ClassDojo: Promoting Mind Growth With Friendly Little Monsters


Finding new resources to reach your students is something teachers are always on the lookout for. This is especially true for those working with children in grade school. Noticing this market in need, companies like ClassDojo have made themselves invaluable to public schools across the world.

ClassDojo has recently partnered up with Stanford University’s Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) to continue to provide essential materials to schools and teachers, and they’ve started with a small series of animations. This differs a bit from ClassDojo’s initial business platform was that of a niche social media platform. ClassDojo managed to give teachers the ability to report to parents on school responsibility, meetings and the behavioral and educational progress of their children. It was so successful that it’s been used in about 180 countries all over the world, and with this new endeavor they’re continuing to adapt technology for educational purposes.

Executive Director of PERTS, Dave Paunesku, guided the development of these animations and is intrigued by their intended purpose. With these videos, PERTS and ClassDojo hopes to help teachers extend the concept of mind growth to their young students by using these videos in connection with their lesson plans.

So far there are five complete animations, a few minutes a piece, translated in 40 different languages, and made available at no cost to the teachers who would like to use them. After being distributed to teachers, ClassDojo has experienced quite a bit of positive praise from teachers who have been using their animations in the classroom.

Part of their success is the core message of the series, which communicates to teacher and students that uniformity is not the sole option when educating children giving both teachers and students an excuse to embrace flexibility when approaching learning by using a student’s strengths to grasp new material rather than conforming to a set method of explanation.

Teachers have been quite receptive to the thought of expanded instructional methods, especially in the vein of mind growth. That it gives them the tools to go about individual instruction through a method that makes it possible without neglecting the needs of the other students has made teachers turn to ClassDojo for more in the series.

ClassDojo provides teachers and schools a communication platform that links them with parents to exchange information about their child’s scholastic achievements and behavior.

Due to its adaptability to technology, ClassDojo has become so successful that it has reached more than 180 countries and has been made available in dozens of languages.


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Wengie’s Rubber Mask Review

Wengie is a popular Australian YouTuber with over one million subscribers. She often does videos on life hacks, DIYs, makeup looks, and product reviews. In her video, “Rubber Masking,” she tries out a collagen modeling mask known as “Korea’s best kept beauty secret.” The mask comes as a powder that can be mixed with water to form a paste. This mask is said to give astonishing results, including brighter skin, clearer pores and significant anti-aging effects.

After combining the water and powder, Wengie applies the “rubber” mask mixture onto her face. She talks about the reviews she has seen on the product and how, in her experience, the mask was not as thick as described, nor did it dry as quickly as she was lead to believe. Careful to avoid her eyebrows, she talks about how she ripped her eyebrows off the last time she did a peel-off mask and wanted to avoid making that mistake again.

Once the mask has been applied, Wengie lies down on her bed with her cat to relax and allow the mask to dry. After about 10 minutes, she shows the viewers how the mask looks and how dry it has become already. She says that the mask has a very cooling sensation on her skin and she’s surprised by how cold it actually feels. Another 10 minutes later, the mask is ready to be peeled off. Wengie attempts to pull the mask off all at once; however, the edges rip and she discovers that she should have applied a thicker layer. She tells the viewers that the mask isn’t painful like most of the other peel-off masks that she’s tried.

After the product has been completely removed, Wengie shares that upon looking at the mask she can see impressions of her pores and even some whiteheads that the had been extracted. She explains that her skin feels softer, looks brighter, and even appears less saggy and wrinkly. Wengie refers to this as a “life changing moment,” and recommends this product to her viewers before announcing a giveaway she’s hosting.


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Glenn Beck’s Wild Accusations About George Soros

George Soros Nazi is an individual who has been ridiculed by Fox News commentator, Glenn Beck for having Hungarian and Jewish roots. This philanthropist and billionaire has been accused of running a shadow government with the overall intention of destroying American politics. Glenn Beck’s right-winged accusations and style has turned him into one of the most revered figures in the Tea Party. As George Soros is a left-winged philanthropist who has not been afraid to voice his own opinions, Glenn Beck has created several conspiracy theories concerning this Hungarian and Jewish financier ever since George Soros has rapidly gained power within the American economy. This new conspiracy theory of George Soros is a result of a new phenomena known as anti-Sorosism.

Glenn Beck, a conservative TV host, aired an hour long TV program that was titled The Puppet Master which was initiated directly at George Soros. This TV show program made many accusations of George Soros having collaborated with the Nazi party as a young boy. As a result, Glenn Beck’s conspiracy theory is that George Soros is an anti-Semite. As a result of this accusation, Glenn Beck has continued to accuse George Soros of conspiring with other individuals and organizations to create a new world order that has a similar plan as the Nazi party did.

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George Soros is beloved by many as well as hated by many for his philanthropy. His goal with several philanthropic initiatives is to preserve and to spread democracy in order to continue the idea of creating a free world. Glenn Beck’s entire conspiracy has been ridiculed by many Liberal TV networks for being unbacked and too wild of an accusation. Glenn Beck has retaliated by stating that 80 years ago George Soros was born right before economies collapsed and right before the time that currencies would become worthless. Glenn Beck continuously states that this one individual has created a shadow government with the sole intention of eliminating the public’s right to vote.

Glenn Beck has continuously accused George Soros as being an anti-Semitist despite the fact that George Soros is a Holocaust survivor who remembers clearly what the Nazi party did to his people. This new accusation marks the first time in a long time that individuals or the media have spewed out anti-Semitism. These political fantasies and made up conspiracies are aspects of extremists such as Glenn Beck that should not be taken to heart and should be laughed at.

Glenn Beck has been compared to Hitler as of lately as attributing any extreme view or activity as being a result of anti-Semitists or as a result of the Jews themselves. This drastic claim was made in 2010 and has since then been negated and refuted. The only evidence of this claim is the fact that Glenn Beck sorely dislikes George Soros for his philanthropic activities as well as for his foreign policy. His beneficial implementation of democratic regimes has gained him much love as well as many enemies from his political and philanthropic activities.

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Emily McClure investigates Wen by Chaz

WEN Hair by Chaz is an incredibly popular conditioner for women that struggling with thin and greasy hair. It is often seen on QVC. The formula has record sales, but many women remain skeptical of the formula. Women around the world have been fooled by special formulas in the past, so they have a right to be skeptical. Recently, Bustle decided to get the bottom of the Wen by Chaz issue.
Bustle is an extremely popular media outlet. The internet media company gained popularity with millennials by being willing to cover any subject and be very honest about the situations that millennials face. These issues include politics, religion, and beauty products. They knew that Wen was an extremely popular conditioning brand, so they assigned Emily McClure to review the product.

Emily is an extremely popular writer for Bustle. Her articles typically cover major fashion and beauty issues, and her readers love her insight into the world of fashion and beauty. While Emily is a well-respected journalist, she has always struggled with confidence. Her hair is a major cause of concern. It is typically thin and slightly greasy, which reduces her confidence. For years, she allowed her hair to dictate when she went out. Emily was extremely excited by the promise of having full-bodied and shiny hair, so she was happy to try Wen by Chaz out.

The first time Emily used Wen by Chaz she was extremely impressed by the results. Her hair had a lot more volume, and it also had a notable shine. She was happy to keep using the product throughout the week and added pictures for each day. By the end of the week, Emily’s hair was beautiful and voluptuous. She was extremely impressed.

Wen by Chaz has received a considerable amount of hype, but Bustle recently discovered that the Amazon available product is effective.

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The Midas Touch of the Midas Legacy

The Midas Legacy had become one of the most important organizations around for people that are planning to retire. This has also become an excellent company with consultants that can help people obtain a greater peace of mind about their health as well.

The Midas Legacy has become the research company that is capable of gathering information that retirement planners and investors can use to maximize their return on investment. This company has the consultants that are able to give people the knowledge to build diverse portfolios as they venture into the art of wiser investing.

In the business world that are also steps to building a better business and using the best of your resources. The Midas Legacy can also help with this as well.

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Consultants that work for the Midas Legacy have been able to lead planners in finding the area that they are the most comfortable with when it comes to investing their funds. A large number of investors will use the advice that is found in the monthly Midas Premium newsletter. This is a subscription newsletter that is compiled of a lot of research from the consultants. They have advice on real estate investing, secrets for maximizing returns and a plethora of other pertinent advice for those that are looking for an opportunity to possibly increase their retirement savings and retire early.

What most will discover is that this is a organization that caters to a wide range of needs. There are quite a few people that have been able to reduce their stress level and acquire a greater amount of financial security by following the advice of the experts that have already done the research. In all cases of investing it has been proven that people make better decisions for retirement planning when they have consultants that can steer them in the right direction. That is why the Midas Legacy works. There is a lot of trial and error experience that comes with the experts that work here. They are building a company that helps investors build a solid foundation.

The retirement planning investor that knows about stocks may no nothing about real estate. The investor that makes passive income with real estate may not have clear grasp on interest income through annuities. The Midas Legacy is the company that fills in all the blanks. It gives investors access to a very diverse portfolios platform.

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Talk Fusion: Revolutionizing Communications

Established in 2007 by Founder & CEO Bob Reina, Talk Fusion is an innovative company in the industry of global communications and marketing. According to an article at, on May 20, 2016, they released a revolutionary new product called WebRTC Recorder. This new program is a real-time communications application for browser-based marketing. It uses state of the art technology to help Talk Fusion customers reach their target audiences with impressive Video Email and Video Newsletters. The WebRTC Recorder is available on Firefox and Chrome browsers. Talk Fusion users will have access to easier synchronization, faster playback, and instant recording with the WebRTC Recorder. Using the WebRTC Recorder, video marketing becomes more persuasive and engaging. This product is available to corporations, small businesses, charities and anyone else wishing to take a more direct marketing approach.
Talk Fusion is an industry leader in the area of global communications. They developed the world’s first all in one Video Marketing Solution to help their users stay on the cutting-edge of technology. Talk Fusion keeps customers coming back by creating products that help business get in on the forefront of new developments. Talk Fusion products are marketed by Independent Associates across the globe. Thirty day risk free trials are available for the entire line of Talk Fusion products with no credit card required. Any individual, charity, or company can check out the Talk Fusion website and sign up for the free trial to discover the fastest way to send emails to donors, customers, friends or just about anyone.

The Expansion of Bernardo Chua’s Company

Bernardo Chua is the founder as well as the current leader of Organo Gold, a company that specializes in coffee among other delicious products that are both healthy and delicious. Organo Gold is a gourmet coffee company that was created with the specific intention of catering to health and active individuals’ lifestyles. As a way to incorporate the public within the company, Bernardo Chua has turned the company into a multilevel marketing company within the initiative of finding new ways to make money for those that are looking for another job or extra cash. With his success in the multilevel marketing industry, Bernardo Chua is even a Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal recipient. The honor is truly cherished by Mr. Chua and continues to remind him of the hard work that he and his employees have put in to continue to develop the company.

Organo Gold is a company that was founded in 2008 in Vancouver, Canada. Mr. Chua’s idea behind these products is to offer an inexpensive way to continue living a healthy life. With a special ingredient, the consumption of his products will lead to a happier and healthier lifestyle. The special ingredient that Bernardo Chua has incorporated into his product is called Ganoderma which is an ancient Chinese remedy that has been used to cure many illnesses. Ganoderma has even been scientifically proven to improve the sleep cycle, reduce stress, as well as promote weight loss. With this product, Bernardo Chua hopes to offer a now inexpensive way to remain happy and healthy.

Over the past eight years, Organo Gold has experienced exponential success. Organo Gold is now a global company that has been incorporated in over 30 countries all around the world. In recent news, Organo Gold has opened up a branch in Turkey which is a country known for having some of the best coffee in the world. This new accomplishment is a new milestone for the company as it now marks Organo Gold’s direct access to Asia and Europe. Bernardo Chua is proud of this accomplishment and hopes to continue this expansion of the company.  Follow Bernardo on Facebook, or his Twitter account on @OGBernie.

Dick DeVos Opened First Aviation Charter School

Dick DeVos isn’t only the sixty-seventh richest man in the United States of America, he’s a businessman and entrepreneur. He’s the son of the co-founder of Amway and has also served as the Chief of Operations of the powerhouse consumer goods distribution company. Not only that, he’s also ran as the governor for the state of Michigan. But, a while ago he set his sights on a monumental goal, that goal was to open the first aviation centered charter school in the United States of America.

In the fall of the year 2010, Mr. DeVos achieved his goal. He opened the West Michigan Aviation Academy. It started out with only eighty students in a renovated office space of only twenty-five thousand square feet. It is located on the grounds of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport, and is the first school to ever be located on airport grounds. Before long the school began to expand, on 2012 they got a knew forty-two thousand square foot building. It welcomed over two hundred students to the new facility! The new building didn’t only expand the student body but the hurricane aviation programs as well. The building gives West Michigan Aviation Academy the ability to educate five hundred students.

Dick DeVos and his loving wife Bety are passionate about education and aviation, it’s only natural they combine those two passions together. This is how the West Michigan Aviation Academy came about, together they’ve decided this was something missing in today’s youth. Encourage them before college to achieve their goals in the aviation industry and prepare them for a better and brighter future. The West Michigan Aviation Academy has also partnered with colleges to allow their students to earn early college credits. Upon completion they will earn up to eight credits in high school towards their college credits before even enrolling.

When to use Wen?

Sporting gorgous, thick, shiny, hair is every woman’s daily goal. If you use Wen, by Chaz Dean, you have probably already achieved this goal.
In an article from, Emily McClure put her WEN cleansing conditioner to the test. Having fine hair, Emily was not too sure that her results would be positive. She began the experiment on day 1 by using the amount of product recommended on the label. Although most products require 1 pump, the Wen directions suggest anywhere from 10 – 32 pumps, depending on the length of your hair. This seemed a bit extreme to Emily.

The moment she began massaging the recommended amount of product into her scalp, her hair felt immediately thicker. Another plus was that less strands were falling out and nothing was piling up in the shower as usual. After blow drying and styling, her hair was much more shiny and bouncy.

On day 2 and 3 she noticed her roots becoming a bit greasy by the end of the day. This normally happened after several days. On days 4-6 the results just got better. The bounce, fullness and shine remained. The greasy roots faded. Day 7 solidified her happiness with the product. Although her curls fell a bit as the day went on, the shine and bounce remained.

This Guthy-Renker so called “revolutionary 5 in 1 formula” takes the place of shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave in conditioner.

In a three week user perception study posted on facebook says 100% of users said their hair was more moisturized. 97% of users reported more shine while 95% reported their hair to be more manageable. The sweet almond mint scent was also a winner.

Emily’s final determination about Wen cleansing conditioner was that it worked very well on fine hair when used daily.

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Why Online Reputation Mangement Is A Smart Investment For Your Company


Before the rise of the internet and the ability to leave feedback and reviews on products and services, businesses would often address issues through the phone, mail or by offering an exchange or replacement. Things have changed drastically since the internet has now become the most popular method of researching and finding products and services. Now many companies and smart individuals are looking after their online presence through online reputation management. You will find out why below.

You have probably spent many months, years and even decades into building up your business and developing your brand. As you have built up your company and brand, you probably have developed a reputation such as delivering on time, offering exceptional value etc. Positive reviews can help develop a positive image and reinforce your commitment to customers.

Positive feedback and reviews are great, but negative reviews on the other hand can prove to be very damaging to your image. The worse case scenario that can happen is if a person decides to attack your brand or a former disgruntled customer or employee is bent on tarnishing your reputation. Research shows that a significant majority of people or about 86% are affected by negative reviews about a company or business they see online.

Due to the fact, that online reputations can literally make or break businesses now, many companies and professionals have started to invest in online reputation management to fix bad reviews. This is done to protect their bottom line, their livelihood and their company which they have worked sometimes their entire lives to build up. You too should consider online reputation management if you have not already done so.

If you have not had any serious negative publicity or attacks then great. Even so, ORM can help create a more positive perception about your firm and thus bring more business and customers to your business. If you think online reputation management is only for small businesses, you are dead wrong. Major corporations such as JetBlue Airways and Purina Pet Care are hiring online reputation management consultants to protect their brands.

Want an example of an online reputation management firm that can help you fix bad reviews? An example is The Search Fixers. As their company name implies, the Search Fixers can help you create a more positive image and bring up informative and accurate information to the top of search engine results. The internet reputation repair company only hires US based search engine optimization experts and is currently offering a 30% off promotion for new clients for the first month of their online reputation repair services.