Securus Technologies: Public Safety In Good Hands

Public safety has always been a concern for many. As technologies become progressively sophisticated, officials are relying more and more in information and communication technologies (ICT) which allows them to gather, interpret, and organize audio and video data for public security and forensic tasks. That is where Securus Technologies comes in.


A leading provider in government information management, Securus provides public safety officials the tools to aggregate, categorize, allocate, and chart data sets and make the information easily accessible for situations, such as law enforcement tasks, emergency response dispatch, and other public safety activities. Their high-powered tech solutions ensure that law enforcement and public safety officials have the appropriate resources to manage large volume of audio and video information which can become administrative burdens without the right capabilities.


However, how reliable is Securus Technologies in providing law enforcements the right management tools?


Recently, 11 of Securus’ field specialists received globally renowned certifications from Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI), a professional association within the ICT industry. Danny de Hoyos, Securus’ SVP of Operations, remarks that the company’s honorary certifications are a testament to Securus’ expertise in the public security industry and understanding how to meet the needs of public safety officials.


Furthermore, Securus received their accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with a stellar A+ rating. They audited and caught errors in Global Tel Link’s press release, showcasing their prowess in identifying and correcting misinformation. Not only do their recent accolades demonstrate their efficiency, they also display Securus’ unwavering commitment to supporting our law enforcement and public safety officials.


Public safety administration aims to keep our neighborhoods safe and this mission is almost impossible to accomplish without the right tech applications in their disposal. Securus Technologies assures us that public safety officials will receive the support to achieve their goals.

Equities First Holding, A World Leader In Alternative Source of Capital

Many banks and other institutions have in recent times increased the interest rates and tightened loan qualifications and lending criteria. The borrowers have been left with minimal lending options leading to a search for alternative financial solutions. Equities First Holding LLC (EFH) has gained popularity for borrowers who require capital fast and do not qualify for credit-based loans. The global lender in alternative shareholder financing solutions has realized growth in stock-based loans and margin loans. There are differences between margin loans and stock-based loans even though stocks collateralize them. Stock-based loans have fixed interest rates and a loan-to-value ratio of 50 to 75 percent. It has no restrictions of the purpose of the loan, and a borrower can walk away from the loan as it is non-recourse. Margin loans, on the other hand, are used for a specific purpose and the borrower must be pre-qualified. The lending firm may liquidate collateral without warning, and the loan-to-value ratio is between 10-50 percent.

Equities First Holding was founded in 2002 by Al Christy who is also the company’s Chief Executive Officer. The company distributes capital to clients who include global corporations and high-net-worth individuals, against stocks that are publicly traded. It has completed transactions worth over $1.4 Billion. In the past few years, it has experienced growth of more than 30 percent in closed loan transactions. The private firm supplies liquidity at favorable terms and in a transparent process thus delivering maximum benefits with minimum risks to the clients.

The financial arrangements for the non-purpose working capital are tailor-made to meet an individual’s need. The company has been able to attract and retain highly experienced professionals in the financial industry. The team works fast and efficiently to ensure the process is completed within five to seven days. EFH has its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, and other offices in Bangkok, Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong and the UK. It has acquired Meridian Equity Partners Limited, a company that was based in London and has continued to increase its presence in Europe, Australia, US and Asia. EFH partners include top law firms, large custodian banks and leading investment banks.

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Sam Tabar Becomes New COO At FullCycle Energy


Sam Tabar is the new COO at FullCycle Energy Fund, but he is much more than a manager for an energy fund. He is one of the best investment advisers in the world today. Someone who wants to be sure that they can make more money can trust Sam Tabar, and it is also important for people to remember that they are moving into a brand new market that will finally grow and flourish because of the state of the standard energy companies. Everyone who was investing in oil and gas is moving into solar and wind energy, and Sam Tabar knows that this is the right move for everyone.


Someone who wants to invest at FullCycle Energy Fund should remember that Mr. Tabar knows how to manage accounts much better than anyone else because of his law training, but he is still very interested in investment education. The investment education that he gives people who read about him will produce profits that most people have never seen before. These people are sitting on profits that are massive because they have chosen to wait for solar and wind energy to become profitable.


Mr. Tabar has become interested in the way that solar and wind energy is now managed, and there are a lot of open markets where people can make money. Someone who is searching for a new place to invest should make sure that they have asked for something that works. Sam Tabar knows how to make every investment decision, and he understands the legal ramifications of every investment.


Making money with people like Mr. Tabar is easy, and the FullCycle Energy Fund is growing because of Mr. Tabar. Sam Tabar knows how to make money for each client. His plan for the future now includes real energy investment in solar and wind power.  But PR Newswire has written about how Sam has provided free tips for investment in the past.  What’s more, Sam will be providing free tips as a HuffPo contributor as well.



When natural calamities strike, they respond with a swiftness that beats others in the field. IAP Worldwide have been tried and tested over the last 60 years, and they have passed and surpassed most challenges with an efficiency that is reflective of an organized core structure of performance. The firm has extensive resources and years of experience in planning, organization, distribution and logistics. The firm is a global leader on when it comes to offering top notch services such air communication systems, constructions, logistics, energy as well as infrastructure solutions.

IAP is a world leader in delivering tailored solutions and has established its presence in the Middle East, United Kingdom, Panama City as well as Washington D.C. The headquarters are in Cape Canaveral, FL. Its extensive operations are available in over 100 locations in over 20 countries. Their extensive presence makes it possible to work with many governments including the United States who have contracted them for over 67 % of their services and other international bodies such as the U.N.

IAP’s passion for quality driven results goes beyond the usual. Their logistics services are unaffected by weather or war, and wherever you are they will deliver your supplies on Hoovers. Their ability to dispatch to any place where no other firms can dare venture was demonstrated when they provided contracted supplies in desert storm and Afghanistan for the U.S Army. IAP has been offering mission support services for the U.S Government for over 40 years.

Their enthusiasm to surpass the client’s expectations has seen them merger and acquire important companies over the years. With the acquisition of Johnson Control World Services, with their latest addition being DRS Technologies in 2015, leading to the streamlining of services into three categories. These categories include Professional and Technical Services, Global operations and logistics, and Base Operations Support Services. These mergers and acquisitions are in a bid to pool resources, technology, and a workforce to make it a powerhouse in large scale service delivery.

An excellent organization is only as good as its employees. IAP is an employer that hires skilled, talented individuals. Their competitive packages, training opportunities, and other support programs keep their staff passionate and committed. Employee satisfaction is vital in increasing output. It is evident that these, alongside other capital resources, give IAP an edge over other organizations in the industry on Employees Safety is an essential feature in IAP and the human resources department recruits in areas of accounts, construction, general management to just mention a few.

The New Generation of Luxury Home Buyers


There was a time when luxury home buyers were typically over the age of 50 and had to work their way up the corporate ladder in order to afford an affluent home. Now things are different as real estate agents around the country are seeing a new trend in luxury home buying. New York rental apartments are known for style, class, and luxury and that is exactly what the new younger generation of home buyers are looking for from major agencies like Town Residential.


A younger, affluent home buyer

According to Dolly Lenz, the founder of Dolly Lenz Real Estate, the new breed of luxury home buyers is young, well-informed, and focused on lifestyle. Many of the new home buyers are tech entrepreneurs, sports stars, or successful in the music and entertainment industry. The younger generation of home buyers are seeking NYC properties that offer a certain type of lifestyle that fits their needs and desires. Location is one of the key factors that the younger luxury home buyer is looking for. NYC properties that are close to cafes, clubs, and restaurants that the young property buyers frequent are important amenities to a young buyer.


Where the younger generation buys luxury

Town Residential, an NYC real estate firm, specializes in sales, rental, and leasing of luxury NYC properties. Town residential is New York’s foremost luxury real estate firm and has a reputation for unprecedented customer service and a first-rate team of representatives.


Why Town Residential is hot

With luxury NYC properties located throughout New York City, Town Residential has the right luxury property for any lifestyle. Expertise in the industry along with uncompromising principles are two of the key reasons for the success of Town Residential. Whether seeking an upscale location for a home or for a business, a Town Residential representative can connect you with the right property for your needs and provide you with the luxury property of your dreams.

New Zealand’s leading tax and Trust Law Firm

Cone Marshall is an international tax and trust law firm that was established in 1999 and is based in Auckland New Zealand. Its primary purpose is to assist international families’ advisors, private banks, and attorneys with the establishment of partnerships, companies, and New Zealand trust. It also provides planning in areas related to tax and global wealth. It has a record of transparency and tax principles, which has ensured that their clients receive advice that is of a high standard, morals, and confidentiality. It has got two main principals known as Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone.

Cone Marshall’s Principals
Karen Marshall graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Law from the University of Otago. Karen has been working at Cone Marshall since 2005, and she was made a principal in 2006. She has also worked with a major law firm in London for ten years in the Commercial Litigation department before joining Cone Marshall. Her diverse experience in trust management has propelled her to be an advisor to two statutory trustee companies.

Geoffrey Cone has over 30 years’ experience in tax planning, international confidence, and management of trust and trustee services. In May 2016, a Law Firm and Experts Directory article referred to him as a Standard Tax Lawyer. In 2012, an article entitled: New Zealand – A model of Tax Transparency stated that New Zealand had a highly private and secretive banking industry that levied taxes at low rates and lacked transparency. None other than Mr. Cone disagreed with this article and made the justification that New Zealand adhered to the gold standards of transparency principles, 2002 OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) guidelines on Tax Matters and information exchange. Tax havens are featured in OECD and never will New Zealand ever be one of them. It has also been among the first countries to be recognized for implementing international tax standards.

In 2006, Michael Cullen introduced new rules that ensured a foreign Trust Disclosure form (IR607) and financial records are submitted to IRD by New Zealand resident trustee in case of a foreign trust so as to ensure the tax records are well maintained and up-to-date. These records are to be written in English and stored in New Zealand, and people who fail to do this receive hefty penalties. These files are also made available to other governments that may make a request to get the information.

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FreedomPop Launches New Premium Phone Plan

FreedomPop has been one of the more prominent under the radar phone companies in the past five or six years. The reason FreedomPop has gotten so popular is because they are offering an interesting take on how a mobile carrier should work by offering a free core package. FreedomPop’s core cell phone plan offers customers an allotment of talk, text and data completely for free. Users who enjoy this core service will never need to upgrade to an actual payment plan. The success of this core plan has pushed FreedomPop to release another new plan.

he new plan that FreedomPop and CEO Stephen Stokols has revealed is the ‘Unlimited Everything’ plan. This plan is exactly what it sounds like: a plan that gives customers unlimited talk, text and data for just $20 per month. This premium plan compares exceptionally well with other premium carriers in terms of its price. You will be hard pressed to find an unlimited plan anywhere else for just $20. Still, FreedomPop has been making their way to the top of the industry thanks to initial funding and belief by various large investors, such as the co-founder of huge tech company Skype.

Though the Unlimited Plan is pretty straightforward there are some limitations that you should know about. Once you have passed the first GB of data usage you will see your speeds go down from 4G to 3G. Outside of this small speed drop, which doesn’t actually inhibit your unlimited data, customers will not see any other limitations or losses.

FreedomPop has been building their company on the back of the Sprint 4G LTE Network. Think of FreedomPop like a digital buffet that uses existing infrastructure to bring their service to customers who want to take part in it. This allows FreedomPop to keep their overhead down to nothing while passing on the savings directly to their customers.

For a long time FreedomPop existed as a conduit where customers would bring their own phone to the service. Now FreedomPop is offering customers the chance to purchase a number of new LTE phones that are on their roster: the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 as well as the HTC EVO and iPhone 5. Customers who still want to bring their own phone to the service will have the option to do so. Android devices work particularly well when transitioning over to FreedomPop’s extensive and popular digital services. Learn more from this review of FreedomPop.

WEN Cleansing Conditioners Are Capable of Providing Results For Any Budget

Many women see their hair as a signature part of their look, which ties into their confidence. This is why a bad hair day for a women can spell disaster on her confidence and self-assurance the rest of the day. For a mere $40 dollars a bottle, which is a steal compared to high priced products found in salons, Wen is an excellent product that promises to bring life back into any women’s hair and get it under control. Created by Chaz Dean, a high profile hairstylist known the world over, created the product with no harmful chemicals or additives such as sulfates for cleaning.
A writer over on Bustle Magazine ended up trying the WEN product by Chaz Dean and posting up her own review of how well it performed on their site. She had always been having problems with her hair due to it being thin and fine. She had no issues obtaining the product, as it came with speedy delivery and was in good shape. This was not the important part though, as she wanted to see how it actually held up compared to the QVC commercials. To her delight, she noticed results in her fair within a mere 3 days time, seeing the shine everyday and noticeably thicker hair in around 5 days.

Every bottle of when comes with a user guides that details the amount that is supposed to be sued with different amount of hair. This allows customers to save money in most cases so they do not overuse the product, it also makes sure they do not under-use the product and assume that it just does not work for their hair. WEN by Chaz Dean is an excellent opportunity for women to take charge of their hair and get their issues under control, whether it be dry hair, oily hair, brittle hair, or just hair they can’t seem to style and manage. Follow Wen on Twitter and like the page:

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Kevin Seawright Is The Community Leader Baltimore Needs

Kevin Seawright is the community leader who has been around for a long time working in many capacities. The best things that happen in inner city communities come from those that are willing to make a change, and Kevin Seawright is doing that with RPS Solutions.

He came back to Baltimore after working with the city for a long time, and now he has his own company. RPS Solutions does a public service that is very important, and it is working for people who are going to be able to get into a new home.

Buying a home is one of the hardest things in America, and it is not like everyone can do it. There are those who sit in the inner city of Baltimore who are not able to get their own homes, and they are in no position to ever do that. Kevin Seawright and RPS Solutions are two partners that work with families to build them a new home.

The homes all sit in clusters where the neighborhood can build businesses, and more commerce will come to the area. There will be more property taxes to collect, and the community will start to see signs of life that they might have been missing out on in the past.

Everyone who is working with Kevin Seawright needs to remember that they are helping families that would never get this chance any other way. He has brought out a lot of people who want to make the inner cities of Baltimore better, and the good will spread to other parts of the city that are in need of help.

The city is a great place for people to live, but they need to get into their own homes. Kevin Seawright makes that happens, and he does so out of the goodness of his heart.

Organo Gold: Bringing Health To Coffee

Among the many things that have been said about coffee is that it is one of the drinks that are unhealthy. It has commonly been said that caffeine could have some adverse effects on the individual. However, this hasn’t kept people from enjoying the great tasting drink. Now, people can’t even say that coffee is necessarily unhealthy.

There is a new company that is presenting coffee that is not only tasty, but also good for the health. This company is called Organo Gold, founded by Bernardo Chua. He is one of the people that are very passionate about health. This company allows him to pursue his passion.

ZoomInfo said that one thing that led him to starting Organo Gold was the presence of an herb called ganoderma. Ganoderma is one of the healthiest herbs found in Asian countries. In fact, it has been used to treat illnesses and other health concerns. Bernardo has seen that this herb is also healthy to be consumed in other ways.

Therefore, he has looked among the different ways that one could consume the herb. This eventually resulted in Bernardo Chua founding Organo. The way that he was going to distribute ganoderma was in coffee, tea and other beverages.

Like other companies, Organo Gold has started small. Bernardo Chua has used the help of independent distributors and marketers in order to spread awareness of the new product that is improving lives in many ways.

Many people have noticed the difference in how they feel when they tried the product. As a result, Organo Gold has eventually taken off in a way that resulted in it expanding into other territories like Turkey.

According to TheStreet, Bernardo Chua has definitely shown himself to be creative when it comes to bringing greater health throughout the world. Organo Gold is only going to expand even further at this point.