Shaygan Kheradpir Understands Business Like Few Others Can

Some people simply seem to understand every aspect of business more thoroughly than other people. For these individuals, it is much like a gift, the same way that an artist and musician seems to be born with that particular gift. These are the things that help business professionals truly rise to the top of their game, often in a world that is incredibly competitive and often difficult to survive. For the individuals that are able to make it work, they can often find themselves in a situation where they are poised to succeed because they possess skills at a level that few others can obtain. Shaygan Kheradpir on angel is one such individual.

Kheradpir was born in London in 1960, but he grew up in the Middle East. The son of a physician that specialized in ear, nose and throat procedures, Shaygan Kheradpir learned early on that he wanted to make a name for himself one way or another. Eventually, he decided that he wanted to become an engineer. As a result, he came to the United States so that he could attend Cornell University and he got a degree in electrical engineering. Eventually, he received a doctorate in this same discipline and from that point forward, he has scarcely looked back.

The truth is, much of the world would not be the way that it is today without his vision and his determination to succeed. Some of the most important technological advances that have occurred in the last decade have happened as a direct result of his involvement with programs that were designed to push technology to the limits, if for nothing else, just to see what would happen when those limits were tested. Over the years, he has worked for companies like GTE, Verizon and Juniper. All of these companies have made important contributions to technological advancement that has truly changed the way that society operates and Shaygan Kheradpir has been the central individual involved with most of these programs.

Kheradpir’s views on electrical engineering and business are so well respected that he was even asked to serve on the board for the National Institute of Standards and Technology for three years. He started his tenure there and 2010 and during that time, he continued to advise other individuals about ways to further enhance technology and keep everything moving forward at a rapid pace. As such, he has become one of the most well respected business and technology executives in existence.

Today, Shaygan Kheradpir serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Coriant, a position that he just took in September of 2015. Without a doubt, he will continue to be a force to be reckoned with and he will undoubtedly work to help Coriant stake its place among technological developments for the next generation. There is virtually no limit to the level of success that he can achieve with his skills and his natural talent when it comes to business and technology. It is ironic that a single individual has been involved with so many technological breakthroughs when the competitiveness of this field is considered. This only goes to prove that Kheradpir is truly an expert in his chosen field.

Businessman and Philanthropist Bruce Levenson

Many people find that they have many kinds of talents. Someone may skills in more than one area such as the ability to communicate well as well as the ability to manage people and understand their emotions. Those who exhibit such qualities will find that they can use them to become more successful in anything they decide to do. This is particularly true of those who enter the field of business. Many people in this field need to demonstrate many kinds of talents and, in doing so, will often find that they are able to earn a great deal of money.

A highly successful businessman who has done well in many areas of this field is Bruce Levenson. Levenson is native of the suburbs of Maryland where he grew up in relative comfort. In the last several decades, Bruce Levenson has worked hard in many fields of business as well as helping others in need who look to him for leadership and a chance at a better life. His many fields of endeavor include work in the field of communications, law, publishing and work with underprivileged youth in our nation’s capital. He has been highly successful in the field of sports management where his work with the Atlanta Hawks basketball team has been widely hailed for his innovation and understanding of the needs of the sport’s devoted fan base.

Levenson grew up in Maryland and spent many days of his youth exploring Washington, D.C. He learned how the city works to help serve the needs of people all across the entire nation. Levenson left this region in order to attend Washington University in St. Louis. It was here that he began to explore his many interests. After graduating, he decided to earn a law degree from American University in Washington, D.C. While studying law, Levenson started to develop an interest in media as well. He worked for various local newspapers that were covering the Washington area. After graduation from law school, Levenson started the highly successful United Communications Group with a friend and business associate of his. This company continues to provide their clients with access to high quality sources of information today. His many employees work to provide for the client’s communications needs and make sure that they have the accurate and up to date information needed.

In addition to his work in the communications field, Levenson has also worked in other ares of business. He has been active in managing the Atlanta Hawks, a nationally ranked basketball team that has a legion of fans and a long history of success. Levenson’s tenure here has been marked by his effective outreach to local fans as well as those who follow the team in other parts of the country. The Hawks have gained many new fans who have found that team can be fun and exciting to watch as they play other teams across the country. Levenson is a huge basketball fan who wants to help others also enjoy the game.

Rhinoplasty Is America’s Most Popular Plastic Surgery, Says Dr. Jennifer Walden

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure, which augments facial symmetry by shaping the nose.

This procedure can also provide corrective nasal surgery that relieves poor breathing caused by a person’s fundamental defects in the nasal passages. One of the main causes of impaired breathing is a deviated septum.

According to Dr. Jennifer Walden, a renowned cosmetic plastic surgeon, rhinoplasty is one of the most popular surgical procedure performed in the United States. Dr. Walden also stated in her op-ed in Vogue Magazine that procedures like rhinoplasty are becoming more popular with teens too.

Many of the teens (girls in particular) are getting plastic surgery because of the teasing they receive due to their looks. However, Dr. Walden said in her Vogue commentary that overrating the benefits for cosmetic surgery is not recommended.

“It won’t get you the boyfriend you want or make you head cheerleader. It won’t fix any of those things,” she wrote. Dr. Walden’s article is titled Scary but True: Girls Are Getting Plastic Surgery to Avoid Being Bullied for Their Looks.

Dr. Walden has written numerous editorials for a number of prestigious publications. Much of her work has centered on social issues that affect women and girls. The topics of these issues offer conversations that need to be had about healthy images for women.

Her activities as a philanthropic surgeon are also well-documented. Despite having a busy and lucrative practice, Dr. Walden has enjoyed performing charitable services for people who are less privileged financially.

She also sat on the board of directors of Weston United Community Renewal (WUCR). The WUCR is a non-profit organization based in Harlem, New York. This community outreach entity provides housing and other support systems, which help the homeless and mentally.

Dr. Walden’s practice currently operates in Austin, Texas where she is raising her two sons.

The AnastasiaDate Website Is Great For Those At Any Age

It can be truly sad to see someone who is older in age, and they are single. A person that may have hit their 60s, 70s, or even their 80s and they have been single for years is a very sad sight to see. Sometimes, these people may have never been married at all and that may be for several reasons. A person who gets to a certain age may no longer want to get married, especially if they’ve earned a lot of things throughout their lifetime. Maybe someone has become very rich, and they are skeptical about marrying someone else for fear that they will take what they have worked so hard for.

In certain cases, a person may have dated people in their youth, they got married in their mid-age, and then they were widowed when they got older. Although it’s sad for someone to lose a person that they love when they get older, at the very least they were able to love someone, even though they lost them. Some people do not want to be pitied when they get older and are alone, but some people pity themselves when they reach a certain age, and they are single. People have been known to date even up into their 80s and 90s, so there is no reason why a person has to be single unless it’s by choice.

Those who want to start looking for a date may find it difficult as they get older. There are many ways to find a date, especially if the person is willing to date online. Older people may have a problem with trying something new and dating online, but it’s possible that someone may get them into the habit of switching things up. The AnastasiaDate website caters to anyone, no matter what age they are, especially if it’s a man looking for love. Although love doesn’t just come like that, dating is necessary first; the AnastasiaDate website can help anyone find love.

A person only needs to go to the AnastasiaDate website, and then they can start searching around to see what types of women that they might find interest in. Many men have found great interest in the women on the AnastasiaDate website, and a lot of the women are looking for marriage, not just a casual dating relationship. Those who choose to visit the AnastasiaDate website can start looking for a lady by doing a personalized search, or they may want to go to the “top 1000” women list, so they can cut their search time down quickly. With all the options that the AnastasiaDate website has, men of any age are encouraged to visit the site to look for a date.

Susan McGalla and the Entitlement Hindrance

If there is one thing that is proven to be a hindrance in anyone’s life, it is the entitlement mentality. Tons of people have it. Even in the workforce, people show their attitudes of entitlement. They whine about how they deserve certain privileges. Often times, they show bitterness and resentment towards those that get something that they want. What they don’t understand is that attitude is what is holding them back more often than not. Those that do advance merely demonstrate why they don’t deserve what they have been crying out for. Susan McGalla knows on prnewswire how destructive the entitlement mentality could be for people. So she avoids it.

Susan McGalla could have been one of those who rallied and cried out for certain privileges and special favors because she is a woman and that her gender has been oppressed. Instead, she looked all the privileges that she did have and worked towards making the most that she can of it. While others would tell someone like her that “she deserves better”, Susan McGalla understands that she does not have the time or the energy to “deserve” when she has goals to reach. This is what made her a very successful businesswoman.

Susan has understood that it is foolish to expect someone to just give something to her. She asserted herself and went after something that was there and took it for herself and to share with others. She is very thankful for what she has as a successful businesswoman. She continues to push herself in order to reach new goals. With her business, she also manages employees under her. Her employees would say that she is very fair and she has a lot to teach others. People who work under her learn a lot from her and they are inspired to seek even greater goals.

One thing that makes her a very good business owner and supervisor is that she does not hold anyone to a higher standard than she holds herself. She holds herself to a higher standard, and when she reaches that standard that she holds herself up to, then she raises the standard so that she can continue to improve. She tries her best to avoid complacency as a business owner. She understands the nature of the business. Her business needs to move forward or else it will get left behind. So she is always looking for new goals to reach.

Simple Steps to Editing Wikipedia Articles

Editing Wikipedia articles can seem quite daunting to many. We find the idea of hitting the edit button so scary but with a few guidelines you can’t go wrong. This article will go through some of the necessary steps to make business Wiki pages and contribute to this community of beautiful people. First you will need a registered account, registering your account offers many benefits including your security, privacy, and access to enhanced editing tools and so on. Monitoring your previously edited articles can never get better with the Watchlist, you will have unrestricted access to your past edited articles.

Master the five fundamental pillars of editing. As an editor, you need to have these five pillars at your fingertips to make editing at Wikipedia much more enjoyable and fast. As an editor, it is important to appreciate the fact that the articles in Wikipedia are not the original research but largely summarizes existing facts. Wikipedia is not the right place for personal ideas and theories. Your fellow editors are also instrumental in the development of Wikipedia just as you; treat them with respect to avoid unnecessary disagreements.

Interact with your audience to know them better, your articles should be simple and precise to the point, do not use technical terms that only experts can understand. Scientific contents should be as open as possible to enhance easy understanding by your audience. Your contribution to this site is vital to its growth; correct the little typos you come across to build Wikipedia. Often editors are advised to start by correcting minor errors before altering an entire article.

Copyright infringement, many people, fall victims of violation of copyrights. All Wikipedia contents are free for re-use by anyone who desires to do so, always ensure that you make your content as unique as possible. Rewrite in simple terms to avoid cases of your article being flagged down for copyright infringement. The Wikipedia community is always friendly and willing to help new editors, reach out for their help.

Get Your Wiki

Alternatively use Get Your Wiki. They are professional Wikipedia editors who will guarantee you properly formatted and reliably-referenced articles should you use their services. The pages they create adhere to Wikipedia’s manual of style. These veterans have a vast knowledge in this field as they have created multiple pages for individuals, businesses and non-profit. They will monitor your page to ensure that your image is not harmed by malicious edits. Their quality translation services will baffle you. They translate pages to the language of your choice.

Maintaining a Healthy Dog with a Proper Diet

A proper diet is especially important in the life of a dog. By finding the right food and maintaining that diet can sometimes prove to be especially difficult. After all, how does someone know what kind of food they should give their dog and what is the right amount of food they should give their pet. This is going to take some experimentation, but with the help of Beneful brand dog food, it is possible to ensure a dog is feeling as great as possible and has a long, enjoyable life.

Finding the Right Food

So how should someone find the right food? First, they need to cut out the foods that are packed full of fatty material and other undesirable foods. Basically, anything marked “chow” should be off limits. This kind of food is high in calories, and while dogs like the taste, it is artificially flavored and not what a dog should be eating. It would be like someone consuming junk food every single day of their life. From here, a pet owner should monitor their dog to see if there is any sort of allergies. Some dogs, especially short haired breeds, have skin allergies that can break out based on what they eat. This is usually associated to filler material. Filler material is product some dog food companies use to increase the volume of the food but there is no real benefit to the dog. This can include soy, wheat and grains. Dogs in the wild would not eat soy, wheat and grains. Plus, just like humans, they can have and can develop allergies to these particular items. Cutting out the fillers is a must.

Picking a Food and Sticking With It

Picking out the right kind of dog food does take some time, but Beneful on walmart offers foods that don’t have all of the fillers or junk found inside of the product. Once a proper dog food is selected such as this, it is important to monitor the dog and their behavior. They should be full of energy, especially when younger. From being full of energy, the dog should also have a healthy digestive system. This means they should go to the bathroom on a regular basis without it being watery. Should a dog suffer from excess gas, the pet owner should look at a different food. If a dog duffers from gas after being on a food for an extended period of time, it is because some of the ingredients are not agreeing with the stomach of the dog. So, to avoid the gas, selecting a food type such as one of the offerings from Beneful is able to make sure the pet feels great after eating the food and doesn’t have any sort of digestive issues.

Picking the right dog food can be something that takes a bit of time and some trial and error, but eventually, the pet and the owner should be able to find something that works perfectly for both the pet and the owner.

Crystal Hunt: A Worthwhile Name in Television and Film

These days there seems to be so many actors who are untalented but for some reason very popular. They seem to outweigh the really good actors for some reason. However, there are still quite a few actors and actresses who are outstanding in their line of work. These are the people who are worth of receiving an Oscar or an Emmy. What’s a shame is that most of them don’t get the true recognition that they deserve for their hard and outstanding work. One such actress is Crystal Hunt.

Not many people will recognize her name but they will recognize the roles that she has been in. She is an Emmy Award nominated actress. She gained America’s attention at just age 17. She played “Lizzie Spaulding” who was troubled and misguided teenager on the long-running daytime soap drama that aired on CBS, “Guiding Light.” The soap really helped to launch her career after she was first spotted by an agent while doing the Actor’s Workshop in New York. Her role on “Guiding Light” would last her four years and earned her an Emmy Award nomination.

On her Instagram after she left “The Guiding Light”, she went on to star in two motion pictures. She appeared opposite Zac Efron in “The Derby Stallion” and with Amanda Bynes in “Sydney White”, which is a modern day twist on the story of Snow White. Hunt then returned to daytime television for three years as “Stacy Morasco” on ABC’s “One Life to Live”.
Crystal has appeared in a few other films including one that was released this summer, “Magic Mike XXL”. She has even produced her own picture along with her best friend, Dania Ramirez, which is titled “Talbot County”. It is a Hitchcock-styled horror film which is based on a true story. She can also be currently seen on POP Network’s “Queens of Drama”. In such a few short years, Crystal Hunt has gone from being a young and inspiring soap opera actress to appearing in and producing motion pictures. She truly is a recognizable talent.

Doe Deere Has Added Color to the World of Makeup

Makeups history goes back almost 6000 years and is used in almost every culture in the world. There are some who claim cosmetic body art was the first use of makeup when it was used in rituals during the African Middle Stone Age. There is evidence of this in the form of red mineral pigments associated with Homo sapiens of Africa.

There is certainty by archaeologists that cosmetics certainly were used in ancient Egypt and Greece. Makeup was originally developed with castor oil as a protective balm and also olive oil, beeswax and rosewater as skin creams. The Old Testament mentions that Jezebel “painted her eyes” which would date it back to 840 BC. The Romans mention makeup in their history but also state that it was frowned upon.

In the ancient Middle East there is evidence they used Kohl, a black powder used to darken the edges of the eyelids which is similar to eyeliner used today. The laws of the Islamic state they can only use makeup which will not harm one’s body. China began to use gum arabic, gelatin and beeswax as coloring for their nails to distinguish the different social classes around 3000 BCE.

The Japanese geisha used crushed safflower as lipstick and to paint their eyebrows. The flower was also used to color the edges of their eyes as well. They used rice powder to color their backs and face; and rouge to define the nose and contours of their eye sockets. They would sometimes use bird droppings to lighter the colors.

Makeup has an old history and has been used for centuries to enhance one’s natural look. Doe Deere has used this practice to create for herself a cosmetic line called, Sugarpill Cosmetics. She has found through her Twitter account that hundreds are buying it. Deere turned her marketing of Sugarpill to blogshere where she showcased her uniqueness of products.

With her opening up on blogshere, Deere began running makeup tutorials along with fashion and style tips. She considers herself to be an inspiration to 16 year old girls and often posts of their praise and adoration she receives from them. Doe Deere has also created her own line of lipsticks. Lime Crime lipsticks are said to “brighten up a pout” with their smooth creamy formula and wild, non-traditional colors. Deere introduced Crime Lime in 2008 to fill a hole in the market with more colorful cosmetics.

The Hedge Fund Manager And Risks of Investing

Hedge fund management entails great skill and perseverance. Sometimes prospective investors need a little convincing to believe in the investment. This is where the hege fund manager comes into play. The manager is the person who sells the fund to the people who are interested in investing in this type of product.

The individual who manages the hedge fund is the primary decision maker for that fund. He or she must possess certain key aspects in order to successfully turn a profit for themself and the investors. Among these aspects are:

  • Competitive advantage
  • clear cut investment strategy
  • fair amount of capitalization
  • marketing plan
  • sales plan
  • risk strategy

Each one of these aspects works together with the others to assure a profitable investment situation.

What many do not realize is that the hedge fund presents a great deal of risk for those who invest in them. Therefore, these persons who do put their money into hedge funds like to have as much reassurance of planning and preparation on the part of the manager as possible.

The hedge fund is also not the most regulated investment available to the market eiter. The manager of the fund pretty much operates the fund as they see fit, and if he or she cannot be trusted, then investors will be hard to find.

One person ho is attempting to clean up the perceptions of hedge fund managers is Kenneth Griffin. He is a hedge fund professional at Citadel LLC, a company that he not only founded, but is also acting Chief Executive Officer of.

Mr. Griffin is a strong supporter of greater regulation in the financial arena. He believes that those who manage hedge funds need to do so in a prudent manner in order to set the example for others in the industry. Managers need to do as much as they can in order to manage risk and prevent loss as much as possible.

As a CEO of Citadel LLC, Mr Griffin does what he can to not only promote responsibility in his managers but also to create a work atmosphere where all his employees feel comfortable to approach him with any issues or concerns.

As far as hedge funds go they will always be a risky business. That is why risk assessment and prudent investment decisions are important. If the investor is unaware of what they are getting into with any investment conflicts can ensue. In order to prevent clients from feeling like they have been taken advantage of, managers need to make sure that they are fully aware of all the conditions of the investment they are considering.

While risk is something that accompanies any type of investment, the hedge fund presents special circumstances that make it unusually risky. If considering a hedge fund investment be sure to deal with a reputable manager, and be able to take the loss of any monies tat are put into it.