Madonna Falls Twice Within Hours

Madonna is reconsidering her dance routine and costume choices after two falls happened mere hours apart this week.

The 56-year-old singer and actress legend fell off the stage at the 2015 Brit Awards after a dancer became tangled in her cloak while trying to remove it during a pre-choreographed routine. Madonna immediately bounced right back and completed the performance. She then explained that the extremely long cloak had been tied too tight. At the time, audience members thought it was part of the program because her lyrics included a part about falling.

Then, hours later while performing a single on Southwold pier in Suffolk, Madonna backed into a man and fell into the North Sea. Luckily, she is an excellent swimmer and was able to swim back to shore even though the waters were freezing.

For now, Madonna will stop using the cloak and change up her dance routines while touring to prevent additional falls. Of course, some people have commented that the aging pop diva is trying too hard to maintain routines that are best done by more youthful performers since agility, flexibility and spatial recognition all decline as people age. Many fans, such as Susan McGalla, are worried that in an attempt to compete with younger singers, she is risking her life. More on McGalla can be found on Prnewswire. On the other hand, other fans believe that these were simply isolated events that might have happened to any singer no matter their age.

North American Spine Is Available For Patients Who Need Back Surgery

I had back problem a few years ago, but luckily I heard about what North American Spine had been doing with their revolutionary AccuraScope procedure.  But amazingly this does work as advertised, and I have to recommend this process to any chronic sufferer like myself.

North American Spine is a Dallas, Texas-based company, and they understand the back and neck pain that people suffer through on a daily basis. The company has been serving its patients for over six years now, and over 8000 patients have visited the facilities. Many patients are choosing North American Spine, because of the chronic back and neck pain that they may suffer from. Spine pain is also treated at North American Spine. Many who are suffering from chronic pain, will have to have surgery performed in the future, so they choose to go to North American Spine.

There are many benefits for those who choose North American Spine, such as MRIs, tests, as well as other treatments, in order to get the patient back to feeling normal. Patients who choose North American Spine, are looking for relief from their pain, even if the pain doesn’t completely go away. Some patients have testified that North American Spine has changed their life, giving them a lot less pain than they used to live with. Some patients have had pain for many years, and some have had pain for decades. Patients that have gone to North American Spine, can testify that they feel less pain today.

Many patients have had complete recovery from pain, after having a procedure performed at North American Spine. The AccuraScope procedure is used, for the neck and back pain treatment, and many can have pain relief after one procedure. The AccuraScope procedure takes roughly 45 minutes, depending on the patient and their needs. Patients will be able to recover at home, as the AccuraScope procedure is an outpatient procedure. Many patients like the fact that the healing time after the procedure, is very short, and that they can continue healing at home.

The majority of patients that have visited North American Spine, say they would recommend the AccuraScope procedure to others. Those who have had success with the AccuraScope procedure, is over 80% of patients. With such a high success rate from the AccuraScope procedure, it’s no wonder why many people are choosing this procedure at North American Spine. Many people are in pain, and it may have been going on for many years. Knowing that a patient can get rid of their pain permanently, as well as save on medical bills, and minimize doctor visits in the future, is the biggest reasons why they choose North American Spine.

Mom Television Show Doesn’t Get The Viewers It Deserves

So many people, like Dan Newlin, put emphasis on other great CBS shows that they forget one of the best ones on, “Mom.” This is one of the most real shows on TV. A alcoholic and drug addicted mother and daughter duo try to get sober and raise the kids. The pair has struggled with cancer scares, abortion, adoption and even death. It’s a show as real as Roseanne and yet it doesn’t get the hype it deserves.

According to twitter, Mom stars Anna Faris and Allison Janney and they have the vybe of being someone that you can probably relate to in any family. I have a cousin that is just like Faris, (Christie) and believe it or not an aunt like Janney (Bonnie). They both have great chemistry together and the situations they tackle in this show are taboo and refreshing all at once. TV was supposed to be some dream land where life was perfect, aka “Leave It To Beaver.” But when shows like “Roseanne” and “Mom” come around, they make the normal housewife with everyday problems feel normal.

Hopefully now that “Two and a Half Men” is officially done with its Thursday night time slot, more people can head on over and see what is so great about Anna Faris and Allison Janney and their amazing acting abilities. Janney is a person you will love to hate, and Faris is the typical girl next door with a past.

BRL Trust: An Investment Company

Individuals who are interested in financial development should note that working with a high quality, learned investment company can be the key to success. If you live in Brazil and are open to the idea of working with a great investment company, you should consider BRL Trust. Learn more about this investment company by reviewing the short reference guide that appears below:

BRL Trust: The Company Background

BRL Trust was established in the year 2005. The company was founded for the purpose of helping each of its clients realize their own financial potential through the implementation of prudent, productive investment principles. Ever since its date of founding, the company has experienced growth and expansion. At this point, the company is pleased to have begun venturing into new regions of investment services. Some of these services include Capital Markets and Administration and Management of Investment Funds. As the company continues developing, it will likely offer an even wider range of services that can profit clients.

BRL Trust: The Approach To Investment

Investing is a complex and oftentimes convoluted process. After gaining extensive knowledge and wisdom in this dynamic sector, BRL Trust has realized that the best approach to the field is maintaining a customer-centered methodology. With this client-oriented approach, the professionals of BRL Trust can gain a thorough understanding of the client’s expectations, observations, and objectives. Additionally, BRL Trust representatives are passionate about empowering clients to remain in the know regarding each component of the investment process. For this reason, the team is passionate about maintaining an interactive approach to investing that involves continually interfacing with the client so that they are completely cognizant of each component of the strategic plan as well as the results of its implementation. Finally, the company understands that the world of investing is subject to ongoing evolution as a result of shifting markets, ideologies, and contemporary culture. In recognizing this important reality, BRL Trust maintains a cutting edge attitude regarding investing that involves remaining current and up to date about relevant issues within this financial sector. This approach has enabled the company to become and remain one of the most sophisticated, savvy investing firms out there.

The Services Offered

BRL’s services include asset underwriting, funds management, resource management, fiduciary services, and funds custody.

Get Started Now

Building a financial future is important, and it’s never too early or late to begin. Get started now by visiting the BRL Trust website and learning more about how they can offer you customized investment services.

Antique Wine Company Serving And Store Guide

Founded in 1982 by Stephen WilliamsThe Antique Wine Company supplies thousands of bottles of wines to numerous retailers. However, to enjoy these wines with your favorite foods, you must understand how to serve and store the wines after you buy them.

The Wine Glasses

Red and white wine should be served in special wine glasses. Glasses that are designed for red wine are tall and have a wide bowl. Because these glasses are bolder and bigger, they hold the aroma and flavor of wine better. A white wine glass has a much smaller bowl and a shorter neck.

If you purchase wine from Antique Wine Company, you must use the proper glassware to improve your wine tasting experience. However, if you cannot find the correct glasses, the wine will still taste great in standard glasses.

The Refrigeration Process

Because Antique Wine Company offers vintage wines, they must be stored efficiently so that they won’t lose their favor. The best place to store wine is in a wine cellar. If you don’t have access to one, you can still protect your wines if you understand the issues that hinder the aging process.

Wine should always be stored in an environment that is between 53 and 57 degrees. A cool temperature is important because it prevents oxidization during the aging process.

UV rays can instantly damage a bottle of wine. This is why a dark environment is important. The best place to store wine in a typical home in is the basement. The basement should be pitch black while the wine is stored there.

Because humidity can also cause problems, wine manufacturers use corks to balance humidity levels. In the wrong environment, a cork will crumble. If this happens, oxidation will ruin the bottle of wine.

Overall, by using the proper glasses, you can improve the favor of the wines. If you plan to store the beverages, place them in a wine cellar or a dark basement.

Antique wine

A Private Fine Wine Merchant, The Antique Wine Company:
Founded in 1982 by Stephen Williams, The Antique Wine Company has specialized in merchandising and storing some of the world’s best vintages since the birth of the company. The company supplies it’s wines to hotels, restaurants, private collectors, and the global wine trade from it’s two sales offices in Asia as well as it’s headquarters, which is located in Marylebone in London, England. The Company uses particle accelerators and ion beams to determine the exact age of a wine utilizing its advanced age verifying techniques. With it’s sophisticated age determining process, The Antique Wine Company is now supplying over 70 different countries with exquisite wines. Having a customer base of more than 20,000, the company has been well known for it’s record breaking events as well as it’s fine wine collections. The company has broken the world record for the most valuable bottle of white wine ever sold in the world, as of July 2011, showcasing to the world how extraordinary the company’s wine collection is. The white wine, which was sold in 2011, was a bottle of Chateau d’Yquem from 1811. The Antique Wine Company is a reputable company, who is extremely sought after for its high end services as well as the company’s exclusive and rare stocks of wine. The Antique Wine Company sold a 135 year collection of every single vintage wine made from 1860 to 2003 for one and a half million dollars in 2006, which is one of the largest prices paid for a single vintage lot. The company also has a Grande Chateau Series, which was made together with a cabinet maker named Viscount Linley. The series has a grande collection of Chateau d’Yquem of 141 consecutive vintage wines starting from the year 1868. In 2011 the company also purchased the top lot , La Pièce de la Président at a wine auction in Beaune, France consisting of a fine red wine from the Clos du Roi Grand Cru vineyard. Only purchasing the rarest and most antique wines of the world, The Antique Wine Company only delivers top of the shelf wines to its clients as a private wine merchant.

Bruce Jenner Has Felt He Was Female Since Age 5

Over the past few months Bruce Jenner has gone from the supportive husband of Kris Jenner and the loving father of the Jenner and Kardashian children. After 22 years of marriage Bruce and Kris Jenner have officially finalized their divorce and it seems that it couldn’t come fast enough because almost the second divorce rumors started to surface Bruce could be spotted in public wearing earrings, nail polish and even lipstick. Initially all claims that Bruce was transitioning to become a woman were dismissed as gossip, however it didn’t take long for the story to be confirmed as true.

Fans at Rocket Fuel know that almost overnight Bruce’s transition became the most talked about transition in hollywood. While for the most part the Kardashian and Jenner children are very supportive of their father’s new lifestyle change, Kris Jenner refuses to accept it even after it was discovered that she most likely was aware of his desire to be a woman long before the divorce. Bruce’s family insists that Kris has always known of Bruce’s desire to be a woman, but insisted that he keep it under wraps to protect the Kardashian brand.

Recently it’s been learned that Bruce has told his family that he has known he was a woman since he was 5 years old. He insists that he has always had to hide his true self, and even during his time as an Olympic athlete he saw himself as a woman.

Lesley Gore Dies At 68

A sad day in the music world has come, as singer and songwriter Lesley Gore passed away on Monday at the age of 68. Gore was most famously known for her hit songs, “It’s My Party”, “You Don’t Own Me”, and “Judy’s Turn to Cry.”
Even though Gore was a nonsmoker she died of lung cancer in Manhattan, New York at the NY Presbyterian Hospital. She left behind her lovely partner of 33 years, Lois Sasson, who said that Gore was one of the most loving, caring, and compassionate human beings who fought hard for women’s rights and justice in the world.
According to an article found on reddit and written by, Gore was discovered by Quincy Jones when she was just a teenager and got her a label with Mercury Records, where she wrote many hit songs including one with her brother Michael called “Out Here On My Own.” The artist put lots of hard work into her songs and strived to find ways to be unique while finding her own sound in the musical world. She will be remembered by many who grew up with her music in the 1960s and 1970s, especially by Neil Sedaka who wrote about attending her 16th birthday and has fond memories of the event.
Fans like Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG know that, aside from being a singer, Gore also appeared in a series of PBS episodes on a show called “In The Life” which addressed the difficulties she had living as a homosexual. She will be sorely missed by many around the world.

Was Andrew Garfield Coming Back As Spider-Man?

It really is unfair to beat up on Andrew Garfield. He did a good job in the role of Spider-Man. Sadly, the writing, directing, and overall expanded Spider-Man universe strategy were very weak. After two films, it was obvious The Amazing Spider-Man reboot series could not continue.

Fans like Jaime Garcia Dias believe that, in short, the reboot needed a reboot.

Andrew Garfield, however, might very well have continued in the role. News has surfaced the actor was in talks to play Spider-Man in a Marvel Cinema Universe movie. Most likely, he would have made a cameo in Captain America: Civil War. Nothing came out of the talks and nothing was going to come out of them. Marvel wanted Garfield replaced. Marvel/Disney wants a new version of Spider-Man and, honestly, they want a younger one. Garfield is 31. Yes, that is pretty old to play a high school student.

Age is not the only issue. Marvel really disliked the ASM movies way more than fans did. A movie goer displeased with the film only loses out on the price of a ticket. Marvel was concerned its long-time beloved character was being ruined at Sony. Marvel wants the series started anew and keeping the same actor in the role is not the way to do that. A completely new and fresh start means a new Spider-Man.

Never say never in the world of the cinema. Things could change and Garfield could end up playing the web-slinger again. At this time, that looks doubtful.

Over Ten Percent Of Australia’s Land Mammals Are Extinct, Say Scientists

Scientists have published a new survey of Australia’s mammals in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences — and the results aren’t good. Since 1788, 11 percent of Australia’s 273 native terrestrial mammal species have died out. Twenty-one percent of the terrestrial mammals are threatened and 15 percent are near-threatened. Marine mammals are doing somewhat better.

Given that Australia is a wealthy country with a relatively small population, this news came as a nasty shock. According to lead biologist John Woinarski, no other country has had such a high rate and percentage of mammal extinctions. He adds that most of the mammals so far affected are small, shy, nocturnal species that most people don’t know or care about.

People at CipherCloud ( have heard that there are two likely causes for the mammals’ plight.  One is the practice of setting large fires to manage land. The other cause is invasive species, most notably the red fox and feral cat. These animals were both introduced from Europe and they are both predators that feed on small animals. There are believed to be between 15 and 23 million feral cats living on Australia.

Scientists hope to save the threatened species by moving some of them to nearby islands and breeding them. They also plan to keep the cats and foxes off of the islands. They also recommend new rules limiting the use of fire and finding ways to reign in the cat and fox populations.