Virtual Reality to Suspend Belief

Since the beginning of creation, humans have communicated stories to one another. From its pioneer days films have told various stories to their audiences using special effects to generate illusions that have thrilled audiences for decades. As individuals enjoy watching a movie or a TV show, often they forget how special effects can actually bring a screen and characters to life.

At one time using special effects was primarily used for fantasy and science fiction films, however in today’s world, practically any film or television show uses some type of visual effect (even independent films). A film can produce a digital character that is so life-life that audiences swear it is human, ignoring that it was 100% digital by using a device to monitor an actors’ movement that is later animated by a computer. This stunning technology lacks no digital dullness and brims of astonishing color reproductions.

Some consider 2013’s theatrical film Ender’s Game to possess some of the best special effects around, particularly its 3-D fighting scenes (especially during the Battle Room). This 114 minute science fiction fantasy film tells the story of an aggressive alien race (known as the Formics), who attacked planet Earth and was produced (and executively produced) by John Textor, an innovator genius when it comes to Holographic Entertainment. Textor was responsible for bringing a Virtual performance of the late rapper Tupac Shakur to the 2012 Coachella Valley Music Festival, as well as the Virtual Michael Jackson to the 2014 Billboard Music Awards show, in which the late performer moonwalked while singing the pulsating “Slave to the Rhythm.”

At the present time, John Textor develops various entertainment projects using a variety of technological podiums. One of these includes serving as producer for the animated Art Story (the adventures surrounding a boy and his grandpa inside the world of paintings), of which he has merged with Disney filmmaker Aaron Blaise. A Wesleyan University graduate, Textor has served as CEO and Chairman of Digital Domain and most recently as Executive Chairman for Pulse Evolution Corporation, known for their creation of incredibly realistic digital humans (used for holographic performances) using special electronic equipment.

WPTV writes that craftspeople and various artists responsible for manipulating screen images have continuously perfected their skills for decades and their technical magic is beyond amazing. These individuals’ imaginative creations can virtually tell any story that a script requires, while using razor sharp life-like images.

Jimmy Fallon Almost Lost a Finger

Comedian and “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon recently regaled his audience with the story of how he almost lost his finger in a freak accident. Many fans were wondering where Fallon was after he had to take a two-week hiatus from his talk show. When the 40-year-old returned to his hosting duties, he explained to everyone that he was in Bellevue Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit for the past ten days. But what happened to him?

Fallon told his audience that he suffered from an injury in his home that almost caused him to get his ring finger on his left hand amputated. He said that he tripped over a braided throw rug and put his hands out to break his fall. Fans like Ricardo Tosto noticed that when he started to get up he noticed that his finger was bent at an odd angle. Thinking it was broken from the fall, he went to the hospital where he learned that it wasn’t a break. Doctors told him that he had something called ring avulsion. His wedding ring got caught on a counter on his way down from the fall and pulled his finger out of place. He underwent a six hour surgery in order to save his finger.

For the full story, click the link to check it out on The Daily Mail.

Purina Has Been Feeding My Pets For Decades

As long as I can remember my parents fed our dogs Purina dog chow. Later, I became a cat owner and naturally purchased Purina Original Blend cat food to feed my cat Sophie after I saw it on Purina news.

Your Pet, Our Passion
Purina Petcare is based in St. Louis, Missouri and is a subsidy of Nestle`. Their slogan has always felt true to me. Good pet food for dogs, cats and, I suspect, all sorts of critters, should be affordable. With Purina it is. Affordability does not poor quality. Purina foods have always been eagerly eatten by my pets without any bad side effects ever. Your Pet, Our Passion really says a lot because my pets are healthy.

Trusting a Brand
I trust the name Purina. Purina Petcare is currently the second largest pet food manufacturer in the world. Some of their well known products include Beneful, Friskies and Purina One. All of these products are available for sale in many grocery stores as well as pet supply shops.

As many families struggle with todays economy, Purina Petcare products have always been faithful to those who depend on them the most by keeping prices down and quality up.

Your New Puppy
The cost of a new puppy or kitten can really add up when you calculate the costs of veterinary bills, bedding, toys and food. We may not be able to control all of these expenses, but we can keep the costs down by feeding Purina Puppy or Kitten chow to the newest member of the family.

I always feed my pets Purina and they have always been happy and healthy.
Fancy pet foods are way beyond my budget, some as high as $26.00 for a small bag of dog chow! That same size in Purina costs about $9. Quite a difference!

Pet Owners are Smitten with Spoiling
That’s right. Millions of people feed their pets to “only the best.” We love to spoil our pets! But, we must also be careful. Animals can’t communicate with words and therefore it is our duty to ensure that the food that we feed them come from a trusting name. I know that name, it is Purina. I hope that you care enough to treat your pet to the best dog food brand, the best tasting and the most trustworthy name on the market too.

Purina PetCare Provides High Quality Pet Food

Pet ownership has long been popular. People find that living with a cat or a dog can help them relax and provide them with a pleasant animal companion who will keep them company on cold nights. A pet can also help people get more exercise and meet others who also like cats and dogs. Many people also keep pets because they help them do tasks such as farm work or assisting them with daily chores if they have a disability of some kind such as limited mobility or eyesight. Those who own pets need to care for them well in order to help their pets stay healthy.

This is why many people look to Purina PetCare to make sure that they are providing their pets with the kind of high quality foods that are ideal for their needs at every age. Founded in 2001, the present company was created as a merger between Ralston Purina, a very successful pet food provide and Friskies PetCare Company, a division of Nestle. The result of the merger has been an extremely successful company that is able to help pet owners around the world provide their adored animals with access to the best possible food.

At present, the company is based in the American city of Saint Louis. According to recent statistics, Purina PetCare is both the second largest pet food company provider in the world and the single largest purveyor of pet food in the entire United States. As a result of the company’s access to many resources, staffers here are able to provide consumers with pet food that is both high quality and easily affordable at the same time. They sell many kinds of products to consumers including Purina Dog Chow for dog breeds of all kinds and Friskies dry cat food for those who need to feed their pet cats well.

The company also sells litter for indoor cats and treats of all kinds for both cats and dogs. Purina PetCare has been widely admired for their many charitable endeavors as well. Company officials have worked hard to help promote activities that can increase sustainable agricultural practices in areas where they grow the ingredients that are used in the pet foods and the litter they provide for consumers. The company has also helped encourage their employees and their customers to adopt a needy cat or dog that might otherwise be homeless.

Kylie Jenner Obsessed With Enhancements

According to Kevin Seawright, Kylie Jenner is quickly becoming the most talked about and admired Jenner sister, and that is all without any real help from her Kardashian family name. While for almost 9 years Kylie was simply baby in the house on the hit reality series, not Kylie is making a name for herself. Her relationship with Tyga may have been on huge part of her relevance over the past year, but Kylie has lots of people focused on her beauty and fashion sense. At the moment Kylie is fresh off her social media rush after admitting enhancing her lips with temporary fillers, now it’s being said that her family things she is too obsessed with her looks and changing her appearance.

A recent report claims,that Kylie’s family and friends are worried that she is obsessed with changing her looks and enhancing her body. Kylie has been noticeably curvier and while it could just be womanhood catching up to her, it could also be Kylie using other means to enhance her still developing body.

Right everyone just wants Kylie to pull back on the enhancements and allow her body to mature naturally, but Kylie is determined to keep the attention on her and that means she is willing to do whatever she can to make herself look good. During an interview, Kylie admitted that her lips are an insecurity that she has always dealt with, but now it looks like her insecurities are a little deeper than her pout.

Season 5 Spoilers Revealed in Teen Wolf Premiere

On Monday, June 29, MTV’s Teen Wolf’s new season began with the start of a new school year. This year is of course senior year and the teens are planning for their futures while waiting for the “regression toward the mean” to shift either to something good or something bad. By the end of the episode, after Scott is attacked by a rogue werewolf, they get their first indication that things are shifting toward the bad — not that fans were surprised. Teen Wolf is not an upbeat show.

Spoilers, or at least potential ones, involved the new format of the story: The episode was book-ended with scenes of Lydia stuck at Eichen House. Initially, it appeared she spent her summer there. Eventually, viewers learned though that her scenes are the “present” while the senior year scenes are the “past.”

Lydia is questioned by a man with an accent about what happened to the pack. When she refused to tell him, the episode ended with him threatening to use a trepanning device on her.

Yet, viewers were given some insight says Marcio Alaor BMG in this article. As Lydia tried to remember, she saw memories of what happened:

Liam and Scott fought, Stiles’ jeep overturned, Melissa slapped the Sheriff, Kira left with her parents, Malia found her mother only to be terrified by something and Jordan appeared to finally either gain or lose control of his powers.

“Terminator Genisys” May Have Been Ruined by Its Trailer

Movie trailers are a tricky bit of marketing. When they are done well, they should entice people to come to the movie, but they should not give away too much of the film because that can ruin it for people. With all the experience Hollywood has in marketing films through trailers, you would think they’d have the expertise to get trailers right every time. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Just as there are bad movies, there are poorly done trailers.

There have been standout examples of bad trailers for some movies. One example is that for “The Sum of All Fears,” the Tom Clancy book turned into a movie from 2002. The big dramatic build up as Sam Tabar sees it, in the movie is whether the nuke actually goes off or does the hero Jack Ryan stop it in time. Actually, that would have been great for dramatic build up except that if you saw the trailer, it already gave away that the nuke went off. It is a curious thing that 2009’s “Terminator Salvation” is on many lists of awful film trailers that give away too much because many people believe that about the “Terminator: Genisys” trailer, and the movie still hasn’t released yet. By showing who the bad guy is, they give away a huge spoiler. It is hard to imagine how the spoiler won’t ruin the movie. It’s incredible how studios go to all this expense to make a movie and then shoot themselves in the foot when marketing it.

Mexico Refuses To Send Representatives To The Miss Universe Pageant

Donald Trump Created A Fire Storm When He Insulted Mexico And Mexicans

If Mexico or any other country thinks that Donald Trump will apologize for insulting Mexicans or Mexico, they should think again. Trump doesn’t care if Mexico doesn’t send a representative to the Miss Universe pageant. He doesn’t care that the entire country of Mexico thinks he’s a Filho Da Puta. Donald will always be Donald, and besides, he’s getting the publicity he thinks he needs and deserves by making those comments.

Trump has a bad taste in his mouth, and it started when two Mexican businessmen cheated Trump out of a few million dollars. That incident made Trump suspicious of all Mexicans, even though he says he likes Mexico and the people of Mexico. But Trump has a way of twisting words and phrases, so they mean something else. He might like Mexico and Mexicans, but he doesn’t like what they do or say, and that’s a problem for him.

Sam Tabar(yahoofinance) knows that Trump will lose a lot of money because he said what he thinks about Mexico, but his political campaign got a positive boost. But the Miss Universe Pageant is getting a boost out the door by NBC and other supporters, and that means trouble for Trump.

Is the ‘Suicide Squad’ Movie Harming Its Actors?

In method acting, an actor works to bring themselves completely into the emotional part of a role. Great actors like Dustin Hoffman and the later Marlon Brando mastered the techniques of method acting to tremendous movie screen success.

Filming for the movie version of the comic book Suicide Squad is taking place. The Suicide Squad series is based on a group of supervillains teaming together to take on various threats. With actors Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, and Will Smith emulating murderous costumed criminals, director David Ayer decided the super-squad needed a sidekick.

Ayer didn’t turn to another powered person in a costume for that sidekick role. The director opted to bring a “life coach” to the set in order to give the cast someone to help them handle the unique stresses associated with portraying such antisocial characters.

The stresses may have as much to do with the director as Mann sees it and with the roles the actors portray. It’s been reported that Ayer wants his actors to torment themselves just as their characters endure similar internal conflicts in their comic book world.

Gotham Season 2 News

Over the weekend, fans of Gotham, received cast updates about Season 2 of the returning hit series that made many cheer.

Actress Jessica Lucas will be playing villain and enforcer Tabitha Galavan/Tigress. The 29-year-old actress was well-received recently in Gracepoint and The Cult. She’s being joined by 47-year-old James Frain who will play Tabitha’s brother Theo. Frain has a huge acting filmography, but he is best remembered by many for his work as the crazy vampire Franklin Mott on HBO’s True Blood and, more recently, as the fetish-obsessed Topside employee Ferdinand on BBC America’s Orphan Black.

Fans like Brad Reifler have learned that Tabitha and Theo will make a heroic appearance in Gotham designed to trick the public into believing that they are among the “good guys” when they are actually planning to create more villains and cause chaos. Their actions will help the show’s writers introduce the origin stories of many villains from Batman and other DC comics.

According to Screen Rant, Tigress will use a bullwhip as her primary weapon. Little is known about Theo other than, as reported by Deadline, he will be cold, sexy and heroic. He will also be entirely devoted to Tabitha.

Although the fate of Fish Mooney is still unknown, Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin has decided to take over the criminal underworld and Tabitha and Theo could prove to be his downfall.