40 days, in an attempt to conserve power. Water levels at Venezuela’s primary dam have receded to historic lows. The government says its because of the weather phenomenon, “El Nino.” Power management consultants attribute the dip in water levels to government mismanagement and exploitation.
Washington, DC research organization, Inter-American Dialogue representative Michael Shifter commented, “The blackouts are just more evidence of an utterly dysfunctional government, this is a government that is not governing.” Sitting atop of the Earth’s biggest oil reserves, Venezuela refrains from using its oil reserves to supply power to its population, instead choosing to export it.

To ease the strain of the rolling blackouts, government officials implored residents to cut their energy use. For the next 40 days David Osio predicted, a blackout will occur for four hours every day. If water levels fail to rise to acceptable levels at the El Guri hydroelectric dam reservoir, the blackout will continue. The power facility alone generates three-quarters of Venezuela’s energy.

The rolling blackouts according to David are the latest measure taken by the government to conserve energy. In early April, the government issued a mandate that government employees work only Monday through Thursday. Next month the government will change the nation’s time zone by 30 minutes to take advantage of more daylight hours.

Darius Fisher Is The Best Person To Help With Cleaning Up Your Brand

When you are building your brand, the worst thing that could happen for you is when images or other scandalous information are shared out there. The truth about building a brand is the fact that your brand can deal with plenty of stress if you aren’t capable of handling the issue as best as you do. The truth is that your brand can lose its credibility unless you are wise with yourself. The best thing to do is to make sure that you are aware of what you are doing and what others notice and share about your brand online.

Images are almost always some of the best things to look out for because they can be very damaging when it comes down to your company. A single image that can distract and can ruin your company’s reputation in the long run, along with breaking down your company. The truth is that images can share and snowball across different platforms on the web if you aren’t exactly aware of what you are doing. Darius Fisher is a great marketing manager who has created the brand, Status Labs, and it was able to help create the best place for your company. Darius Fisher is a professional agent who knows all about the world of marketing and can help you remove the horrible images that can be holding your brand captive. It’s scary how so many businesses can lose their brand for the long haul unless they know what they are doing.

The Status Labs is a wonderful way to kind of get started in the right direction because of the fact that this company is so well respected and professional. Darius Fisher and his highly experienced team can help guide you on the right path and help protect your company. Status Labs is a great company who can help fix and get rid of the common problems that you may have to deal with regarding your online presence. A single mishap with your brand can cause serious mishap that can make your company go awry, so be very weary and be wise so you can grow.

Yeonmi Park Learns Freedom

In a interview, Yeonmi Park has admitted that ti has taken a while for her to learn what freedom is. In fact, the first few years of her life have been a total nightmare for her. Fortunately, not only does she get to experience the freedom that she has gained from the rule of the Kim Dynasty in North Korea, she also has revealed how the rulers work in that country. She has talked about the thought control and other types of oppression that she had to endure in North Korea.

North Korea was such a impoverished place for people that many homes went without electricity for weeks. When electricity came on, it was an event. However, Yeonmi Park does remember some happy moments of North Korea which included seeing people be more connected to each other in the country. Compared to other countries, North Korea is actually a highly controlling country. Yeonmi had no idea what freedom was. In her mind, freedom meant that she didn’t get in trouble for doing certain acts or saying anything. She originally wanted to put everything she went through behind her. Then she developed the desire to get people to experience the freedom that she got to experience. She also wanted to bring the Kim Dynasty regime to an end.

In her Amazon released book, “In Order to Live”, Yeonmi Park talks about all of the characters that she has dealt with in her life. In interviews, she has talked about the emotional journey that she has underwent in order to come to a better mind state about people, men in particular. She also had the support of her family to fall back on and remember. Yeonmi has not only inspired people with her story which shows a spirit of endurance, but she has also shed light on the horrors that occur in the hidden part of the world.



George Soros’ Take on the Chinese Economic Woes and its Effects Globally

Being in the financial industry for over five decades gives one a clear picture as to what to expect from the economy in accordance to global financial trends. George Soros has made billions over the years on hedge fund investments. His ability to read the markets is comparable to no other. He recently expressed his alarm on the route that the stock market was taking. The major global economies have been performing very bad. The action taken by the People’s Republic of China to devalue their Yuan has further weakened the already fragile financial position. When experienced investors like Soros talk others listen. It is because of this reason that numerous investors gathered in Sri Lanka to attend and listen to his financial talk which was warning them about the fragile economic state on

George Soros is well aware that prevailing economic state is beyond control of investors and it will take a lot of corrective measures to stabilize it. He opined that China should do more to stabilize their currency in order to avoid a financial spill over. Chinese closest neighbors and the entire Asian continent are beginning to experience minor quivers which will grow if nothing is done.

As if to echo his warning, the Chinese stock exchange plummeted hard causing the stock exchange to be closed temporarily. This was the first time that the stock exchange had to be shut down completely for almost a full day to prevent further losses. China’s aspiration to balance their currency is uncalled for at this time since it will further weaken the country’s economy and affect other economies as well. George opined that the instability in China amounted to a crisis.

In a separate publication aired by The New York Review George stated that the European Union which also has a big economy is in chaos. In the publication George Soros expressed concern about the recent developments in the Union such as the Greece debt and UK’s forth coming referendum which will decide if it will pull out of the Union.

George Soros is a hedge fund billionaire and is estimated by Forbes to be worth around $24 billion. He has written several books one in particular which was authored in 1987 titled The Alchemy of Finance gives an in depth look on how he perceives the economy and the reasons for his success in the financial sector. A brief recap of the book can be found at

Over the years he has made incredible bets that have generated a lot of revenue for his organization on He insists that he is a liberal thinker, encouraging other people to lend a hand to the disadvantaged. He seems to understand that the world needs changing and it only takes one person to change the course of history.

RE/MAX Embarks On The Untapped Part Of New York Real Estate Development

Over time RE/MAX has been investing in real estate development in the suburb areas of America like New Jersey. The firm has been doing very well in the real estate development of suburbs and has been experts in it, however, the firm is eager to join the rapidly growing market in the New York. Dave, the founder of the company, relates this to a high school student who moves to another school and pretends to act with superiority more than others; the same case to his firm which will have great competition in New York from other real estate developers. However Dave says that the franchise team will determine their success in the region, management team and the leadership steely this is from a release in the Real Estate Weekly.

The firm can work with top-notch brokerage and developers who have already been in the New York real estate development for a long time. TOWN Residential is the brokerage and real estate services company that have been in the developments of New York for five years. The firm handles leasing of property, sales, marketing, and luxury residential sales are its specialization. It has a great team of managers and developers who know their way around the best workplaces in New York and residential places too that are luxurious. The firm has a great connection with new developments in real estate and can direct contractors, surveyors, and architects who offer quality services all for their esteemed clients. In leasing, TOWN Residential has the best regions of New York like Brooklyn with stories built in 2015 among others. There are one bedroom two bedroom and three bedroom apartments.

TOWN Residential work with licensed and approved real estate experts whose services will not be biased or not reach a conclusive negotiation. The staffs are a variety and located in different regions around New York City ready to be contacted to offer guidance and real estate services. The firm has over 600 experts who are ready to help investors surpass their goals of being players in real estate development. The company rotates in the 50 top best places in New York that one can wish to work for.

Burberry Alters Its Fashion Line Release Model

The fashion brand Burberry has announced that they will soon move to a see-now, buy now collection model. This means they will no longer unveil their clothing line six months ahead of them being available to buy in stores. Men and women’s collection releases won’t be separated any longer. Their collection releases won’t be by season. They will be called September and February.
The company hopes to have a closer connection between their shows and the time customers can actually purchase clothes from the new collection. This makes the shows a huge marketing tool for lines that can be bought in a very timely manner.
Previously the company had rolled their three fashion brand names Prorsum. Burberry Brit, and Burberry London into just one brand name.
The move by Burberry is responding to customer demand for immediate gratification. It could send shock waves through the fashion industry, and put pressure on fashion houses to respond to customer’s desires.
In smaller doses, other brands have responded to the situation, Moschino will make limited pieces available straight from the runway. Rebecca Minkoff will debut her spring line New York, and then have merchandise available to buy in July and August.
Burberry can easily be a trendsetter because of its international reach with its 200 retail stores, 5.9 million Instagram followers, and 17 million Facebook likes.
Tom Ford is an example of a company that has made the decision to follow Burberry’s model for showing their collections, Another company, Vetements, say they plan to re-schedule their new line for release in January, and then have clothes in stores the following month.
Burberry can easily make the change in concept because of the stores they own, and the factories they have for producing merchandise. But smaller companies depend on outsourcing, and can’t re-create their production timeline as easily.
We will have to wait until September to see if the new model works, or if it ends up being an out of the box move that didn’t go as planned.
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