WEN Cleansing Conditioners Are Capable of Providing Results For Any Budget

Many women see their hair as a signature part of their look, which ties into their confidence. This is why a bad hair day for a women can spell disaster on her confidence and self-assurance the rest of the day. For a mere $40 dollars a bottle, which is a steal compared to high priced products found in salons, Wen is an excellent product that promises to bring life back into any women’s hair and get it under control. Created by Chaz Dean, a high profile hairstylist known the world over, created the product with no harmful chemicals or additives such as sulfates for cleaning.
A writer over on Bustle Magazine ended up trying the WEN product by Chaz Dean and posting up her own review of how well it performed on their site. She had always been having problems with her hair due to it being thin and fine. She had no issues obtaining the product, as it came with speedy delivery and was in good shape. This was not the important part though, as she wanted to see how it actually held up compared to the QVC commercials. To her delight, she noticed results in her fair within a mere 3 days time, seeing the shine everyday and noticeably thicker hair in around 5 days.

Every bottle of when comes with a user guides that details the amount that is supposed to be sued with different amount of hair. This allows customers to save money in most cases so they do not overuse the product, it also makes sure they do not under-use the product and assume that it just does not work for their hair. WEN by Chaz Dean is an excellent opportunity for women to take charge of their hair and get their issues under control, whether it be dry hair, oily hair, brittle hair, or just hair they can’t seem to style and manage. Follow Wen on Twitter and like the page: https://www.facebook.com/WENhaircare/.

Get Wen here: http://www.guthy-renker.com/products/beauty/wen-haircare/

Kevin Seawright Is The Community Leader Baltimore Needs

Kevin Seawright is the community leader who has been around for a long time working in many capacities. The best things that happen in inner city communities come from those that are willing to make a change, and Kevin Seawright is doing that with RPS Solutions.

He came back to Baltimore after working with the city for a long time, and now he has his own company. RPS Solutions does a public service that is very important, and it is working for people who are going to be able to get into a new home.

Buying a home is one of the hardest things in America, and it is not like everyone can do it. There are those who sit in the inner city of Baltimore who are not able to get their own homes, and they are in no position to ever do that. Kevin Seawright and RPS Solutions are two partners that work with families to build them a new home.

The homes all sit in clusters where the neighborhood can build businesses, and more commerce will come to the area. There will be more property taxes to collect, and the community will start to see signs of life that they might have been missing out on in the past.

Everyone who is working with Kevin Seawright needs to remember that they are helping families that would never get this chance any other way. He has brought out a lot of people who want to make the inner cities of Baltimore better, and the good will spread to other parts of the city that are in need of help.

The city is a great place for people to live, but they need to get into their own homes. Kevin Seawright makes that happens, and he does so out of the goodness of his heart.

Organo Gold: Bringing Health To Coffee

Among the many things that have been said about coffee is that it is one of the drinks that are unhealthy. It has commonly been said that caffeine could have some adverse effects on the individual. However, this hasn’t kept people from enjoying the great tasting drink. Now, people can’t even say that coffee is necessarily unhealthy.

There is a new company that is presenting coffee that is not only tasty, but also good for the health. This company is called Organo Gold, founded by Bernardo Chua. He is one of the people that are very passionate about health. This company allows him to pursue his passion.

ZoomInfo said that one thing that led him to starting Organo Gold was the presence of an herb called ganoderma. Ganoderma is one of the healthiest herbs found in Asian countries. In fact, it has been used to treat illnesses and other health concerns. Bernardo has seen that this herb is also healthy to be consumed in other ways.

Therefore, he has looked among the different ways that one could consume the herb. This eventually resulted in Bernardo Chua founding Organo. The way that he was going to distribute ganoderma was in coffee, tea and other beverages.

Like other companies, Organo Gold has started small. Bernardo Chua has used the help of independent distributors and marketers in order to spread awareness of the new product that is improving lives in many ways.

Many people have noticed the difference in how they feel when they tried the product. As a result, Organo Gold has eventually taken off in a way that resulted in it expanding into other territories like Turkey.

According to TheStreet, Bernardo Chua has definitely shown himself to be creative when it comes to bringing greater health throughout the world. Organo Gold is only going to expand even further at this point.

A Look At Seattle Genetics And CEO Clay Siegall

The Seattle Genetics Company

Seattle Genetics is a biotechnology company that has its corporate headquarters in Bothell, Washington. This is just outside the major city of Seattle. The company was created in 1998. In 2001, the company became public with its first initial public offering. Seattle Genetics is now traded on NASDAQ stock exchange. The company is traded publicly with the acronym SGEN on NASDAQ. Over 800 employees work for Seattle Genetics both in its Washington State location and elsewhere.

Seattle Genetics Co-Founder Appointed to Board of Directors for Mirna Therapeutics Inc.

What The Seattle Genetics Company Does

The focus of Seattle Genetics is to create breakthrough treatments in cancer therapy. Seattle Genetics is a pioneer and leader in the creation of antibody-drug conjugates designed to fight against cancer. Antibody-drug conjugates is a new development in the treatment of cancer that holds much promise. This new treatment option focuses on using the ability of certain antibodies to target cancer cells with tumor killing substances.

There are many advantages to antibody-drug conjugate treatment for cancer. The biggest advantage is that this new treatment only targets the cancer cells. Normal healthy cells are left untouched. This is in contrast to chemotherapy. In chemotherapy both normal and cancerous cells are affected by the radiation.

Seattle Genetics is also in the process of developing cancer treatments and therapies for an unmet market segment. This includes treatments for Hodgkin’s lymphoma, T-cell lymphoma and B-cell lymphoma. A treatment for acute forms of leukomia is also being worked upon by Seattle Genetics. In total there are over twenty different treatment options that are being developed by Seattle Genetics as of now.

Clay Siegall, Present CEO Of Seattle Genetics

The current president chief executive officer of Seattle Genetics is Dr. Clay Siegall. He is the original founder of Seattle Genetics in 1998. Mr. Siegall also serves as the president and chairman of the board of Seattle Genetics. Dr. Siegall received his doctorates degree in genetics from George Washing University. He also studied zoology at the University of Maryland. Clay Siegall is considered to be a pioneer in the development and marketing of targeted cancer therapies.

Norka Martinez Luque Inspiring Her Fans Through Music

Many people in the Latino music community are talking about Norka Luque. Her unique sound and powerful message of hope is appealing to fans from different corners of the world. Many fans want to be part of her musical journey, and they have pledged to support her all the way up. If you haven’t had a taste of what she has to offer, simply visit YouTube and search for her work; you will be amazed!!
Each year, there is always a Latin artist trying to breaking into the mainstream music industry. Norka is filling a void that the likes of Shakira and Jennifer Lopez have left in Latin music. It is Norka’s time; her music has been received warmly in the mainstream music community. Emilio Estefan, her producer, is doing everything possible to ensure that she achieves great success just like that of Jennifer Lopez or Shakira.

Emilio Estefan has brought in heavyweight producers into the fold to help Norka realize her dream. Some of the producers working with Emilio include Archie Peña, Luigi Giraldo, and Gaitan Brothers. Apart from her successful musical career, Norka Luque holds a degree in business. Additionally, she has studied culinary arts, fashion, and marketing.

Norka Luque was born in Caracas, Venezuela (February 7th, 1986) – her MTV profile. She has also lived in Europe while she was pursuing her higher education. In 2014, the beautiful singer had some health challenges and undergone a brain surgery. Norka is a strong woman; she overcame all the challenges and got her career back on track. Her fans are patiently waiting to see what she has in store for them after transitioning from urban, salsa to pop charts with her single “Milagro.”

As of now, she is working on some great work that will enable her to expand her fan base. She is using social media to reach out to her fans for support. This move has been really beneficial to her career as she keeps the fans updated on her latest music and videos. “Tomorrowland” is her latest single. The hit is getting a lot of buzz from music lovers all over Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and the United States.

Make cat ears with your own hair – The Wonderful World of Wengie

I love cats, especially my own cat, Mickey. I’m like a crazy cat lady! So when I found this cat-like hairstyle one day surfing Instagram, I just had to try it.

I had no idea how to do it. But the idea suddenly came to me one day as I was out shopping. I found these really cute pipe cleaners—at least that’s what we call them here in Australia. They’re basically wires with little furry ends. I was set. So, do you want know how you can look like a cat, too? Here’s how.

You’ll need two thin hair ties and two pipe cleaners that are close to your hair color.
First, split your hair in the middle, leaving a fringe. Take a small section just behind your fringe and tie it up into thin pigtail. The section’s thickness will determine how thick your cat ears are.

Next, use your elastic bands and tie them up. I used black so everyone could see. But you should try to find one that blends into your hair color. Next, get your pipe cleaner and stick it into the pigtail. Make sure you place it into the middle of the pigtail. Also, make sure it’s held tightly by the elastic band.

Wengie now, plait your hair by separating your pigtail into three sections. Using the pipe cleaner, plait it all the way down to the end.

Sharply bend the middle of the pigtail to create an ear. Secure the end onto your head with bobby pins. You can make the bend sharp to create a cat ear, or make it round to create softer, bear ears.

Repeat the process on the other side and you’ll have cute ears.
Remember: the tighter you plait your hair, the more solid your ears will be. You can make them as thick or as thin as you want.

Wear this look to costume parties and skip buying your own ears. Wear it with drawn-on nose and whiskers if you dare. It’s so cute. Don’t forget to pair this look with a smile.
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Online Reputation Management: A Must For Modern Business Success

A business’s online Reputation Defender and review is very important today. From smartphones to smartTVs, tablets, laptops, desktops, and even watches, everyone is mobile everywhere these days. People use the internet to decide where to eat, how to pay their taxes, how to remain entertained, what to buy, what to believe, and what to do with their lives. It’s become a symbiotic facet of mankind, and like some digital parasite is continuously growing. Most businesses use the internet today to reach their demographics. It’s kind of difficult to have any positive effect without an online presence now, and operations which don’t get online soon are likely to go out of business. But being online comes with its own set of responsibilities. From conducting business affairs on social media in an unbiased, emotionless, professional way, to properly responding when poor reviews or negative feedback are rendered against a company, there are many areas where the wrong choice could lead to exceptionally negative consequences. Yahoo Finance recently published a brief article indicating three actionable ways to increase and maintain online reputation.
Yahoo’s first piece of advice is to keep a close eye on any possible mention of a business’s brand. There are two main programs that aide in this information gathering. Google Alerts is very expansive, and Social Mention is as well.

The next piece of advice yahoo gives revolves around properly apportioning a budget for online reputation management solutions. There are software options as well as agency fixes. The bill isn’t one that should be considered as anything optional or frivolous. For online reputation management to work, there is a component of marketing involved. SEO, SMO, and advertisements all come into play. Search Engine Optimization drives more traffic, Social Media Optimization kind of puts a human face on a given business, and advertising digitally will regularly bring statistically predictable numbers of customers.

The last thing Yahooo advises is to carefully listen to complaints or negative reviews, empathize with the client who’s had a bad experience, offer solutions, and take their information into account for future reference. Sometimes misunderstanding is the root of the issue, and correcting that misunderstanding can yield a lifelong client.


IAP Worldwide: The Leading Logistics Company

IAP Worldwide is an international services company that provides a broad range of services and solutions to the United States and international government agencies. The company provides global-scale logistics, advanced professional and technical services and facilities management. IAP Worldwide leverages and incorporates its abilities to provide secure, innovative and reliable solutions to cater for customers’ diverse challenges.

IAP Worldwide provides expeditionary infrastructure services which include:

1) Custom-engineered infrastructure – The Company has a broad range of design and engineering services which allow them to create new infrastructure systems or fully plug into existing ones.

2) Engineering, operating and maintaining facilities – IAP Worldwide has a modular system designed to deliver a scalable environment with customizable units to suit its clients’ specifications.

3) Health and emergency services – The Company offers full life support to guarantee employee safety and comfort. IAP also provides health, engineering, scientific and administrative solutions to private and public healthcare facilities in the United States and the Middle East.

4) Power field and utilities – IAP delivers a full range of service utility. The company provides electrical systems installation and maintenance, power generation, automated security and smart lighting among others.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.: Private Company Information

IAP Worldwide Services jobs at Careerbuilder.com

IAP Worldwide was founded in Irmo, SC as a procurement and specialized logistics company. The company started operations by delivering generator supplies to the United States Army in Saudi Arabia. After some years of delivering exceptional services, IAP Worldwide became a primary supporter of the country’s Army in Operation Desert Storm. The company now has a strong partnership with the United States Military. It still handles worldwide procurement, emergency disaster relief, transportation and mobile power generation services. As a market leader, the company deals with government services worth $370 million.

For more than 60 years, IAP has been solving the most demanding challenges for its private and public sector clients. The company has more than 2,000 employees in more than 25 countries around the world. IAP supports more than 175,000 personnel at several military installations in the United States and the Middle East. The company’s corporate headquarters is in Cape Canaveral, FL with subsidiary offices in the Washington, D.C. area, Oklahoma City, Aberdeen Proving Ground, the Middle East and the United Kingdom.

The company has grown due to the several companies it acquires. IAP acquired G3 Systems Ltd., a British engineering firm that operates in the UK and worldwide. G3 designs, delivers, operates and maintains facilities and equipment around the world.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide: http://www.jobs.net/jobs/iap-worldwide/en-us/

Makari Skin Care Helps Women The Perfect Skin

With so many products on the market it could be difficult to know which ones will work for your particular skin situation. While some struggle with dark spots and discoloration, others struggle with sagging skin, wrinkles and fine lines. In any of those cases, most women turned to creams and concoctions that promise to deliver noticeable results but often fall short of the glory. Makari Skin Care products contain only the most advanced natural ingredients and are formulated in order for customers to achieve their most radiant skin. Current customers have grown to trust and depend on Makaris’ products, such as their lightening cream, because their formulas products are both nourishing and effective.

Skin lightening creams are often regarded as cosmetic formulas designed to lighten the skin tone. While that is true, the cream also beautifies the overall appearance of the skin so that that it appears radiant and flawless. Dark spots and patches of discoloration are faded with the use of the lightening cream, making them appear less and less visible. The cream also works to even the skin tone, giving it a natural glow of radiance. Skin lightening cream does lighten the color of the skin by a few shades, but the change is gradual and subtle. Contrary to popular belief people who use lightening creams don’t end up with their face being extremely lighter than the rest of their body. In fact, most people end up with even toned skin that is radiant, supple and refreshed looking skin that is more brighter than it is lighter.

As men and women alike search for products that will give them a youthful appearance, anti-aging products are widely popular. And while there are cosmetic procedures and injections available as well, the costs of those can be prohibitively expensive. Even more, once you start some of these procedures, you must continue to repeat the procedure in order to maintain the achieved appearance otherwise risk looking worse then you did from the start. Makari skin lightning cream delivers hydration and moisturization to the skin cells which causes the cells to plump in size. As a result, fine lines and wrinkles are filled in, and eventually they disappear. This process increases the elasticity of the skin. This allows the skin to bounce back to its original state and thereby enhancing the youthfulness of the skins’ appearance long term.

It is obvious that the lightning cream is not only for those who want to change the shade of their skin. Those who want to correct discolorations as well as those searching for anti-aging products find that Makaris’ skin lightening formula is a multi-functioning beauty cream that will beautify your skin and transform your confidence as you wear your skin proudly.

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Jim Hunt Gives Away The Secrets To Wealth

Jim Hunt says that a lot of people don’t live out their dreams because of the naysayers. They will tell you that you don’t have the time, money, or what it takes. It is very easy to take back your financial future with VTA Publications. It is a great way for you to be able to handle your business and get the financial results that will pioneer your destiny. You won’t have to use another money making strategist in your life. You will discover that you financial freedom was always a phone call away. VTA Publications is a reliable course that offers you all the benefits of getting assistance in learning how to revolutionize your money.

Hunt says that VTA Publications teaches you ways to make money and to maintain it. He says do not surround yourself with negative people, but people that are positive will often times pioneer your dreams. Positive people know what it takes to start a business or live a certain lifestyle and you can learn the secrets of wealth today too. You can learn how to maximize wealth from biblical secrets that will give you your money back hundred fold. Don’t miss out on your once and a lifetime opportunity to improve your finances today.

In fact, VTA Publications teaches you how to earn money from the stock market. Most people think to earn money from the stock market that you have to be able to get a return from its increase, but VTA Publications teaches you how to earn from a stock market that has falling stocks. You won’t be disappointed with the results of the course because you will begin to see your finances take a turn for the positive. It is a great course that you can use with some of your friends and family members to encourage them to build a better future. There are a lot of people that don’t know where to begin with taking a step towards financial freedom. Visit VTA Publications for more details and information. Live the lifestyle that lets you say goodbye to your boss.  You can also read their latest articles there.