It Might Be Hard to Surpass the Taste of Rover’s Gourmet Dinner

One of the more entertaining things about cooking is the fact that one can try to match and surpass other people’s creations. It’s a chance to work hard and create something that tastes, smells and looks amazing. But competition in the kitchen might be coming from an unexpected source. Because according to a story which ran in the Daily Herald, the family dog may well be eating surprisingly high quality gourmet dog food. Dog food which might even surpass the taste and texture of meals made for the rest of the family.

The quality of these gourmet dog foods was highlighted as the reporter took advantage of an opportunity to take a guided tour of one facility. The dog food manufacturing process was open for viewing. The Chunky Chicken and Turkey Recipe proved so tempting that the men took a brief break to sample it for themselves. And one even exclaimed that the turkey tasted just like Thanksgiving.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that this isn’t as new a trend as it might seem. One of the first companies to really place emphasis on use of high quality organic ingredients was Purina store’s Beneful. And that was all the way back in 2001. However, it’s important to note one fact that really shows how ahead of the curve Beneful was. They were making healthy dog food with high quality organic ingredients before people really started placing an emphasis on that within their own meals.

Beneful by Purina knew that to really open up the full nutritional benefits of food that they’d need to work with the highest quality ingredients. This dedication to high quality ingredients led to new methods of keeping in the freshness, new recipes, and a vast number of other positive things. And of course it also had the benefit of creating a dog food brand that wasn’t simply healthy, but delicious as well. The joy a dog experiences is obvious when he or she bites down on the juicy chunks of real meat and healthy vegetables. And this also makes another strength of Beneful’s recipies fully apparent. It allows dogs a chance to fully enjoy the feeling of real food beneath their teeth, the way nature intended.



BMG Bank Executive Member Marcio Alaor

Marcio Alaor is one of the executive members of BMG bank group. He is one of the descendants of the Gumaraes family that is directly associated with the bank affairs as well as all the management activities that are very directly associated with the workability of the bank and also the advertisement and production of great ideas that spur up the management of the bank as well as the production of the pay roll loans that have greatly brought forward the bank as a matter of fact. He is the executive officer and manager of the bank affairs and is now in a venture to make the name of the bank shine in to the future and make a name for the bank as well as his history name to go into the books of history as one of the greatest names the book of history has ever had before.

Marcio Alaor has yet started another mission that will make his name go into the books of history as the single sponsor of all ball games in the entire country starting with the men’s football and has his name appear on all the t-shirts that will be printed as well as his face on all the chest shirts and also the name of his bank as wellas the sleeves of all the tshirts and all the activities that the football games will be having in the entire com,pany as a strategy to be come of the great similar events that will be brought about by the advertisement of the bank through the act of sponsorchip as well as his charity that will be experienced inn all the parts iof the country and everything that will be entailed in the sponsorships and his bank.

When he was asked by his fellow members of the group he stated that the bank will be the sole thing that he has and has decided to make it one of the majority rule associated with the samples. He decided to start the sponsorship mainly because of the impact it will bring to the country and his bank at large. It is a form of advertisement that surpasses all the activities that will be entitled in the TV news and will succeed all other s because football is one of the activities that the people of the country llike so much and are yearning to assure.

He says that the bank will really benefit from the activities. He is also deter inked to start another type of sponsorship where he wants to sponsor volley ball as well as basketball which has been left behind in all the ages and is slowly disappearing in the country.

George Soros Is Predicting A World-Wide Recession And He Is Having a Déjà Vu Moment

The investors that invest to earn a living aren’t usually swayed by opinions and news articles that focus on the ups and downs of the stock market. Big-time investors study trends, charts, and they analyze social, business and political positions before they decide to put millions into stocks or other securities. But when George Soros makes a prediction on Bloomberg, the big investors listen to what he has to say. George is considered the guru of investing.

Mr.George Soros has more money than he will ever need and that is why he has started so many different foundations around the world. One of his foundations was recently banned by the Russian government because of the position Soros has taken on the Ukraine situation, according to an article posted on

The Ukraine situation is one of the issues that could create the world-wide recession that Soros is predicting. According to Soros, the Ukraine needs financial support. The government of the Ukraine is not the same old group. A new government was formed after the 2014 revolution, and that group is progressive and wants change, but they need money. Soros is helping, but Soros says Europe needs to do more.

The elephant in the room, however, is China. China is the wild card that could turn 2016 into another 2008 and that is the Soros déjà vu Moment. Mr. Soros thinks China will not be able to convert its economy to a consumer-driven economy this year or next year. China’s manufacturing base is shrinking every month, and the country is exporting less every month. The once-great duplicator of every product on the planet has fallen into the capitalistic trap, and the Red Government is having a difficult time competing with other Asian countries.

No one knew how a Communist country like China would embrace the capitalistic ways of the West, but it didn’t take long to find out. China’s government has spent billions of dollars to keep their stock market running, and more billions more devaluating their currency as well as lowering commodity prices. China has the money, but most economists say they lack the know-how to keep their gross domestic product rate consistent while they rescue their stock market and invest in the middle-class.

Mr. Soros recently told that a 2008 type recession was coming because all the signs say it is. The signs, according to Soros are the potential collapse of the European Union, the euro crisis, the migration issue and the Greek debacle. All of those issues are solvable, but not at the same time. Soros believes German Chancellor Merkel can solve the EU Issue and maybe the euro issue, but the Greek issue is still a concern. And no can fix the China issue, but China, and Soros says that will take time.

Finding Fame on the Internet

YouTube is the channel for the masses and just about anyone can make a video or create their own programming. Some people have produced their own shows and went on to become famous personalities. Here is a list of some of the most famous YouTubers that has ever appeared on this site.


PewDiePie is hands down the most famous YouTube personality in history. He has over 47 million subscribers and nearly billions in views. He is from Sweden and has a gaming channel that many viewers like to tune in and watch. PewDiePie’s review of games have helped some titles to increase sales. Video gaming companies now pay PewDiePie to showcase some of their titles on his site.

Justin Bieber Vevo

Justin Beiber was discovered on YouTube. This channel is his home and many of his loyal fans frequently view his music, videos and snapshots of his life. Bieber’s videos has amassed close to 9 billion viewers. This is a record number of views by any major star outside of Michael Jackson.


FasmilyFunPack is a great kids channel on YouTube that has lots of entertaining videos for children and their family. This family orientated channel provides kids with great learning and entertainment. This site has over 3 billion viewers and is a favorite for many people all over the world.

Wengie is a famous YouTube personality that is on the rise. She is originally from Japan but has moved to Australian with her parents. Her video channel features information about makeup advice and social behavior. She is fun, witty and a very pretty young teen which helps to draw many people to her video channel.

Keep in mind that Wengie has hundreds of thousands of viewers and is steadily gaining more followers. Many young people in Australia and Japan is slowly finding out about Wengie and once they do they are usually hooked. Wengie is slowly becoming a Australian pop culture favorite for many people all over the country.

Roi Wassabi

Roi Wassabi is another famous YouTubber that is on the rise. He does not have a lot of followers when compared to many of the bigger names but his viewership numbers are growing everyday. Wassabi’s most popular video has over 5 million viewers which is outstanding for a YouTube channel.

Darius Fisher named in Innovation 50

Darius Fisher could be considered a fixer; a fixer of reputations that is. President and co-founder of Status Labs, Fisher has seen every situation where a reputation is in need of repair. Status Labs is an online reputation management company which also provides marketing campaigns, social media marketing advice and search engine optimization. Darius Fisher helped found Status Labs in 2012, and the company has grown extraordinarily in the following years. Status Labs claims to solve any digital communications problem.
Fisher has worked in marketing and public relations all his life as a copy-writer for a marketing firm and then as a political consultant. He was named as one of the Innovation 50 by PR Week. The Innovation 50 are rising experts in communications and tech public relations. It’s no surprise Fisher would be included in the list with his expertise in the field. He spoke at at the Impact15 conference, which is an annual marketing conference. His presentation focused on the impact the first page of Google search results can have on a reputation. He suggests it is the new first impression. Google is where most of the work in repairing reputations takes place. Ensuring the first page of search results has only positive content can take time and a lot of effort if there is any negative press out there about an individual or business.
In an interview with Dujour, Darius Fisher says the best way to avoid a problem is for people to always be aware of their online presence by Googling themselves. Status Labs changes search results by he creation of new content. The client, in most cases, will need to have a personal website and link positive content to it; therefore, using Google’s algorithms to their advantage. Clients need to be proactive about creating their own content either on a blog or guest articles and op-eds. In the same interview with Dujour, Fisher indicated they will turn clients away in extreme ethical cases.
Status Labs has grown its workforce 12 percent in the past year and has offices in Austin, Texas, Sao Paulo and New york City. As more people realize the importance of a positive online presence, Status Labs continues to grow and become known as the company of second chances.

A famous Rapper and Wealthy Hedge-Fund Manager Stand up For Autism

What do you get when you combine a famous rapper, a cup of tea and a wealthy hedge-fund manager? You get Autism Rocks, a non-for-profit raising money for autism research. It all started when Sanjay Shah, British hedge-fund manager and founder of Solo Capital, received a call from one of his DJ friends asking if Snoop Dogg can stop by for a cup of tea. Of course Sanjay Shah agreed and during a conversation with the famous rapper, the idea of Autism Rocks was born. The whole concept was to hold concerts with famous artists and all of the proceeds would go directly into research for autism. Having a son diagnosed with autism himself, the idea behind Autism Rocks came from a genuine and giving place. Since that one morning, Autism Rocks has now held concerts with artists like Prince, Lenny Kravitz and Drake. It continues to grow and generate interest worldwide from both artists and fans alike.

Sanjay Shah’s parents immigrated from Africa to the UK where he grew up and attended school. At first Shah attended school at King’s College to become a practitioner in the medical field, but soon realized that was not his interest. Instead, he opted to do finances, a choice that would prove to set the course for his future. His first job was at an investing firm Merrill Lynch. This trend continued as he worked at many investment banks from ING to Morgan Stanley. The knowledge and experience Shah gained through this experience was critical although his job was put in jeopardy during the 2009 market crash.

Instead of fighting to stay afloat in his old jobs, Sanjay Shah in an entrepreneur spirit decided to start his own brokerage business. Besides not enjoying the long work days or the long commute to work, Shah decided that starting his own business was the only way to make his earning potential unlimited. With this idea, Solo Capital was started. Originally, Solo Capital was ran out of a small office space the Shah rented out. He worked with recent graduates and other investors at the beginning. Within 5 years of its founding, Solo Capital has offices in both London and Dubai and Shah has a net worth of $280 million.

The Queens of Drama Make Their Mark

When it comes to TV viewing, there’s something incredibly addictive about soap operas, especially those that star beautiful women with a feel for high drama. That’s the recipe that has driven many a show to long term success, like “Dynasty” and “Knots Landing.” All of this points to the reasons for the current positive reception for the “Queens of Drama,” which is the new nighttime soap/reality show that stars some of the major players in TV soaps.

The “Queens of Drama” is the reality show/soap that debuted in April of 2015 on the POP Network and ran for 10 episodes. The show boasts major beauties who are also veterans of some of TV’s major soaps and network shows. The cast includes Lindsay Hartley, Crystal Hunt (of “One Life to Live” and “The Guiding Light”). Other featured stars are Vanessa Marcil (of “90210” fame) Chrystee Pharris, and Hunter Tylo (who starred for years on “The Bold and The Beautiful”) and of course, that legendary blonde villainess Donna Mills (“Knots Landing”). On the show, Mills plays a version of herself that is somewhat fictionalized, and very wicked and very fun.

Crystal Hunt is a veteran of two major soaps which CrunchBase lists in full, “The Guiding Light” (which garnered her an Emmy nomination) and “One Life to Live,” in which she appeared on for three years as a notorious stripper character.

Her website shows that Crystal Hunt began her career as a teen actress, but she is now taking on roles as a grown up actress, and her career is really heating up. This year she also appeared in “Magic Mike XXL” with Channing Tatum and Joe Maginello.

“Queens of Drama” has all the ingredients needed for watchability and for success. It’s bringing in positive reviews from major media like The NY Daily News as well as Variety, so the hope is that the show and its stars will continue to entertain us all with plenty of “drama,” as the characters on the show create their own soap opera production. Happy viewing!

Advances in Data Analytical Tool Put Securus on Top

Securus Technologies is one of the leading provider of inmate phone calls services in prisons and jails in the US and has now advanced its software to integrate Big Data analytical tool entirely. Big Data is a broad term for datasets that are so large that traditional data processing applications will be inadequate. The improvements are seen during analysis, capturing data, data curation, search, sharing, storage and transfer. Therefore, this company has made an enormous step in making its software easy to use. The company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and it offers public safety, investigation, inmate communication monitoring through its systems. 

Securus has upgraded its investigative and analytical solutions products with a modern user interface with web 2.0 technologies. The great strengths of its analytical ability are still in place. The system is also utilizing the powers of multi-threading, and this has enhanced system performance. Among other improvements include improved navigation, search functionality, video visitation software and record loading. I see that Securus Technologies will undoubtedly have better and improved user experience evidently with all these improvements. Click here to register for Securus’ video visitation services.
It’s an essential part of great apps to integrate with other applications and Securus has made this a reality by its ability to integrate directly with other Securus products like Secure Call Platform (SCP). The software now requires little training, and it’s highly intelligent – though Securus’ customer help is always standing by just in case. I am convinced that the investigators using the system are more productive because of the ease of use.
The new THREADS 3.1 that came with the upgrade include the ability of the system to SCP calls within the threaded processes; it provides real-time analysis, context-sensitive reports and customized printing and mapping. “For years, THREADS has been the gold standard investigative solution for detecting, identifying and reporting on suspicious inmate calling patterns, associations, correlations, communication events and fraternization,” said Kelly Solid, General Manager of Business Management for Securus.
Securus serves more than 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies and over 1,200,000 inmates across North America. Seculus is dedicated to proving emergency response, incident management, public information, biometric analysis, information management, and monitoring products. Securus is striving to make our surroundings a safe place to live.

Majeed Ekabal Reaching Out Through GoFundMe

Help Needed
Majeed Ekabal has seen the need for help for the victims of the Nepal earthquakes. These disastrous earthquakes had happened earlier in 2015, yet much help is needed for these people and many families. Mr. Ekabal feels moved to request help for these people. This is one cause that is quite important to Majeed. He does have numerous friends in that area and he is well aware of their current needs. He has turned toward to request money for these victims.

Clay Sculptures by Majeed Ekbal from Majeed Ekbal on Vimeo.

Money Needed for Hungry, Homeless, and Medical Relief
Majeed Ekabal does have a plan for all of the money that will be raised from this campaign. He has a solid goal to raise 1M dollars. He has personally donated his own money toward this cause. He will make certain that these victims have money and funding for the following:
* needed medical supplies
* needed food for the hungry
* needed shelter for the homeless
He had previously started a campaign with Crowdrise. It is his intent to continue to increase the funding so that the needs of these people and their families will be met with the assistance of these campaigns. He will make the claim that no donation will be considered to be too small. Every donation will help this community to fully recover from this disaster.

Majeed is Making this Request From Chicago, Illinois
Majeed Ekabal is a professional from Chicago, Illinois who is making strides to help individuals in Nepal. Mr. Majeed does have the ability to see this entire campaign through because he has an impressive background. He has above-average credentials and achievements.

Majeed Ekbal’s View from Here from Majeed Ekbal on Vimeo.

Marketing and Business
Majeed is a leader, rainmaker, reformer, and an innovator. He received his education at the American University. He is in marketing, advertising, and he is a business executive. This is one professional who clearly has the strong ability to generate needed revenue. He is also a humanitarian who believes in success.

Fortune Five Hundred Companies Dream of Future Innovation

Status Labs, the online marketing and reputation firm, is increasing and announcing new companies and clients into the circle of successful digital communications. With a great increase in revenue and marketing, the status labs pitch is working. their online presence is remarkable. The frequent places like social media and advertising, allowing their clients the best in marketing and representation online.

Status labs are showing an increase in customers in the past 2 years. Increasing in people from 39% to 939 percent over the past 2 years. This fantastic increase is benefiting the clients and the people the clients serve. the company is working really hard to accomplish this increase each year with new innovative ideas and arrangements. The increase in visibility online leaves some of the clients vulnerable until they realize how much Status labs is working to make their online presence a success.

New companies and businesses online spend valuable time and effort working towards their basic online presence. A good firm handling of the online presence can make or break a company. this is why customers are excited about the new innovations and ideas that the advertising marketing firm, Status Labs, is incorporating. Status Labs services over 1500 customers and of these, 35 are fortune five hundred companies. their digital marketing and public relations are showing people such as athletes and entertainment persons how great they can be for a reputation and business venture online.

Athletes and Entertainment personnel are eagerly searching for ideas and innovation to set them higher on the “reputation poles”. These people welcome help with managing social media campaigns and personality. Space Labs and its president Darius Fisher recognize how fortunate they are to have such a great following. They plan for increases in profit and innovation for the year coming. 2016 promises to be a great year for anyone associating with Space Labs. The New York Post and New York Observer are already featuring space labs in their publication. Readers will also enjoy reading in the US News and World Report. The Labs and Fisher are hoping to enjoy an even better presence in 2016. They are working on new ideas as we speak.