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Hello, I’m a composer specialising in Screen Music (AFTRS), soon to be working on ‘Wonderland’ (FremantleMedia) at Smith and Western Sound with Amanda Brown as part of the APRA/WIFT Mentorship Award. Recent projects include Sydney Film Festival 2014 ‘Together in the dark we share our stories…’ trailer and BrandSound, ‘Take Me Home’ a short film by Pearl Tan for #24hourfilmrace and the WOW Film Festival 2014 trailer.

Music has always been my first passion. From the moment I set my six year old feet on the pianolla pedals – I was in love. Musical adventures include; the piano, harpsichord, musicology & orchestration, singing (choral, acapella, classical indian, jazz, improvisation) and song writing – acoustic guitar & folk when living in Fitzroy, Melbourne; indie-rock with my telecaster when basking in sunny Brisbane, and electronic/trip-hop/dub when a local in Bristol, UK… with sojourns into analogue synths, experimental soundscapes and global music along the way.

Technology is my third love – the way it shapes our creative process and our ability to communicate and express. I love protools in the same way Trent Reznor does. I adore the internet, the magic carpet on which we can travel the world and connect. Story telling and conversations come a very close second, which is why I will be producing and presenting a few upcoming shows for Arts Wednesday on Sydney’s Eastside89.7FM and have performed poetry at TEDx, the Sydney Opera House and Melbourne’s Federation Square.

I believe in creating opportunities, and love sharing them with others. These passions are what have inspired me to found BrandSound.com.au – a corporate venture combining technology, branding and music, and also The Fox Force Five – a mini-film festival with a live focus on songs in film.

"Anthea, Thank you so much for your song. You absolutely nailed it and we love it.
Our digital designer absolutely loves it, she said it could almost be a Bond song! "

− Sarana Brehan, Random House Australia

"Anthea is a talented composer who delivered a poignant and score to my my last film 'Refuge'.
She was inventive, detailed, economical and delivered the score on time.
Anthea also responded positively to any requested adjustments to the score.
I enjoyed working with her and recommend her warmly to anyone interested in working with her. "

− Warwick Young, Praire Dog Films

"I approached Anthea to compose the music to accompany a short film called 'Elements'.
What made this relationship so special was that in the case of this film music was a crucial character that drove the piece.
In short, Anthea's contribution was a huge part of why I feel 'Elements' works so well.
She brought her keen creative eye and deep enthusiasm for what she does every step of the way.
I will most definitely work with her again and look forward to it when we do. "

− Sasha Dylan Bell, Pixel Kitchen

"Anthea did some sonic branding work for Asymmetrical Press, and the best part of the experience was finding that she just GOT it right away.
I answered some questions and told her about what we do and what we aspire to, and she got to work, creating a collection of versatile sounds and music for us that fits the brand and the type of people we want to attract.
Really great experience. "

− Colin Wright, Asymmetrical Press

We live in the age of technology, logos surround us – but what do they sound like? BRANDSOUND

Fox Force Five

Quentin Tarantino, David Lynch and Wes Anderson all have unique approaches to songs in their films.

Inspired by these greats, FOX FORCE FIVE joins the Vanguard to bring a new night of film and awesome live tunes. Screening a handful of short films from Australia’s hottest young filmmakers, followed by live film songs performed by an ever changing group of screen composers.

The Fox Force Five includes: Damien Lane, Jai Pyne, Jodi Phillis, Tim Oxley, Jared Underwood, Doug Hazel, Helen Grimley, Pru Montin, Adam Moses, Andrew Scott, Dave Kemp and Anthea Varigos.

the Fox Force Five @ Glories of the Score, AFTRS / ASCG from Anthea Varigos on Vimeo.

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