Valentines Day 2015 Will Be Different

This year, things have got a whole lot more racier when it comes to the lover’s holiday. The release of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie is in just a few days. This widely anticipated movie will go up against Kingmen for the movie goers viewing pleasure. Now, as a woman, I am wondering how many women are going to drag their husbands into see this chick flick, when they really want to go see the other.

In my family, even though it is cupid’s holiday, I think I will see the chick flick and he will see the guys movie. The real reason is this chick flick takes things to a whole new level. My husband is not comfortable at all with all the bondage and sadomasochism that is portrayed in this movie. I find it completely alluring and want more. I think the naughty party is exciting. I am probably one of millions of housewives who will find themselves sitting in the theater alone, or with one of their girlfriends.

Why is it that guys think its okay to brag in the locker room, or even around the lunch table about their sexual conquests? But, try to bring them to a movie that allows them to explore a side of themselves they may or may not know exists; they will claw and scratch like a cat to get out. So whether Kingmen or Fifty Shades of Grey is your pleasure, the theaters are sure to be packed. Marc Sparks has still not decided whether he will see this movie or not. .

My Experiences Using FreedomPop to Get Online

FreedomPop is launching a $5 unlimited public WiFi plan, and I was admittedly a little skeptical at first. I’m not the average wireless customer, and what I really needed was a new way to get some extra mileage out of my existing WiFi tablet. I don’t use many of the features that most consumers do, but I would like to access the Internet from my office with my tablet.

The plan is based around a number of public WiFi hotspots that are located across the country. That was what concerned me at first. While I don’t live too far from a major metropolitan area, I didn’t think there would actually be any real coverage near me. I was surprised to learn that my office is located not too far from a hotspot, and once I signed up for the service I was even more surprised to learn that the signal strength wasn’t too bad where I am.

I read on Wikipedia that FreedomPop has apparently been working with a variety of companies that construct hotspots within public buildings. Many retailers already have connections, and FreedomPop is working with these existing companies to expand coverage. Apparently they have plans to expand to around 20 million locations later in the year.

I’m free to use my tablet to stream music in my office since the service is essentially unlimited. It’s also nice to stream a television show while I’m working, since having something there helps to keep me on task. Video actually streams at a fairly high bitrate, and its overall a good deal more stable than anything I ever got with a smartphone.

I sometimes have to travel for work, and so far I’ve found a few FreedomPop locations on the road that work just as well as the one near my home. There was one other concern I had, however. Public WiFi didn’t seem particularly secure to me.

FreedomPop works a bit differently from other public WiFi systems, however. There are options to connect on an encrypted line, which helped to ease some of my worries. My local spot uses WPA2 encryption, which is pretty standard. Even those that use WPA or WEP encryption will be more secure than had they used an unsecured connection, so there really isn’t anything to be worried about. Subscription services like FreedomPop are a great deal more secure than those that offer free connections with no password, so I don’t really have much to worry about.