Angelina Jolie Might Direct Captain Marvel

Angelina Jolie was a great movie star, but now she is trying to make a name for herself behind the cameras. She is going to direct the upcoming Wonder Woman. She is also in talks to direct Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel to be part of Marvel’s Phase three. Angelina Jolie has proven herself to be a capable director with her film Unbroken in which she handles a survivalist story, a war story, a sports drama, and a prison drama. She’ll be able to handle a story taking place in multiple worlds.

Marvel has come a long way. As a matter of fact, comic book movies have come a long way. They used to fall on their face. There have been phases that comic book movies have gone through in which the majority of them were lackluster other than the few. BrandYourself tells us that there were phases when they were treated as something that could not be taken seriously. Then a group of films came out which were handled better, but they were rather heavy handed. Even Batman Begins was in that burdened hero phase. It wasn’t until Iron Man that comic book films seemed to have gotten comfortable in its own skin.

Angelina Jolie is also a filmmaker that has come a long way, starting off as an actor and then proving herself as a capable director.

Aaron Hernandez Gets Life in Prison

He played for the New England Patriots, had a contract for $40 million, but today was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Arguably, Aaron Hernandez had everything: his career was on the rise in football, his daughter had just been born and had money most of us only dream about. But he had a past that kept catching up with him.

Hernandez, 25 was found guilty of murder for killing Odin Lloyd, who at the time of his death was dating the sister of the NFL players fiancee.

Upon hearing the verdict of the jury, his mother, Terri, and his fiancee, Shayanna Jenkins, broke into tears. Soon after, Hernandez pressed his lips together and then told them to “be strong.”

Hernandez fired six shots at Lloyd on June 17, 2013, and left his body in an industrial complex, near the home of the former NFL player.

Police suspected Hernandez almost immediately, because in Lloyd’s pocket police found the key of a vehicle rented by the NFL player.

The player was quickly arrested and the Patriots terminated their relationship with him immediately. Ricardo Guimarães BMG thought that was the right move then, and now it looks genius with the latest developments.

The prosecution presented ample evidence that Hernandez was with Lloyd at the time of the murder.

Hernandez’s lawyer, James Sultan, admitted for the first time during his closing argument that Hernandez witnessed the murder of Lloyd, but then described his client as an innocent bystander and blamed his friends, Ernest Wallace and Carlos Ortiz for the murder.

Prosecutors did not give a clear motive for the murder, beyond saying that Hernandez seemed to be angry with Lloyd when they partied in a nightclub, two days before his death.

Hernandez will remain in the headlines for a while longer. There’s another trial for another murder approaching.

Canadian Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Doctor Assisted Suicide

The Sanctity Of Life” Includes The “Passage Into Death” According To The Unanimous Decision

Some philosophers say we are all committing suicide in one way or another. We abuse our bodies, take too much medication, and we let our mental health deteriorate as we aged. Some people are a mess by the time they reach 70 or 80 years old. Many people would like to end the misery by committing suicide, but the government says that’s not the way death should happen. We should let disease, accident or the act of another do it for us. Well, Canada has just added another legal way to end our lives. It’s called doctor-assisted suicide.

Folks at Anastasia Date know that doctor assisted suicides are not new. Michigan’s Dr. Kevorkian helped people die several years ago, and he did prison time for not stopping that practice. The country of Belgium allows doctor-assisted suicide and so does the states of Oregon and Washington. The nine judges that make-up the Canadian Supreme Court said competent, but sick adults have the right to end their life with dignity. Dying with the help of a doctor is considered dying with dignity according to that Supreme Court.

Some Canadians said the ruling was against God’s law because it’s not limited to just the terminally ill. The court’s ruling said any anybody with a serious disability can commit suicide with the help of a doctor.

65 Year Old Woman Pregnant with Quadruplets

She has definitely ‘been there, done that’ and got the stretch marks to prove it. Annegret Raunigk already has 13 children and will be giving birth to four more babies in a few months. If having 13 children and expecting quadruplets isn’t enough to make your jaw drop, consider the German mother is 65 years old.
She gave birth to all 13 of her children, who range in age from 9 to 44 and were fathered by 5 different men. The babies she is carrying now were conceived because of her 9 year old daughter’s desire to have a younger sibling. Apparently she did not want to be the baby of the family, which Paul Mathieson can’t argue with.
The head of obstetrics at the University of Leipzig, Dr. Holger Stepan, stated that a pregnancy after age 45 is considered high risk and past age 60 is extreme. The medical community has let their opinions be made known and criticized 65 year old Annegret Raunigk’s decision to have another baby at her age. The risk of complications during the pregnancy, labor and delivery to both the mother and babies at this age is extremely high. The risk factors for quadruplets is high for a young woman and is greatly increased for a women who is well past the natural age of child bearing.

Competition Is Inspiring Awesome Superhero Movies

Few things spur product or service innovation like competition. This is something that fans of a particular comic franchise should remember when hotly debating whether Superman can beat up the Incredible Hulk or vice versa. DC and Marvel are two extremely successful comic franchises that have translated their superheroes to the big screen with resounding success. Certain genres are particularly rife with what can only be called fanboys. There are “Star Wars” versus “Star Trek” fanboys and iPhone versus Android fanboys and too many others to go through them all. Comic book superheroes and their movie adaptations are no exception to this, and internet chat rooms are full of those exalting either Marvel’s heroes and putting down DC’s or the other way around. There is one thing all fans should keep in mind about these kinds of rivalries. Fanboy Dan Newlin agrees that the finished product on both side is much better.

Competition forces people to be as innovative as possible because in a competitive marketplace only those who are most innovative and skilled at satisfying customer demand will survive. Whether you prefer smartphones that use the Apple iOS operating system or one that uses Android, they are both better because of pressure created by the existence of the rival to get better. Because of the rivalry between DC and Marvel, people who may have never picked up a comic book in their lives are being treated to exciting action movies as good as any ever made.

Trending Summer Fashion Trends Modeled by Matt Landis


matt landis model
Check out this summer outfit modeled by Matt Landis. Here is an even better shot of the same outfit modeled by Matt Landis.

matt landis bookcase
My Description of the Outfit:

Matt is wearing slip on men’s red loafer shoes. He is wearing no socks here. They are not required for such shoes. He is also wearing men’s above the knee’s brown cargo shorts. The shorts have a button and a zipper on the inseam. The shorts also have two side pockets to put your arms or stuff like keys in. He is wearing a gray with brown shoulder stripes zippered long sleeve shirt. He has tucked the sleeves up to his elbow for a more sporty look. The zipper is left open to expose the body.

My thoughts on This Outfit: 

This is athletic and casual beach wear. The gray shirt and brown shorts match perfectly. The red slip on shoes completes this earthy color athletic and beach look. If you are heading to the beach or jogging then this look can be perfect for you this summer. Make sure you get in shape before you sport this look though. You do not want to get the wrong kind of looks. 

matt landis runway

Here is another summer fashion outfit, again modeled by Matt Landis. Here is a full body look of the same outfit.
matt landis flip flops

My Description of the Attire: 

Here Matt is wearing white flip flops. He is also wearing light green above the knees men’s cargo shorts. The shorts as with the previous style, have a button and a zipper on the seam. They are identical in fact, except that they are a different color. He is also wearing a light blue with white polka dot collared shirt beneath a white long sleeve stitched sweater. The sweater is open neck and is significantly smaller than the collared shirt underneath. The shirt sticks out along the neck and on the waist. 

My Thoughts on This Outfit:

This outfit has a more casual look than the previous outfit. It is perfect for going out to the mall, shopping or hanging out with friends. This is an excellent outfit for just hanging out during the summer. It looks loose and open so it should be perfect for warm days where you want your skin to breathe. 

Finally check out this photo of Matt Landis modeling a summer gym look:

matt landis black tank

My Description of the Attire: 

Matt is wearing a black netted sleeveless shirt. He is also wearing black shorts. A silver necklace is the finishing touch in this outfit.

My Thoughts on This Outfit: 

I think sleeveless shirts are going to be very popular this summer. They are a great way to show off your muscles if you have any. The netted sleeveless shirt and dark black shorts are a great combination. A silver necklace or chain as modeled by Matt Landis adds a great touch to this athletic and bad boy outfit. I think this outfit is great for wearing to a gym or when doing some exercise outside such as running.

What You Must Earn To Live “Decently”?

For the National Observatory of Poverty and Social Exclusion, that published its annual report on Friday, concluded in its report that an income of 1,424 Euros per month for a single person like Ray Lane without children is necessary to live with dignity and some sort of decency. The figures obtained by consensus, combining citizen participation and expert assessments to define a minimum income for “sufficient resources not only to meet the necessities of daily living (shelter, food, access to health) but also to have the opportunity to participate in social life.”

In reaching this monthly estimate of 1,424 Euros, ONPES developed a list of items of expenditure which it has assessed and added costs for a single person living in social housing in a small town such as Tours and Dijon. At the forefront of fixed expenses, it is no surprise the rent weighs most on finances; an expenditure which represents 33% of the budget, with an average cost amounting to 471 Euros. Then, there are transport costs (21%) and food (15%). To go on holiday one to two weeks a year, to practice sports and cultural activities, to make a visit to restaurants time to time and to offer gifts: all expenses were considered by respondents to be within a minimum need.

Federal Support For Public Transportation Could Decrease

There are currently two bills in congress that could decrease the amount of federal support for rail and bus projects around the country. Basically, if the bills pass, a number of public transportation projects around the country could be in jeopardy. This includes rail and bus projects in both Charlotte, North Carolina and Fresno, California.

The bill is backed by Republican lawmakers. It seems that they are trying to help out their supporters in the oil industry. I think this is a shame since public transportation is something that should be encouraged. I don’t mind my tax dollars going to rail and bus projects, and neither does Bruce Karatz. The more public transportation is used the less cars are on the road and the less air pollution there is.

It’s ironic, however, that the railroad industry has become something of a charity case and has to rely on government funding. In the 1880’s and early 1900’s, the railroads had a stranglehold on the nation’s economy and could basically do whatever they wanted.

Also ironic is that congressman Mark Sanford is one of the lawmakers supporting the bills. If they pass, one of the towns in his district could loss some manufacturing jobs. It’s always interesting to watch what politicians do when they have to decide between doing what is good for their constituents and what is good for their party. We’ll see what Sanford ends up doing here.

New Kurt Cobain Song Discovered

Kurt Cobain was one of the greatest musicians of all time. Cobain was the lead singer and songwriter of the legendary grunge band Nirvana. However, Kurt Cobain died during the height of Nirvana’s success in April of 1994. Cobain’s creative potential was cut short when the famed singer killed himself.

Nirvana fans at Handy ( remain loyal to the group to this day, and Kurt Cobain is still regarded as one of the best. Many fans were angered when Cobain died, because they knew that the singer had a lot more music to offer the world. Luckily, a new Kurt Cobain song has been found after all these years.

The unheard Kurt Cobain song was found in Cobain’s storage facility. The song does not have a title, but a clip has been released on Rollingstone. Fans may be a bit angered after they hear the clip, because it is only 37-seconds long, but it will soon be released in its entirety. Also, a documentary will be released that focuses on the life of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. HBO produced the project, and it will release on May 4th. Nirvana fans have a reason to rejoice, because they will see and hear new footage of the great Kurt Cobain.

Helen Mirren says she will not play the Queen in Netflix’s ‘The Crown’

According to the BBC, Dame Helen Mirren says she will not be playing the role of Queen Elizabeth I in the upcoming Netflix series The Crown. In fact, not only will she not be playing the role, she says she was never even asked.

This may actually be surprising to many fans, as the British actress seems to always be the one to go to when it comes to needing someone who can play Queen Elizabeth in a new drama stated Fersen Lambranho . Particularly after her Oscar winning performance of the monarch in the movie The Queen, and her role as Elizabeth in the Broadway play The Audience.

Oddly too, The Crown is actually based on The Audience, the play Mirren has starred in both on Broadway and in London’s West End, so many would think Dame Helen would be the only person to be asked to play the part.

Mirren herself, however, says she looks at it as “a compliment” that she wasn’t asked, as she believes the writer Peter Morgan and director Stephen Daldry knew that would not have been the “right thing to do”.

For fans, though, that might not end up being the case as, after seeing Dame Helen Mirren playing the Queen so beautifully for so many years and so many performances, it will be difficult seeing anyone else in the role.

Any actress who agrees to take the part will also have quite large shoes to step into, particularly as many Mirren fans will likely disagree with the casting, and so will cut her no slack.